Lost Hamster

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Name Lost Hamster
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Science and Trade Institute
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[Hamster Holding Corp]
Role Founder
Profession Trading/Manufacturing
Age 41
Licensed YC 108.02.25 10:43
Date of Birth YC 72.04.5 14:27
Place of Birth Amsen IX
Hair Colour Black
Eye Colour Blue
Height 180cm
Weight 82kg
Lost Hamster

Born as the first son of Julius Hamster. He got his name because he survived an attack when his parents where killed, by hiding in the house. He was officially lost for three day, until he emerged out from his hideout.


After loosing his parent, he got into a orphanage. Science and Trade Institute took notice the young kid.

Science and Trade Institute

In the tender age of 10, Science and Trade Institute took the child to their Institute, and raised the child. They given him the best education.

At the age of 36 he became a POD pilot. After 6 month, he moved to null sec, and lived in C3-0YD (Tenerifis) for a year.

End of YC 109 he became the CEO of the Serenity and Unicum Hungarian Corp. Which merged with Hungarian Operational Team in YC 110.01.20 and took the

director role for a year. During this time he lived in the different part of the universe.
Since YC 110, he joined to the Hamster Holding Corp, and is the head of the research and manufacturing departments.

Current activities

With some other pilots, he run a successful trading and manufacturing company, which supplies POD pilots with the newest Tech2 Battleships.
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