Federal Defence Union (NPC corporation)

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Corbolia Palmezine,
The Federation has awoken to the threat, and now its strength shall be tried. We wanted peace, and now we are faced with war, provoked by the destructive Caldari. We need brave pilots to fly into the fray and protect not only the ideals for which we stand, but the Federation that upholds them in these dark times. Join us, capsuleer. With your strength and your conviction we shall endure.

Ticker: FEDEF
Size: Small
Extent: National
Headquarters: Ostingele
Offices: 17 in 17 systems
Shares: 0
Share price: 0
Share holders:
Activity: Faction Warfare
Partner: Tribal Liberation Force
Competitor: State Protectorate

Federal Defence Union Divisions:

You can join the Federal Defence Union by travelling to any Gallentean station and opening the militia tab. You must have a positive standing with the Gallente Federation, or join a corporation already aligned with the militia.


Corporations aligned to the Gallente Militia

Defunct / Retired Corporations:

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The Gallente warzone

The major area of the Gallente Federation territory that the FDU operates include the regions of Essence, Verge Vendor and Placid.

Map of Warzone

The hub of Federal Defence Union fleet activity is found in the Heydieles system which also see's both State Protectorate incursion and pirate activity. Villore could be considered the high sec hub of the FDU with the infamous and pirate infested Old Man Star system sitting between these two major strategic points.

In a recent offensive, all sovereign Gallente space has been retaken from the State Protectorate forces. In addition, FDU pilots have pushed into Black Rise, occupying key junctions such as Nisuwa and Nennamalia. Enaluri, one of the primary staging systems of State Protectorate forces, was recently occupied by the FDU. Continued skirmishing continues to occur in and about that system.

In general there are four major arteries between the bulk of State held territory and that of the FDU.

Aldranette - Nennamaila, Oicx - Eha, Abune - Oinasiken, Deven - Nagamanen,

Although territories change over time these systems will likely remain the tributories for war traffic from both empires.

History and Major Achievements of the Federal Defense Union

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The Federal Defence Union in the news

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There are a total of ten ranks in the Gallente militia, starting at Federation Minuteman. You gain ranks as your standings with the Federal Defence union increases, you gain the second rank at 1.00 standing, and continue every 1.00 up to Luminaire General at 9.00.

For more information, see Federal Defense Union Ranks.

final notes & see also

Factional Warfare - a guide for those new to the arena.

Gallente Militia Quickstart Guide 2.0 by Mekhana - a useful guide tailored to new FDU pilots.

For pilots new to the FDU understand that trust is earned slowly and on the merit of your guns and missiles. Your provision of intel while roaming, participation in kills and plexing activity count toward your credibility as a trusted FDU member as does your membership of an FDU player corp.

Players new to eve should consider either applying to a FDU player corporation that offers helps for new starts or spend a few weeks building up some combat skills and general familiarity in high sec as low sec is unforgiving to the inexperienced.

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