Vagabond (Fitting)

Please note: Specific Stats are out of date you will not be able to use this exact fit.
A Vagabond class Heavy Assault Cruiser.

One of the more famous ship classes with a colorful history, the Vagabond is well known for its speed and possesses a long held reputation for being too fast to kill. While it's raw unadulterated speed has been diminished in recent patches, the Vagabond is still a formidable Heavy Assault Cruiser, especially when the pilot possesses a Snake Set.


Player vs Player

The premier field for the Vagabond is the battlefield. While it isn't as fast as it used to be, it is still one of the fastest ships in New Eden, with good tracking and widespread availability. The Vagabond is a powerful weapon if the pilot remembers to keep it out of truly dangerous situations.

PVP Fits

High Speed Vagabond

This setup is good for solo play against softer and short ranged targets as well as getting a tougher ship to tackle a target for gang mates. Smaller guns afford the ship much better tracking than larger guns, while Shield Extenders provide decent threat protection. So long as the pilot stays out of Web and Warp Scrambling range, this ship can be a significant threat to any pilot in the space lanes.

High Slots:

Medium Slots:

Low Slots:

Rig Slots:


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