Federal Citizenship ID : REVOKED - D-02987590/UOC498

Name : Bastalle, Thomas DED Callsign : "Thuul'Khalat" Race : Gallente - Intaki BloodGroup : O- Age : 42 Height : 173cm Weight : 75kg Political Alignment : Gurista Loyalist Occupation : Pirate Date Of Birth : December 9th, 69YC Place Of Birth : Intaki Prime Status : AT LARGE - OUTLAWED

Personal History :

December 9th, 69YC : Date Of Birth December 9th, 87YC : Enrolled Basic Training, Federation Navy January, 90YC : Started Tour of Duty as Non-capsuleer pilot. January, 96YC : Promoted Lieutenant February, 96YC : *Classified* April, 99YC : Promoted Captain May, 99YC : *Classified* February, 108YC : Capsuleer training completed March, 108YC : Observed flying combat sorties for the Imperial Navy August, 108YC : Founded Phoenix Wing Corporation February, 109YC : Relocated PW to nullsec space, Outer Ring April, 109YC : Returns Federation space. June, 109YC : Executor, Acheron Federation Alliance January, 110YC : Acheron Federation Disbanded February, 110YC : Returns planetside, Intaki Prime October, 110YC : Observed in space again bearing Veto. colors November, 110YC : Outlawed by CONCORD, Federation citizenship revoked.

Personal Traits : Maitains the typical Intaki traditions, and the calm pleasant demeanor of his people towards those he considers friends. Known to appear cold, cynical and somewhat condescending towards outside observers and enemies. While not easy to anger, his self-control does know limits.

Born and raised on Intaki Prime, Thomas is as most Intaki strongly spiritual, returning to his home of Intaki Prime whenever he gets the opportunity for meditaion and spiritual guidance.