First steps for new characters

It is recommended that all new pilots go through this new player experience in order to get accustomed with the basics of the EVE Universe.

Moving around

Once a character has been created, he or she will be in his or her Captains Quarters as soon as you log in. You will then be faced with a basic tutorial explaining the very basics of the game, from moving around the Captains Quarters, training a skill, undocking and getting into your first ship to roam the stars. This article will give you a short overview of EVE Online's tutorials and what you will receive from them.

Initial Tutorials, Movement and Skill Training

You will be greeted to your Captains Quarters by Aura, who will start with explaining on how the tutorials windows themselves work in order to get you started as well as pointing out various UI elements for explanations. This will be followed by an explanation how to move around your quarters and the general camera movement.


Skill Training

Following the movement, Aura will move on to your character sheet and how the skill training works. As skill training is a vital part for your further character development, pay special attention to this section. You will also receive a skill during this tutorial that will come in quite handy later on, depending on your characters race:

  • Amarr and Gallente characters will receive “Repair Systems”, allowing them to use Armor repairers, as most of the ships rely on thick armor as protection.
  • Caldari and Minmatar characters will receive “Shield Operations”, allowing them to use shield boosters to bolster the defense of their ships, which often rely on strong shields rather than armor.

Once done with injecting and training the skill, Aura will proceed with the Pilot Certification Course and send you off to your first missions.

Please note: You MUST at least inject the skill you receive in order to proceed. Once you have done so, you can close the tutorial at this point if you are not interested in the further training missions and want to be on your way on your own.

Pilot Certification Course

From now on, Aura will send you on missions. The rewards for those missions will not be great, but you will receive additional (also very basic) equipment during the tutorials that pop up throughout the course. Read them carefully as they will also explain the use of the item you received in detail. The first of the four missions making up this course, you will receive your first (and very basic) ship, learn how to fly it and what the different readouts and gauges on your HUD mean. You will also learn how to loot other objects while in space. The second mission teaches you how to fit a weapon onto the ship and will then take you out to lock horns with some training drones for targeting practice and to get you acquainted with the basics of Combat. The third mission will be the first one to lead you out of your home system and will deal with interstellar travel accordingly. You will learn how to navigate the Star Map and how to utilize gates to jump into neighboring systems. During the course of the mission, you will also get a chance to take a closer look at some other ships that are on display. The final mission of the certification course will lead you to your career agents, which will give you a first overview over some of the professions you can pursue in EVE. As those agents are located a bit further away, the use of the autopilot will also be explained.

Continue your way

After AURA sent you to the career agents and thus completing the pilot certification, it is completely up to you on how you want proceed further. While you do not have to do those missions, they will offer you further information on some of the various activities in the game. You can also use the Agent Finder to look for other agents offering missions, just undock again and explore the universe on your own terms or just hang around for a while and explore the various other objects that are available within the Captains Quarters.

Please note: Should you encounter any issues with the tutorial or any in-game problem, please do not hesitate to contact CCP Customer Support. This can be done by pressing the F12 key or clicking on the Help Menu icon in the Neocom. From the support tab, the “Create New Petition” button can be pressed to create a support ticket to the CCP Customer Support team.

Help Menu

In some cases you may wish to open a tutorial manually, this can be done by pressing the F12 key or clicking the Help Menu icon in the Neocom and clicking the "Tutorials" tab. From there, open the category for the tutorial you wish to read.


Mission items provided by the Tutorial

The tutorial in EVE Online will sometimes provide items essential for the mission you have been given, here you can find a list of items provided by the tutorial.

Basic Tutorial
Military (Advanced)
Mini Professions