Talocan ships

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Talocan Technology
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Talocan ships

Little information is available on the capabilities of these ships. They were first encountered in wormhole space by the Empires and capsuleers when they explored the many Sleepers ruins that are scattered throughout w-space. Coming across not only Sleepers remains they also found ancient Talocan outposts. Curiously enough, Talocan ships can be found near both Sleeper and Talocan ruins, simply drifting in the vast emptiness of space.

Most ships that have been found in wormhole space are showing the signs of their age. They're often nothing more than ancient wrecks with an outer hull that is remarkably intact. This is a testament to the Talocan's ship construction abilities and the advanced materials they used to protect their ships from the harsh environments of space.

The inside of these ships are a different story. Gutted from most important systems they are empty husks that float in space. Often they are contaminated by dangerous amounts of radiation. Radiation that was either accumulated over the eons by being bombarded by radiation from nearby stars and other phenomenon or a result of a still barely functioning system that is flooding every compartment with it's toxic waste.

The badly damaged and worn out state leaves these ships as death traps and ensures that many secrets of the Talocan are likely lost forever. There are rumours of some explorers coming across ships that were still able to function but no official word has ever been released. For most capsuleers the Talocan ships are merely wreckage to salvaged and re-purposed for the production of Tech III cruisers.

Ship classes

To date there three classes of Talocan ships that have been encountered. Each of these share a striking similarity in their design. It should be noted that all of these are abandoned or derelict hulls, and no active vessel has been encountered so far. It is possible the Talocan possessed other classes of ships in their fleets but so far only these have been discovered. With such limited information available, it is impossible to know what the fleet composition of the Talocan consisted of.

Abandoned Talocan Battleship

Talocan Battleship


The largest of all the Talocan ships found, these ships are comparable in size to the battleships of the current Empires. The exact capabilities of these vessels are unknown.

Deserted Talocan Cruiser

Talocan Cruiser


The mid-range of the Talocan ships, these ships appear to be somewhat larger than most cruiser designs used by the Empires. The exact capabilities of these vessels are unknown.

Derelict Talocan Frigate

Talocan Cruiser


The smallest of all the Talocan ships found, these ships are comparable in size to the frigates of the current Empires. The exact capabilities of these vessels are unknown.

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