Travelling through Concord Space no longer randomly gives GCC (CSM)



  • Raised by: Larkonis Trassler
  • Submission Date: 02 AUG 2009
  • Issue ID: tbd


Currently when one has a security status below what would allow normal activity in a star system (eg being -2.0 and entering a system with a security of 1.0) Faction Police will appear and shoot you for a bit until you are on your way. If you do not move along they will scramble your vessel and inhibit your ability to do anything by destroying you. This renders travel for most rogues and renegades through hisec quite safe but limits their other options. However. If one jumps into a system with Concord Sovreignty (for example Yulai), there is a random chance (around 30-50%) of incurring a GCC when mid warp. This leaves the player unable to dock or leave the system for 15 minutes and generally results in the death of his ship (unless he is in a particularly fast and agile vessel). While understandable from an RP perspective this comes with no warning before entering the system and more importantly WHEN NO CRIME HAS BEEN COMMITTED AGAINST ANY OTHER PLAYER.


Concord 'Faction Police' will respond like any other Empire in their sovreign space (perhaps a tad more aggresively) but will not give a player a GCC for merely sighting him.


  • Those with a low security status will no longer be caught off guard when travelling through Concord Space.


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