Laser Turrets

Beam Lasers

Beam Lasers Beam lasers fire a concentrated, persistent stream of energy at their target.

Pulse Lasers

Pulse Lasers Pulse lasers emit an oscillating energy beam at their target.

General Info

Laser turrets are the weapons used mainly by Amarr ships. They need to be loaded with frequency crystals to be able to fire. Standard crystals don't get used upon activation, whih means ships using laser turrets don't need to carry with them large amounts of ammunition. However faction and advanced crystals will shatter after a large number of shots. They are also the most capacitor-intensive of the turrets. They usually fare best against shields. Laser turrets are divided into the two categories-pulse lasers and beam lasers. The first type has better tracking speed, more damage and rate of fire at the expense of a considerably smaller range, whereas beam lasers have a much longer range but deal less damage.