Thermodynamics Advanced understanding of the laws of thermodynamics. Allows you to deliberately overheat a ship's modules in order to push them beyond their intended limit. Also gives you the ability to frown in annoyance whenever you hear someone mention a perpetual motion unit. Reduces heat damage by 5% per level.


Primary attributePrimary attribute
Secondary attributeSecondary attribute
Training time multiplier Training time multiplier
3 x
Heat damage modifierHeat damage modifier
-5 %


0.01 m3

Required skills

Primary Skill required
Power Grid Management Power Grid Management IV
Secondary Skill required
Capacitor Management Capacitor Management III
Power Grid ManagementPower Grid Management III
Tertiary Skill required
Science Science IV

This can be used to overload your modules but they will receive damage for the amount of time they are overloaded and will need to be repaired.

For more information see this article on overheating modules.