User:Zaboth Garadath

Zaboth Garadath.jpg
Name Zaboth Garadath
Gender Undisclosed
Race Amarr
Bloodline Cyber Knights
Licensed Unknown
Corporation Nexus-Alliance
Occupation Trader/Explorer
Specialization Trading, Lasers, Armor Tanking

Zaboth Garadath is a highly sucessfull Trade, with overr 2 billion in Escrow and Sell orders. He Buys T2 Modules and Ammo in Jita and sells them in other hubs for a higher price, such as Motsu, Kaka and Amarr.

However trading does not take up all of his time, only a small portion of it. He also does PvP, Exploration and a bit of PvE.

He is currently in Universal Corp, founder of Nexus Alliance.

He likes to kill stuff, the bigger the better.


He can fly:

- Assault Ships

- Interceptors

- Stealth Bombers

- Electronic Attack Frigates

- Covert Ops

- Heavy Assault Cruisers

- Logistics

- Recon Ships

- Battleships

Zaboth Especially likes his Maladiction, his Abaddon and his Anametha.


Zaboth Has fought in many fleet battles, the two best ones are here:


We engaged the enemy at the gate, they had 9, we had 11, but we were almost entirely T1 ships and modules, whereas they had T2 and faction Ships and T2 Modules, and rigs!

Us (Nexus Alliance)

2 Battlecruisers (Lost 2)

2 Cruisers (Lost 1)

2 Recon Ships (Lost none)

1 Logistics (Lost 1)

2 Assault Ships (lost 2)

3 Interceptors (Lost 2)

Them (Dead Man's Hand)

3 Cruisers (Killed 1)

1 Faction Cruiser (Killed none)

4 Heavy Assault Crusiers (Killed 2)

1 Interdictor (Killed none)

2 Interceptors (Killed 1)

Zaboth was in a Interceptor, the only one that survived the battle. He helped destroy and tackle one of the HACs and an interceptor. The enemy fled once we had killed their main ganking ships, so we got lot of T2 loot at the end.

Link to the Killboard of the Battle

Another Battle Zab was part of was when an Imperial republic of the North Capital Fleet cynoed in, then with us bubbling them. We had a 100% non-cap fleet with nearly 100 ships, and they had 2 dreads, 4 carriers and a Mothership (Nyx)

We killed them all, the the mothership self-destructed. :(