The Black Monoliths

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Author: Myyona (CEO; Ataraxia Pharmacies)



Black Monoliths are strange and mysterious artifacts which are rarely sighted in New Eden. Some people regard them with religious importance, while others see them mere curiosities used to attract tourists from all over the starcluster. Working through the available material we possess on the Black Monoliths, it appears they might have a connection with the Talocan civilization and functional usage as waypoints or star maps.


All around New Eden drifts scraps and pieces from times gone by. Most are of a date after the Amarr, Caldari, Gallente and Minmatar took to space, but a few go thousands of years before that and one of the most enigmatic of those are the Black Monoliths. This paper aims at uncovering what limited information we currently possess on these relics and propose a possible theory for their original purpose.

Known Locations

The most famous of the Black Monoliths is the one located in the Dead End system, Planet V, Moon 5. In fact, the popularity of this monolith leads many people to believe it is the only one of its kind. When this monolith was originally erected is unknown, but it has been in the same location since the beginning of the Empyrian Age in YC 105, and a countless number of capsuleers has since visited the location for both sightseeing and scientific purposes.[1][2] The Blood Raider pirates have also caught an interest in the monolith and are aggressively trying to keep others away. It should be noted that the Dead End system is only two jumps out from the New Eden solar system and, as such, in close proximity to the EVE Gate.

That a religious group like the Blood Raiders has taken an interest in one of the Black Monoliths is not a unique phenomenon. Tamoko Raytio, an entrepreneur located in the Otomainen system, tells how he and his family have invested their entire fortune in the hope of acquiring a deadspace pocket in a system containing a Black Monolith. Their plan is to setup a sightseeing business and attract spiritually aligned people, especially of Amarr origin, to the site. But when questioned, Tamoko Raytio does not go into detail on what the Black Monoliths symbolize in the Amarrian faith.[3]

Close to the Otomainen system, and also a part of the constellation, is the Otitoh system, which also houses a Black Monolith. This monolith, more specificly located within the Devil's Dig Site, is more peculiar than the rest as it is has been designated 'Sun Reader'. Rogue drones guard this monolith ferociously.[4]

Sightings of Black Monoliths have happened at other locations within in the New Eden starcluster as well, but Black Monoliths are frequently reported sighted in w-space (wormhole space) in sites designated as Forgotten Perimeter Gateway and Unsecured Perimeter Transponder Farm. These are accompanied by Sleeper Enclaves and guarded by their drones.[5]

Theory on Purpose

It is difficult to determine what purpose that Black Monoliths might have had (or perhaps still have). The common denominator between w-space and the constellation is the Talocan civilization so a soft guess could be that the monoliths somehow are connected with this group of people. The Talocans were known as a migrating culture [5] and masters of Spatial Manipulation and Hypereuclidean Mathematics.[6] Further, findings of Static Gates in w-space show the Talocans had a firm of grasp on astronautical engineering.[7] Each monolith is full of star markings, which might suggest they have been used as map or map markers in the past. Perhaps even hyperspace beacons. Having markers near important sites, such as the EVE Gate and their temple located in, could have been useful for a traveling society like the Talocans. Also, they would not be the only ancient race to utilize maps as both the Sleepers and the Yan Jungs are known to have been doing so.[5][8]

The designation 'Sun Reader' might also be of importance, though we are not entirely certain who gave the Black Monolith at the Devil's Dig Site this name. 'Sun' has shown to be a w-space related topic as some of the major research topics of the Sleepers, found at The Mirror sites, were solar and photoelectrical engineering as well as thermovoltaics.[5] The Sleepers also utilize solar energy as a power source for their enclaves and drone guardians. There is further the issue, that the first wormholes appeared after certain types of suns (stellar class-O1) emitted devastating plasma bursts.[9] This highlights that perhaps the Talocans had an interest in certain type of suns, and a "reader" could in this case be helpful for taking solar measurements. It should be noted though, that the sun in the Otitoh system has never been of class O1.

Stating with certainty a conclusion for the purpose of the Black Monoliths is, with the current available data, impossible. Many people do not even consider the monoliths to have ever had a proper purpose, regard them as a curiosity or a joke, now long forgotten, while others regard them with religious importance. But, having such otherwise rare artifacts at least twice in a constellation formerly inhabited by the Talocans, as well as located in w-space where the Talocans are also known to have had a presence, points to a relation between the Talocan civilization and the Black Monoliths. Even so, we believe the true secrets of the monoliths have yet to be revealed and we will continue our efforts to uncover these.