The Right Hand Of Zazzmatazz

The Right Hand Of Zazzmatazz - Mercenaries

Mission Description

Something urgent just came up. A convoy delivering foodstuffs to {Station Name} was ambushed in {System Name} by pirates which we identified as members of 'The Seven'. These pirates have crossed our path before, and are not to be taken lightly. They belong to an organization which split itself from the Serpentis many years ago, and has grown quite large in a surprisingly short amount of time. Their leader uses the nickname 'Zazzmatazz', which you might have heard of if you're into Gallente films.

Anyway, the convoy escort drove off the pirate attack and chased them to their outpost. Only a handful of ships survived the battle that ensued. They report being attacked by none other than Zor, Zazzmatazz's right hand man. If their tale is correct, then we have an excellent opportunity to strike at The Seven's top leadership. His death will be a serious blow to the organization, no doubt.

So your orders are: Fly to The Seven outpost in {System Name} and destroy their forces. Zor must not escape. Good luck.

Mission Information

Type : Combat

Location : Normal Space

Mission Level : 4

Part of a Mission Chain : No

Mission Goal

Destroy the headquarters within the Seven's compound, as well as its guardian, 'Zor', and then report back to your agent.

Tips and Help

The Frigates in group 2 will aggro your drones, if possible kill them before the drones are released


Additional Information About this Mission

Ishtar (blitz)

  • Mission Bounties: 1,700,000 ISK
  • Mission Reward: 372,000 ISK + 1,349 LP
  • Time Bonus: 304,000 ISK (2 hours 4 minutes)
  • Mission Items: N/A
  • Structures: Black Market Facility drops illegal narcotics, Outpost Headquarters drops various T1 modules and alloys
  • Mining: N/A

Mission Info Popup 1
DED Database Information
This is the location of one of Jakerion Pahydan's outposts. Jakerion is an infamous outlaw who controls a loose-knit criminal organization which split itself from the Serpentis a few years ago. 'The Seven' it is called, named after the small group of comrades within the Serpentis who founded the organization. Jakerion's popular nickname, Zazzmatazz, is known by most Gallente Federation citizens from the hit movie 'Into The Deep', which portrays a few Gallente heroes who brave the 'Seven's' stronghold and rescue a damsel in distress.

Please note: LP points, Rewards & Bonus received are dependent on your standings and social skills. The values shown here are based on the amalgamation of the character contributions.

Enemy Ships:

Best Damage Type to Use During Stage: Thermic (Primary), Kinetic (Secondary)

Best Resistances to Have During Stage: Therm/Kin and some Exp

Single Pocket

Group 1, 50-60km (Automatic aggro)

  • 2x (Frigate) Seven Deathguard (Web/Scramble)
  • 3x (Cruiser) Seven Assassin/Thug
  • 3x (Cruiser) Seven Bodyguard
  • 1x (Cruiser) Olufami/Schmidt/Elena Gazky
  • 1x (Battleship) Seven Macleari
  • 1x (Battleship) Zor

Group 2, 60km

  • 4x (Frigate) Seven Lookout (Web/Scramble)