Bookmarks are to be found in the "Places" tab of the "People & Places" panel in the NeoCom. You can bookmark almost anything in EVE, including solarsystems, asteroid belts, single asteroids, cargo containers floating in space, or even the current position of your ship.

How to use bookmarks

Bookmarks are created by either:

  • right-clicking on an item and choosing "bookmark location", or
  • have the "People & Places" panel open with the "Places" tab selected and clicking the "ADD BOOKMARK" button at the bottom

Players can then add a label and notes to the bookmarks for sake of clarity, both of which can be edited later if needed.

Your use of the bookmark depends on whether you're in its solar system. If not, and assuming you want to travel to its location, open the "People & Places" panel from the NeoCom, select the "Places" tab, right-click on the bookmark in question and select "set destination". Afterwards, turn on the autopilot and it'll take you to that system. Note that the autopilot cannot take you to a bookmark's exact location within a system.

Once you're in the right system, either go through the same process but select "warp to" rather than "set destination", or click on the navigation triangle in the upper left-hand corner of your screen and select the bookmark's warp option from there.

To copy a bookmark, open "People & Places" again and select the "Places" tab, then hold down Shift while dragging the bookmark to your hangar. Do not copy to your ship's cargohold, as that may result in the loss of the bookmark. A maximum of five bookmarks will be copied in one operation - just repeat if you need to copy more.

To use a copied bookmark, open "People & Places" and drag the bookmark from your hangar to a folder or empty space in "People & Places." Copying the bookmark on top of another bookmark in "People & Places" has no effect: to drop bookmarks into the root folder, drop them on top of the "Places" tab itself, ie directly onto the text that says "Places".

One thing to note is that you cannot drop copied bookmarks into "People & Places" while in a wormhole for wormhole bookmarks, you will either need to scan them yourself or have someone take you to the area to bookmark in the normal fashion.

Please note: Clearing your "settings" computer directory will only remove the bookmark folders, not the bookmarks themselves.

Advanced Bookmarking