Helios Name: Helios
Hull: Imicus Class
Role: Covert Ops Frigate

Designed for commando and espionage operation, its main strength is the ability to travel unseen through enemy territory and to avoid unfavorable encounters.

Developer: CreoDron

The Helios is CreoDron's answer to the Ishukone Buzzard. After the fall of Crielere, the once-cordial relations between the Gallente Federation and the Caldari state deteriorated rapidly and, for a while, it seemed as if war might be brewing. It was seen by certain high-ranking officers within the Gallente navy as being of vital importance to be able to match the Caldari's cloaking technology in an effort to maintain the balance of power.


Structure HitpointsStructure Hitpoints
809 HP
Max VelocityMax Velocity
330 m/sec
Inertia ModifierInertia Modifier
4.142 x
1,271,000 kg
23000 m3
175 m3


powergrid Outputpowergrid Output
20 MW
Low SlotsLow Slots
Med SlotsMed Slots
High SlotsHigh Slots
CPU OutputCPU Output
290 tf
Launcher hardpointsLauncher hardpoints
0 hardpoints
Turret hardpointsTurret hardpoints
2 hardpoints
400 points
Upgrade HardpointsUpgrade Hardpoints
2 hardpoints


Recharge timeRecharge time
187.5 s
Capacitor CapacityCapacitor Capacity
218.75 GJ


Maximum Targeting RangeMaximum Targeting Range
47.50 km
Max  Locked TargetsMax Locked Targets
Magnetometric Sensor StrengthMagnetometric Sensor Strength
22 points
Signature RadiusSignature Radius
49 m
Scan ResolutionScan Resolution
390 mm


Shield CapacityShield Capacity
281 HP
Shield Em Damage ResistanceShield Em Damage Resistance
0 %
Shield Explosive Damage ResistanceShield Explosive Damage Resistance
50 %
Shield Kinetic Damage ResistanceShield Kinetic Damage Resistance
50 %
Shield Thermal Damage ResistanceShield Thermal Damage Resistance
20 %
Shield recharge timeShield recharge time
625 s


Armor HitpointsArmor Hitpoints
528 HP
Armor Em Damage ResistanceArmor Em Damage Resistance
50 %
Armor Explosive Damage ResistanceArmor Explosive Damage Resistance
10 %
Armor Kinetic Damage ResistanceArmor Kinetic Damage Resistance
45 %
Armor Thermal Damage ResistanceArmor Thermal Damage Resistance
35 %


Drone CapacityDrone Capacity
5 m3
Drone BandwidthDrone Bandwidth
5 Mbit/sec


Tech LevelTech Level
2 Level
Meta LevelMeta Level
5 Level
Cloak Reactivation DelayCloak Reactivation Delay
5 s
Rig SizeRig Size
Analyzer Virus Strength BonusAnalyzer Virus Strength Bonus


Helios Blueprint i Helios Blueprint

Required skills

Primary Skill required
Gallente Frigate Gallente Frigate V
Spaceship CommandSpaceship Command I
Secondary Skill required
Covert Ops Covert Ops I
Spaceship CommandSpaceship Command III
Electronics UpgradesElectronics Upgrades V
CPU ManagementCPU Management II
Power Grid ManagementPower Grid Management II


Tech I
i Imicus
Tech II
i Helios



The Helios is mainly a scanning frigate with very little combat skills. Its primary uses are scanning down anomalies and signatures quickly with its good scanning bonuses. As of the Crucible expansion you can now fit tech 2 probe launchers for an additional 5% scan bonus. The Helios also is an invaluable asset to scouting systems and survey probing moons for valuable moon-mining opportunities. Its fast speed compared to other covert-ops frigates means its practically uncatchable in gate-camps when coupled with cloaking and micro-warp-drive tactics on bubbled gates.

Core-probe.pngUse core-scan probes for exploration
Combat-probe.pngcombat-scanners for fleet/roam work
Deep-space-probe.pngdeep-space probes are used in combination to pick up signatures at extreme ranges.

Faction probes can also give you an additional bonus as well but are expensive for the new player.

Name Meaning

Helios was a greek Titan (not that kind) and personification of the sun.

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