Territorial maps

Example Influence Map

Territorial maps have been used in EVE to track alliance progress in capturing 0.0 space. They are also being used now to track faction progress in faction warfare. Below are some commonly used maps, along with archived maps of the past.


Current Maps

Political combat map in 0.0 space

By 7FoX7

Map is generated every day, based on data api. Since 24.09.2009
It shows: the change of sovereignty, Kills ships, and the movement of players on 0.0 systems over the past day.


By Ombey

The original 2d maps by ombeve were one of the first regional maps created by a player. Ombey's maps are regional maps without any dynamic data (outpost/sovereignty updates. Addtional he has several special maps included like faction warfare maps and lowsec travel guides.


By Kravek: Lamb Federation Navy/C0VEN

Based on Ombey's 2d maps, Kravek created a site that uses the orignal layout of ombey's maps combined with updated sovereignty informations

Verite Rendition

By Verite Rendition: F.R.E.E. Explorer/Wildly Inappropriate.

0.0 Influence Map

Special Versions/Archive


By Wollari: Phoenix Industries Intrepid Crossing

All regional maps are available in different formats SVG/SWF/GIF with daily updated sovereignty informations. The regional maps aswell as the special/combined region maps are also available as PDF download and optimized for printers. The SVG Maps can also take advantage of additional overlay informations like recent shipkills, jumps, etc. Additional do the maps the webpage holds all kind of informations and statistics about alliances, corporations, regions, etc.

Regional Maps

Special Maps

Combined Region Maps

Animated Influence Map

By Dusty Meg
Updated the start of each month.

Past Maps / Outdated Maps

EVE Strategic Maps

By Serenity Steele

The EVE Strategic Maps (ESM) Book is an official printed atlas of all known regions in EVE Online. Serenity released the 2nd version edition in September 2008, which includes an high-quality A2 poster of all low-sec systems. As a printed book they do not show sovereignty information, however the book includes a set of stickers, so you're able to mark new player build outposts. The Grid references in the map book are syndicated to many well know tools such as ICSC Jump planner and Verite Renditions Powerblock Map.

The EVE Strategic Maps is in English, however the Legend can be downloaded in 16 languages.

EVE Strategic Maps was the first player-made map to use several innovations in design:
  • Layout and colour-scheme same as the in-game map
  • Strategically important systems from other near-by regions shown on each region map
  • Symbols & Icons for overlaying multiple information without cluttering the view of connections
  • Maps Formatted to fit onto a single A4 page, or Double-spread A3
  • Grid-references for easily finding locations on the map
  • An index included with all grid-references
  • Stickers for marking outposts

The EVE Strategic Maps also has an Minimap for the In-gamebrowser to quickly identify your location.

You can buy the ESM Book for $19.95 in the EON Online Shop

Paladin Vent - 0.0 Influence Map

By Paladin Vent: Aeria Gloris Inc/United Legion
Latest Version: 0.0 Influence Map
Older Versions: Archive
Discussion Thread: Here

Mirida - 0.0 Influence Map

By Mirida: Cataclysm Enterprises/Kraftwerk
Latest Version: 0.0 Influence Map
Discussion Topic: Here
Filelist available: Here
Apache listing: Here

Joshua Foritain - 0.0 Influence Map

By Joshua Foiritain: Coreli Corporation
Latest Version: Latest
Older Versions: Archive

Nimtra's animated version of Verite's map

By Nimtra
Lastest Version: Latest (h.264 .mkv @ 13Mb)
Mirror, not always up to date: Mirror (h.264 .mkv @ 13Mb)

They include a subtitle track with the current date that can be disabled.

The latest version gets updated every night at 5 am

Animated Territorial Maps

Animated Map (.GIF @ 1.7Mb)
Scrambled's Animated Map (.GIF @ 11 Mb)

Kalralhr Maps

By Kalralhr: Goonfleet/Goonswarm
Map - 2007.03.15 - Low Res
Map - 2007.03.15 - High Res
Map - 2007.03.10 - Low Res
Map - 2007.03.10 - High Res
Map - 2007.03.07 - Low Res
Map - 2007.03.07 - High Res
Map - 2007.03.04 - Low Res
Map - 2007.03.04 - High Res
Map - 2007.03.01 - Low Res
Map - 2007.03.01 - High Res

Kalshrith Maps

Map - 2003.10.02
Map - 2003.10.10
Map - 2003.10.28
Map - 2003.11.11
Map - 2004.04.24

Mephisto Maps

Maps - 2004.03.07 - 2004.09.02

Quarath Maps

Maps - 2004.05.08 - 2005.02.02

Righteous Fury Maps

Maps - 2005.03.02 - 2005.06.21