There are many forms of entertainment throughout New Eden.


People and Entities

New Eden has no shortage of entertainment, but given the splintered nature of its empires and other factions, true interstellar recognition continues to elude most of its more attention-seeking citizens.


Some customs may border on the religious - and in those cases where they do topple over, they may be found in the respective section - but in most cases the root cause is less of a religious belief and more a mix of tradition, interest, national pride, entertainment value and a momentary off-staving of boredom.

Games and Activities

Warfare aside, the denizens of New Eden have found many ways to entertain themselves. Of course, some of these ways are so destructive as to nearly border on actual warfare, but if there's a scoreboard involved and it isn't too blood-splattered or radioactive to provide a reading, it's generally considered harmless entertainment.

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