Warp Disruption Field Generator I

Warp Disruption Field Generator I

Warp Disruption Field Generator I The field generator projects a warp disruption sphere centered upon the ship for its entire duration. The field prevents any warping or jump drive activation within its area of effect.

The generator has several effects upon the parent ship whilst active. It increases its signature radius and agility whilst penalizing the velocity bonus of any afterburner or microwarpdrive modules. It also prevents any friendly remote effects from being rendered to the parent ship.

This module's effect can be modified with scripts.

Note: can only be fitted on the Heavy Interdiction Cruisers.


activation costactivation cost
150 GJ


Structure HitpointsStructure Hitpoints
40 HP
50 m3
1 m3


powergrid usagepowergrid usage
80 MW
CPU usageCPU usage
50 tf


Activation time / durationActivation time / duration
30 s
Warp Scramble RangeWarp Scramble Range
16 km
Tech LevelTech Level
1 Level
Signature Radius BonusSignature Radius Bonus
50 %
Used with (chargegroup)Used with (chargegroup)
Warp Disruption Script
Disallows AssistanceDisallows Assistance
Banned in Empire SpaceBanned in Empire Space
Mass ReductionMass Reduction
-80 %
Afterburner and Microwarpdrive Max Velocity BonusAfterburner and Microwarpdrive Max Velocity Bonus
-90 %
Afterburner and Microwarpdrive Thrust BonusAfterburner and Microwarpdrive Thrust Bonus
-80 %


Warp Disruption Field Generator I Blueprint i Warp Disruption Field Generator I Blueprint

Required skills

Primary Skill required
Graviton Physics Graviton Physics IV
ScienceScience V
Power Grid ManagementPower Grid Management V
Secondary Skill required
Propulsion Jamming Propulsion Jamming V
CPU ManagementCPU Management III
NavigationNavigation II

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Warp Disruption Field being generated at a station
Can fit a Focused Warp Disruption script for infinite warp disruption.

The Warp disruption field generator can only be used in empire space if a script is fitted.