Thorax (Fitting)

The Thorax

The Thorax is a tough combat cruiser, well suited for close quarters combat. With its bonuses to damage and a reduced penalty to the ship's capacitor when using a Microwarpdrive, the the Thorax can easily close the distance between itself and a target and open fire with blasters.



The Thorax is most often utilized in battle against other pilots. Its high damage output and Microwarpdrive Bonus give it excellent abilities in fighting individual targets, but do not provide much benefit against more numerous and fragile foes. Blasters are the most effective weapons choice. The Thorax is built for close quarters combat, and that is where it excels.

PVP Fits

High skill gank Thorax

This purist setup emphasizes one thing - destroying the target with maximum firepower. While its defenses are nearly non-existent, a well trained pilot can use this ship to great effect, tearing apart their foe while the wing of ECM drones disrupts the enemy's ability to fight back.

This setup is relatively fragile, and has very high skill requirements. With its almost completely Tech 2 fitting, the modules are more expensive than the ship itself. It is possible to use this fit with all Tech 1 modules in place of their more expensive Tech 2 counterparts to cut costs. However, both fits require its pilots to have their ship fitting skills trained, such as Weapon Upgrades to level 5, Advanced Weapon Upgrades to level 3, Engineering to level 5 and Electronics to level 5.

The more inexpensive Stasis Webifier is required to equip this ship without a CPU granting implant.

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