Warp Disruption Fields

Warp disruption fields (also known as 'Warp bubbles' or simply 'Bubbles') are an area of space with a 'bubble' like appearance that prevent warping within a certain radius and can only be found in 0.0 space.


General Mechanics

Warp Disruption Fields all perform the general functions of preventing ships within their area of affect from warping and stop capital ships from using their jump drives. Whatever their form, any ship within their affective radius cannot use their warp drives unless they move themselves out of range or destroy the source of the generator.

Warp Disruption Fields also draw ships towards them when they are placed directly in line with a point A and point B. Crafty players will often place a mobile warp disruptor directly in line from one stargate to another, several kilometers further than the intended destination. Lone ships warping from point A to point B will be dragged into the bubble's area of effect and be left easy pickings for any waiting force.

Interceptors, and Strategic Cruisers with the Interdiction Nullifier propulsion subsystem, can warp through a warp disruption field without issue.

Types of Warp Disruption Fields

Mobile Warp Disruptors

While their name implies some degree of mobility, a Mobile Warp Disruptor is a stationary object that is deployed and anchored in space to create an entirely stationary warp disruption field. These devices come in three primary sizes: Small, Medium, and Large. Faction variants of these devices also exist.

Warp Disruption Field Generators

Warp Disruption Field Generators are a special class of hislot module that can only be equipped to Heavy Interdictors. The module can create a warp disruption field with a maximum radius of approximately 24 kilometers depending on skills. A Heavy Interdictor is a very tough ship that is useful for smaller, roaming fleets needing a durable warp disrupting ship.

It is also possible to equip these modules with a targeting script, allowing the pilot using this module to target and lock down individual pilots in any ship type. Using the script also circumvents the penalties of using the Warp Disruption Field Generator and increases the effective range by 50%. Using the script will allow the pilot to warp scramble pilots in Tech 3 ships even if they are fitted with the Interdiction Nullifier subsystem. Additionally, using this script is the only way to tackle a supercapital in lowsec, since they're immune to all other forms of warp disruption.

When the warp disruption field generator is in use it is not possible to repair the field generating ship.

Warp Disrupt Probes

An Interdiction Sphere Launcher can be equipped only to interdictor class destroyers. These interdiction sphere launchers deploy Warp Disrupt Probes to hold down targets. Fast, mobile, but fragile, an interdictor is often used to launch bubbles to hold down capital ships and super capital ships in large scale engagements, as the ship itself does not have to commit to the bubbling of the targeted ships. The effect of the launched interdictor probes is the same as the other two forms of interdiction: ships cannot warp or jump out from within their area of effect.