Tech Level II production

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Producing Tech 2 Items is a more involving process than Tech 1 production. Moon mining, component reactions, and invention are all involved in production Tech 2 goods. While the prospect of building Tech 2 may seem daunting to younger players, it is not as difficult as it looks.



Tech 2 production requires more skill training than Tech 1 production. For example, the Small Plasma Smartbomb II requires several the following skills to manufacture:

Please note: These skills only apply to the final part of the production process. There are separate skills required to invent blueprints, react products, and manufacture tech 2 components.

To get started producing Tech 2 goods, you need Tech 2 blueprints. Most items can be produced from Tech 2 BPOs. However, original blueprints are no longer added to the game. As a result, original blueprints are very rare. Players will often pay tens of billions of ISK to acquire one from another player. The most common way a player will acquire a Tech 2 blueprint is through Invention.


Invention is the process through which players create Tech 2 blueprint copies in order to build Tech 2. These blueprints are created by running an invention operation inside a Mobile Laboratory.

The inputs for any invention job are very similar. A Tech 1 item blueprint copy, two types of datacores are required to initiate the job, and are consumed in the process. The odds of success and the quality of the blueprint itself can be improved through the use of Decryptors as well as named variants of the item.

Moon Products

The production of Tech 2 goods requires a wider variety of parts and materials than basic manufacturing. All Tech 2 goods are produced from a Tech 1 version of the item, a small number of minerals, commodity goods from the market, and moon minerals.

Please note: All of these materials can be traded in the market. It is not necessary to operate your own moon harvesting operation or to react the raw materials into more complex products yourself.

Raw Materials

Moons are the source of the special raw materials required to build Tech 2 equipment. These materials are harvested with Starbases equipped with Moon Mining Arrays, silos, and couplings.

The moon materials required to produce any final product is significant. For example, the Small Plasma Smartbomb II requires thirteen different moon materials to produce:

Atmospheric Gases Evaporite Deposits Platinum Technetium
Mercury Neodymium Cobalt Cadmium
Hydrocarbons Silicates Caesium Vanadium

Simple Reactions

Two raw moon materials are processed in reactors, with silos providing material inputs. These simple reactions form the chemicals that are used in the next stage of production. Many different simple reactions are performed to create tech 2 goods. The Small Plasma Smartbomb II has products made from these reactions:

Crystallite Alloy Carbon Polymers Silicon Diborite Caesarium Cadmide
Vanadium Hafnite Neo Mercurite Sulfuric Acid Platinum Technite

Complex Reactions

Complex reactions are the base parts for Tech 2 components. Two simple reaction products are consumed to produce these materials. The complex reactants used in the Small Plasma Smartbomb II are:

Crystalline Carbonide Phenolic Composites Nanotransistors

Tech 2 Components

Tech 2 components are the final form of moon based materials. A variety of complex reaction products are consumed to manufacture them, and a variety of Tech 2 components are used to manufacture a Tech 2 item. All of those moon materials, simple reactions, and complex reactions were required to produce the one tech 2 component in the Small Plasma Smartbomb II: the Plasma Pulse Generator.

Fortunately, these myriad reactions and reactants have uses in the dozens of different components. Many of the materials used in the plasma pulse generator are required in every other finished Tech 2 component.

Manufacturing the Finished Product

It is possible to involve yourself with any one or group of parts in the Tech 2 production chain. Many pilots prefer purchasing the goods to produce their products at this level of the production chain. This is the stage where all of the raw materials come together in their final form: a Tech 2 module. The final inputs to build a Small Plasma Smartbomb II are:

Those myriad raw materials took a long journey to arrive at this stage. Through harvesting, processing, component manufacturing and a final production run, they have become a new module or ship, ready to be used.