Wallet configuration

The in-game wallet

How the in-game wallet works and how to configure it.

The EVE wallet remains a mandatory tool for each pod-pilot as money is life.

Depending on your character rights in your current corporation, it may contain two or three tabs, "My Wallet", "Corporation Wallet" and "Settings".

The "My wallet" window only deals with your personal wallet, while the "corporation wallet" is shared with all the member of your current organization and thus it is always a good idea to make sure only trusted people have access to it.

"My wallet" contains a section showing your total balance in ISK and AUR plus four tabs:

  • "Journal" lists all wallet balance changes, red are negative and green positive. Click on the little arrow on the upper-left corner to scroll logs.
  • The second tab states all the corporation shares you personally own.
  • The third panel shows all buy/sell orders currently active. They may be exported to an API/Text format document by pressing the "Export" button on the bottom-right corner.
  • "Transactions" displays all wallet changes issued between selling/buying entities (NPC or player). Entries in blue were issued as your corporation: bought items will be accessible on the "delivery" button of the station you bought them from, while sold item money will be directly transfered to the corporation wallet.

"Corporation wallet" has a balance section plus five tabs:

  • "Journal" and "Transactions" are already explained, and state balance changes on the corporation level (Same principle for the "Shares" tab).
  • "Bills" list all payable and receivable office bills. If you fail to honor a payable bill, the concerned office will expired and all the items it contains will be impounded. They will be available on the "deliveries" button on the expired office after a fine as been paid.

The new corporation wallet now has divisions which helps control access to the wallet, it's similar to corporation hangar access set-up in many ways.

The new wallet can now have 7 divisions, each can have it's specific name and purpose and can be assigned to members through access roles.

This helps with managing the corporation without giving complete wallet access to corporation members. After division access has been given the player is prompted to use it as his default corporation wallet.

Normal corporation members will however only have access to one division at a time, if they've been assigned a wallet, Directors and CEO's can select which division they want to use at any given time by right clicking on it under "Wallet Divisions" and select "Set as active Wallet".

The Corporation wallet now also has a transaction log where you can see what was bought, sold or what bill was paid and which member did so.

If a player wishes to move ISK between wallet divisions he must have take access to the division where the ISK is coming from, you however do not need access to the division the ISK is going to.

The "Settings" tab configures several miscellaneous wallet parameters, such as blinking criteria and rounding display.