EVE basics


Welcome to EVE Online! This guide is intended to help you get started with your first few days in New Eden.


Character Creation

Before you begin, the first thing you should do properly is decide a race you'd like your character to be. Keep in mind that all races can pilot other faction's ships if they train the required skills. Your starting faction will determine your appearance, starting location, and the initial racial frigate and gunnery skills.

All races have ships that can fill different roles with differing levels of effectiveness. But in the end, without going into overly elaborate discussions about the strengths and weaknesses of racial ships in various hull sizes, the thing that matters the most is picking a race whose ships you think look cool. You can worry about the details later, and cross-train if there are any particular roles or ships you want to fly.

See the Character Creator guide on the for details on creating a character and portrait.

Name and Portrait

Try to pick a decent name for yourself. Your name is part of your identity, and it will influence how your corpmates think of you. In EVE-Online, most corporations make use of voice communication during fleet operations, and will make their voice server available for casual chatter also. You will sometimes need to identify yourself with your name while issuing orders or making reports on voice comms. Your name will be used by fleetmates to give you intel or orders. Having a name that is simple and easily pronounceable will make things easier for everyone. Pick your name carefully, especially your first name, as that will often be used as your callsign during fleet ops. You cannot change your name after character creation.

If you pick a stupid name for yourself, you should be ready for some people not taking you seriously.

Many races have portraits that are hideous and others are quite pleasing to the eye. Whether you go for a scary or an alluring portrait, do spend some time crafting it. If you are displeased with it later on, you will need to spend real money if you wish to change it.

Starting Your Career

The Tutorial and Career Agents

These agents will be available in the station in your starter system. You can also find career agents in the NeoCom (the interface on the left of the screen) in the Help section (also accessible by pressing the F12 key), and then clicking the 'Show Career Agents' button.

Your first step should be to talk to the basic tutorial agent which will give you two missions before referring you to the career agents.

Once the Career Agents are completed, the character will have acquired around 26 skillbooks (some of them duplicates), about 10 ships and close to 4,000,000 ISK. A new player that takes time with the tutorials and career agents will learn and experience the basics of much EVE has to offer, aside from PvP.

Make sure you complete all 5 career agents before moving on to the epic arc or other activities.

The Sisters of Eve Epic Arc: Blood-Stained Stars

After you have completed the Tutorial and Career missions, you will have an opportunity to continue your missioning career.

The career agents will recommend starting the Epic Arc mission series with Sister Alitura in the Arnon system at the Sisters of Eve station. We recommend doing all of the career agent tutorials before heading off to the Epic Arc.

Some of these missions are difficult for rookie pilots. Many new players will lose ships while learning effective tactics to defeat NPC opponents. We recommend you fly cheaply fitted ships and insure with platinum insurance. The final bosses in the Epic Arc, Kristan Parthus and Dagan, can be very challenging for rookie pilots. Many pilots will get help by asking in local, although you risk having your mission objective stolen and ransomed by fleeting with strangers.

Information and tips on how to run some of the missions can be found on here: The Blood-Stained Stars

Further Missioning

The Evelopedia has a Missions Guide which can help you decide which corp and department you want to run missions for.

We recommend declining kill missions against the four main empire factions (Amarr, Caldari, Gallente, and Minmatar) to avoid losing access to empire space. Having -5 or below standings with an empire faction can cause problems during war fleets, lowsec patrols, wormhole ops, and many other circumstances. This can also cause problems if you later join a corp that has their HQ in a faction's empire space that is denied to you, or if you join a nullsec alliance whose nearest empire space is denied to you. When you have -2 or below standing with a faction, only the Level 1 Quality 0 agents and below will be available to grind standings, which could be a lengthy process.

You can check mission information before accepting or declining on Eve Survival (External). If you want to find agents close to a particular system, you can use the Agent Rangefinder (External) web application. There is a database of agents available on the Eve Agents (External) website. Some of the entries are outdated and you should always check in-game to confirm the existence and location of the agent. You can also use the map to see systems where you have agents available to you. Open the map (F10), go to the Star Map tab, go to the Stars sub-tab, go to the My Information section and select My Available Agents. Flattening the map can make it easier to navigate. Hovering your cursor over these star systems will list the available agents along with their respective corporation, level, quality, and division.

Career Choices

Although most players start making ISK in EVE by running missions, there are plenty of other ways to make a fortune. The Tutorial Agents give brief insight into some of the many careers in EVE. You are not restricted to the list below, but here are some popular choices:

  • Ratting - Killing NPC pirates ("rats") for bounty rewards and loot.
  • Exploration - Archaeology, salvaging, hacking, as well as running deadspace complexes and wormholes.
  • Mining
  • Industry and Production
  • Trading and Hauling
  • Piracy

For further details on career choices, read our guide on earning ISK.

Skills and Learning

How to Learn

Apart from ISK, skills are the most important thing that new characters are short on. The skill and learning system is quite complex, and understanding it from the beginning will pay off very quickly. Take the time to understand how Skills and learning works.

What to Learn

While you are considering your choice of career, you may wish to round out your skillbase by consulting the Basic Skills or Support Skills guides.

You will also no-doubt be keen to fly shinier ships and fit bigger guns! Several good racial-specific guides exist for this:

Neural Remap

A brief word on neural remaps: New players have access to two neural remaps, and older players have one per year. Do not use a neural remap early in your career until you are certain what you want to train for the next 6 to 12 months. Then use EveMon (External) to give you the optimal neural remap for that skill plan.

Fitting Your Ship

For general principles for fitting ships, read our Fitting Guidelines. This also covers a list of rigs and module types with short descriptions.

Racial Fitting Guides

Other Web Sites

  • Scrapheap Challenge (External): This site has both PvP and PvE forums. Some threads are quite old and the discussions can be outdated in the earlier posts. Scrapheap is often a very good place for experienced pilots to find fittings, and many threads will also have tactic discussions on how to use them. Most of the fits are meant for older pilots with excellent fitting skills, and it can be harder to find fits that work for low skill points.

Next Steps

Finding A Corporation

You begin EVE in a non-player character (NPC) corporation, which charge an 11% tax on mission rewards and bounties. To avoid this, you can form your own independent corporation. However, most people choose to join one of the established player-run corporations, which provide better opportunities for social interaction and other in-game benefits.

You can find corporation recruitment adverts through the NeoCom Corp interface, under the Recruitment tab.

The Official Eve Online Alliance and Corporation Recruitment Center.

Corporation Selection EVElopedia guide to what to look for

Buddy Invites

You can send friends a buddy invite which will give them an extended 21-day trial. If your buddy upgrades to a full account, you will receive 30 free days added to your account.

If you wish to start a second account, you can send yourself a buddy invite, and collect 30 free days on your first account when you upgrade the second account to a full membership.

The buddy invite page is available through the Account Management page in the eve-online.com site.

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