Weapon Grouping

This feature is introduced to the EVE combat system with the expansion Quantum Rise. With this shiny new system it´s possible to group the ship’s guns/launchers together into one entity. Setting up the group is done through a single right-click menu and activation is toggled by a shortcut or button.


Grouping the weapons

Below are some in-game pictures to illustrate the setup.

This is how the current weapon management panel works. Currently, each gun is displayed and controlled individually.
Grouping weapons is done through a new option available in the small white arrow menu located below the ship management panel.
Dragging and dropping same modules on top of each other will create a weapon group. Modules that cannot be grouped disappear when entering this mode or appear grayed out if they are not of the same type as the selected weapon. You can exit the grouping mode at any time by clicking the arrow menu again.
Groups are displayed as shown on the left, with the number of weapons appearing as a red counter in the bottom left of the icon.
The merged icon has all the standard options that would be available to the individual weapons with the exception of offlining. Putting weapons offline requires breaking down the group first. Yes, weapon grouping allows the user to reload all stacked weapons with a new ammo type in one click.
Just to be absolutely clear, this feature only stays a way of displaying turrets/launchers in the module panel, it does not physically group weapons together in the fitting screen; as such it does not free up high-slots. This also means that when your vessel is lost your grouped modules will still be individually dropped inside the wreck (or be blown up in the ship explosion); no weapon group will appear to be picked.

On the right is an example on how the fitting screen appears with this feature. Notice that weapons will now display the group they belong to:



Of course, there are limits to how this system will work. Since weapons are bound together, it will not be possible to attack multiple targets with the grouped bank. However, players will have the ability to create smaller weapon groups (two links of four turrets instead of one link of eight for instance) for dealing with multiple targets.

Another issue is with the types of weapons that can be grouped. Since all grouped weapons have to be exactly the same, you cannot have a mixed group made of TI, TII and named/faction/deadspace variants at the same time. That also means they all have to be unloaded, fully repaired, fitted to your ship and online before this feature may be used.


As stated before, the most obvious advantage gained with the new method is easier weapon management. Also, since weapons are grouped together, this method frees F1-F8 shortcuts up on your module overlay for other mid/low-slots (remember, this does not free the ship module slots themselves).

As a side effect, we want to emphasize that using this feature will have a beneficial effect on overall latency since calculations are counted from one combined group and not eight individual modules in an extreme scenario; as such we highly recommend its use for fleet battles. Below is a comparison between the individual and grouped mode.

Individual weapon mode (current system)

  • Allow multiple target attack.
  • Provides total management on individual weapons.

Weapon grouping

  • Volley on single target.
  • Eases weapon rack management, especially ammo swapping.
  • Better UI visibility on the module panel.
  • Frees up keyboard shortcuts for other modules.
  • Reduces server load.


Here are some answers to the most commonly asked questions regarding this feature.

  • Which modules are affected by this?
    • Only turrets and launchers for the time being. We do not exclude the possibility of adding new modules to be grouped in the future but this is not currently planned in this release.
  • Is there any other way to group modules than using the small white arrow menu?
    • Yes, you may directly press and hold SHIFT and drag/drop modules without having to go to this menu to enter grouping mode.
  • How is heat applied to the stack?
    • Heat is equally applied to the weapons inside the group; since this feature doesn’t change anything to the module position themselves in the fitting screen, spacing weapons to reduce overheat effects will still work properly.
  • How are the grouped weapons attributes calculated?
    • The system was designed to retain balance between grouped and individual weapons. For example, damage multiplier and capacitor consumption will be properly multiplied depending on the number of grouped weapons, while falloff, tracking, range will remain the same. Hit dice is rolled separately for each module that is grouped while taking into account wrecking hits, so you won’t have a wrecking hit taking the summed up damage of all weapons (which would just be insane).
  • How does this work with ammunition?
    • Grouped weapons use the same amount of ammo as they would in individual mode. If you have N x weapons stacked, they will take N x Ammo per reloading cycle and consume N ammo per shot. The stack shown here will take 8x80 = 640 Antimatter Charge L per reloading cycle and consume 8 of them per shot.
  • Since all stacked weapons need to have the exact same type, can I load damaged crystals into them?
    • Yes and damage will be equally distributed among all crystals when received. If one crystals breaks first you will however need to reload the stack.