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CCP Eris Discordia - 2005.11.25 11:46:00

This thread is meant to give helpful advice to people who want to start to roleplay more actively and use this forum.

It is not meant to tell people how to roleplay but to give advice on how to express themselves in a in character (IC)way, how they can come up with a history for their character and any other advice you can think of.

Often I see new players post in this forum and because they are new to rp they have some problems adjusting to this forum,hopefully this thread can help them a bit on their way.

So please share any advice you have on rp, staying ic and whatnot.

Lord Artemis - 2005.11.25 12:24:00

Don't lose your bearing here, if your offended OOC [out of character], or your posting OOC you have already made the biggest mistake you can. If you want to ask OOC questions or your not sure the intent behind a post, contact the person outside this area (their corp/alliance forum, evemail, private chat) open up a dialog. By doing this you can find out if the other person has a bigger picture in work behind what you see or interpret.

Before coming here to "act out" as your character, it might be a good idea to write a small story on your characters background and what kind of person he/she is to get yourself a starting point.

Finally, never stop asking questions or learning. Find out who the more experienced people are and talk to them while your building up in game or traveling. Most of them are very approachable and will help you where/when they can. Also talk to several people, you have to find the style that fits you best and works for you. Your only limited to your own imagination and have fun doing it.

Dak Hakin - 2005.11.25 13:26:00

For me, when I decided to become more RP, I first had to decide where I stood... As a Minmatar, I have a good bit of background to work with. So then it was a matter of, "am I a freedom fighter, a former slave, or do I just not give a crap and I only worry about myself".

Now I kind of make it up as I go along. I keep a journal in the Library, though its sometimes short and not very interesting. Just remember to stay true to the character that you create.

Marie Trudeau - 2005.11.25 13:52:00

Roleplaying is exactly what the word says: playing a 'role' of a character that is not you, that is not your alter-ego. It's basically saying that you treat your character as a separate person from yourself, and act accordingly when you are "in-character" (IC), and you don't treat your character as an extension of yourself, or as a 'toon' that represents your real-world self in the game.

It's a good idea to give some thought to your character's background and motivations. Where do they come from? What are they seeking in the world of EVE? What is their personality like? What drives them forward day-to-day? Give some thought to these and flesh out a character that you would like to play, and then dive in and act like that character, not like yourself.

Finally, a critical point in roleplaying is to remember that when you are roleplaying and interacting with other roleplayers, do not act out of "out-of-character" (OOC) motivations. You need to maintain the distinction between what is happening to your character and what is happening to you in real life ... your character is not you, that is the whole point of roleplaying. Do not take things personally that happen in a roleplaying setting, because it isn't about you, it's about your character. And do not take your own OOC beefs with someone into an IC setting, either, because once you blur that distinction, unhealthy things can happen. Keep your character separate from you (as an actor keeps himself separate from a role he is playing) and you will be fine.

And most of all, run with it and have fun! Don't be afraid to b e a little zany ... roleplaying is supposed to be immersive and fun, so prepare your character, prepare yourself mentally and just jump in!

Wanoah - 2005.11.25 13:54:00

Good idea, Eris. It can be a little intimidating to start posting in here with all these grizzled, bitter and twisted veterans sniping at each other. Smile

My top tips:

Do not use references to other worlds (including the real one) in here. Other game worlds, films, favourite books, comics, or whatever just don't exist in Eve. Your character isn't a Night Elf that has fallen through a wormhole to find herself in Eve. Ever.

A more positive thing after the big 'DO NOT' paragraph, is that it is reasonably easy to talk in character in Eve. No need for any kind of archaic speech or anything like that. (Or to use lots of apostrophes. ;) )

Above all, have fun with what you're doing and be flexible.

There is a list of roleplaying corps here if you are looking to play with some of the established people and conflicts.

Nooey - 2005.11.25 14:15:00

Don't speak out of character. (Say words like "game", or "PvP" etc.)


We have unofficial forums for that.

((Heavily Edited Post))

Wanoah - 2005.11.25 14:27:00

> "So please share any advice you have on rp, staying ic and whatnot."

Reread that sentence Nooey - I think you have misunderstood. (Wink)

"So please share any advice on RP, any advice on staying IC..." if you want to write it longhand. We're hardly going to give advice in character! (Very Happy)

Pulgor - 2005.11.25 14:49:00


Well most of these fine folks have said what I already wanted to say. To add to that I think that one thing that's important is, unfortunately, to make sure you read all the chronicles, short stories etc... I know they're long and annoying and even have errors in some of them, they'll help you get a general idea of where all the organizations stand and the history of EVE. (Alternatively if it's too much reading. You can always ask some folks on the OOC channel about a particular piece of history, I'm sure they will help you out.)

After you have your character's race, and know the background, think about how he/she fits into all of it. Try not to go for anything too outhere. Like "Well origionaly I was a dark iron dwarf but then I found a mysterious portal and now I'm a capsule pilot and I'm all helpful now." Don't use other games and stuff and stick with EVE, it has more backstory then most. And I'm proof that you can still do something unique without going way out there. Just stay within the PF and at the very least your character will be somewhat believable.

Other then that, just make sure you know your character and go out and have fun. A good channel to start RPing on is "The Summit" and if you're playing one of the more common types in the game (Amarr loyalist, Republic Loyalist/Freedom Fighter, etc..) you may even find a good corp there. Even ingame though 7ry |\|07 70 7al|< li3k 7his. Abbriviations are alright, but leet speek just sounds bizzare in an RP environment.

Oisin - 2005.11.25 14:59:00

Read the "Prime Fiction" - the backstory, the chronicles, the short stories, the tech pieces, etc. Those are the "facts" you need to work with.

Then read some of the Library, bearing in mind that these are more personal stories rather than established facts.

Finally, try following this forum and the ingame news to keep up with developments so you can interact with other roleplayers... some would say if you aren't interacting, you aren't roleplaying.

Nooey - 2005.11.25 15:02:00

Re: post #7

Wow I feel stupid. How did I miss that? o.0

Thanks for being gentle Wanoah :)

Nooey - 2005.11.25 15:44:00

Well...anyways. Now I'm "free" to speak OOC... (Embarassed)

The most important tip = Take notice of the world around you.


Don't be yet another RP'er who just waits for their turn to speak. Be the one who notices EVERYTHING. Every little detail should be of at least some interest to you - that's important to realise - you gotta be interested in the world, not just in your own story. One can do some great RP without even mentioning themself, they can just feed off all the other RP floating around and interact with that.

Example: 3 people. Person A and B are lovers. A gives B a bracelet for B's B'day (Avon's Puns > My puns). You are person C. You notice this happen. You make a mental note of it and remember it. It will be just one of the many RP "Cards" you can play, should your RP stagnate, or should there be a lull in coversation.

And sometime later, when there's an opportune and appropriate time, you remark casually that its a beautiful bracelet, and enquire where B got it from. And RP ensues. RP that has nothing to do with Slaves, Capitalists, Hippies or Freedom fighters!

It's so refreshing when someone brings up, out of the blue, a little detail you previously RP'ed. It shows you that they're noticing you, and that your RP action had an RP consequence. This helps create immersion in the game which is arguably the whole point of RP.

  • Someone else just mentioned taking into account the news stories etc, this is another example of that. :)

Your not just walking talking stories, your capsuleers interacting in a very new, captivating and dynamic world.

Now...keeping this in mind, lets discuss stereotypes.

Some other RP'ers are rabidly anti-stereotype, and simply don't have the time of day to RP with "yet another" Ultra-Capitalist Caldari (Which to an extent is understandable - if they've been RP'ing a while its probably very familiar ground!). Many new roleplayers come into Eve and understandably, try to pick the RP up as they go along, as reading backstories endlessly isn't really fun. And besides, one has to get a feel of the world and exerperience it first hand to truly learn properly from it (Hence the importance, especially in early weeks, of listening to people and taking notice!).

Starting on basics, fine, it's inevitable. It's gonna be very hard to RP a freedom fighting Amarr on day 6. Just remember, you don't have to stay there...let your character evolve as your understanding of the world does. Don't ever paint yourself into a corner RP-wise unless you are very sure that is what/who you want to be for a long time. (Or can think up great excuses for total ideological 180's - Which many have done convincingly!)

On a related note, you have to be consistent. You can't be shy one week and bold the next unless there's some reason for it. You can't be a rabid anarchist and then just turn around and declare your love for the Caldari State, unless you have a reason for it. Everything needs a reason. Or a reason why it has no reason!

Consistency is easier if you've got some kind of a "plan". If you're making it up as you go it's a bit harder to keep track of everything you've said (Because it wasn't something you'd planned to say, it just poppped out, and as such you may have forgotten you ever even said it - And yet it might have had some significant impact in RP terms on another character.)

Another newcomer mistake is to rush their RP...

Often the newcomer RP'er has formulated at least some kind of story in their mind, some kind of RP. They then sometimes feel that, to be "known" by another person, that particular information simply HAS to be said, and HAS to come out right now.

Use that image of yourself as a building block, and make it motivate your actions. Build a believable character on top of your story so that WHEN you do decide to tell it (Which shouldn't be at the drop of a hat unless there's a good reason!) it comes out better.

Nooey - 2005.11.25 15:47:00

I sometimes see RP'ers burn through their entire life story (Or what of it they've planned) in a single conversation!

Outta nowhere they're suddenly telling me how their parents were mercilessly murdered by pirates (Another stereotype to avoid unless you're eager/confident enough to tell that story). Suddenly, that's it! There's nothing left to tell except the details!

I'd advise against doing that. Leave yourself flexibility and room to mould your character (especially in the first weeks of playing). My own initial experience of RP (In another game) was dissapointment in myself...I rushed into telling my background. Suddenly, not only was my whole story now told with no major surprises left, but in addition to that, I'd said certain things about my past that meant I had to act a certain way. So yeh, in a nutshell, give it a bit of thought and pace yourself. Listen more than you talk at first, and absorb as much as you can.

When I first started RP'ing in Eve, I fed my characters motivations and actions almost entirely off a single thing (Where it was appropriate of course) - I planned no more than this one thing, but used it to feed everything.

Simply that Nooey was a character who'd had his wife-to-be walk out on him on wedding day. Ouch!

So that affected him in different ways, his manner with women wasn't flirty (Unlike the other pilots who surrounded him *Looks in Jericho Fractions general direction*). He was a bit detached from any scenes of love or companionship etc. Wasn't much to work off, but it meant I was (more) free to become an anarchistic psycho later on because I hadn't in my first week declared undying loyalty to the Gallente Federation.

So yeh. To sum up.

1. Listen, take notice of the world! And remember everything you can, then use that knowledge for greater interaction/RP.

2. Avoid stereotypes unless you're sure that's who you want to be (And are comfortable being just another freedom fighter, or confident you can be a freedom fighter who stands out etc). They're not an evil in Eve RP or anything, all I'm saying is be careful that's what you want. Some of the best RP corps are built around the stereotypes and the stereotypical issues - simply because they're a solid thing to draw on.

3. Maintain consistency in what you are and who you are. It helps if you think ahead about some basics. Are you...Shy? Outgoing? Crazy? Straight and narrow? Peaceloving? Trigger Happy? Chauvenistic? Hedonistic? Young? Old? Happy? Miserable? Clueless? Intelligent? Tactical? Brazen? etc etc etc. The more questions you can answer (And remember the answers to!) the more consisteny you'll be.

4. Don't rush RP. Let ppl tell their story at their pace and do the same with yours. It's meant to be roleplay not 20 questions on their background. Don't get straight to the heart of stuff in an instant, play around in the veins and arteries a bit first, its so much nicer when you make it to the gooey pulsing centre inside after a nice long detour :)

And to reiterate others/add some minor points...

-Don't mix the two worlds (IC/OOC) as it has bad getting upset in RL over some rather nasty In-Character remarks made at you. BUT! Don't push that emotion away if it's there, use it fuel your IC anger! (Rodj Blake from CVA/P.I.E was my "Mentor" when it came to that...)

-Make sure you're having fun!

-Be aware that this is adult stuff at times. If you're not comfortable with some adult concepts, then be sure just what you're getting yourself into before you get yourself into it. At the same time, try your hardest to keep an open mind. LOTS of things are RP'ed in this universe...from marriage and sex through to racism and death...some of it is going to perhaps weird you out/upset you if you've never seen it before. Be ready for it, and if you can, open to it.

That's bout it from me. Sorry I waffle so much >_<

Tarm - 2005.11.25 15:49:00

Everything said is supposedly "in-character". When someone posts something inflammatory, remember not to take it personally, as it's usually in-character. It's easy to get upset, because people will openly rebuke you or call you names on the summit, with no reprisals from the moderators (and with good cause) because we are supposed to be acting as our characters would.

zoolkhan - 2005.11.25 17:09:00

my character kept his own story for himself.

still i am known as a RPer.

and i have the option, just as nooey stated before, to alter or spontaneusly create the part of my backstory when it comes in handy.

1.) own story overrated, do that later and not too detailed in doubt 2.) read the chronicles, read what other write here, but are not shy to go your own way 3.) everybody RPs in a different fashion. some people struggle with it because they think they need to pretend to be somebody or something that is hard to pretend - RP yourself with slight modifications - still better than no RP at all 4.) some players hate RP - stay in character anyways, dont take the bait and respond IC - its much more fun that way :o)

After all, it is the RP that let us grow veteran, because it adds more aspects to the game, guaranteeing long term motivation.

No, RPing is not gay, and some of us prove their deadliness on a daily base in front of a RP background...

Thanks Eris, and thanks RP-N00bs for reading this at all.

Kaleigh Doyle - 2005.11.25 17:59:00

A small note for those new to roleplayers who want to get involved:

- Don't be discouraged if people don't respond to your posts immediately or at all. The hardcore end of the RP community are an incestuous lot, and generally won't respond unless you're hyper-controversial or self-aggrandizing. Persistence pays off, and if you make enough noise and discuss an interesting topic, people will come.

- A common mistake new roleplayers make is making their character more important than they actually are, and it's a quick way to get yourself labelled a nutcase. Keep it simple and be modest, especially if you're new to the game as well.

- Make your responses constructive. It's not only a chance to present your character to the community, but it's also an opportunity to flesh out your own character. Some of the regulars here forget this on occasion.

- Don't let negative or abusive comments discourage you from roleplaying on this forum. Unless you're intentionally being abusive, trampling over the fictional background of the game, or just posting in a self-aggrandizing manner, you have every right to post here as the next person. Keep in mind it's also IC, and shouldn't be taken personally.

Tatsue Nuko - 2005.11.25 18:18:00

From me, one simple advice:

Please-please-please-please don't try the superhero/supervillain Marvel-esque type backgrounds. A and O of roleplaying is that your character has to be "plausible", realistic, so to speak. Way too many people adopt way weird backgrounds to make their characters feel "special" that a statistical look at pod-pilots would show a distinct lack of "normal" people.

And I find "normal" people the most interesting, both IRL and in-game. Because they're realistic. And more realism = more immersion = more fun from the RP.

Enough with the "my family was murdered" type stories. Simple family dramas for the win in the background, that's plausible, but when 90% of the pilots encountered had their whole or parts of their families murdered it gets tedious. :P

Oh, and don't spill your guts in your bio. Think about it. When you write your character's bio, think about it like, what would you write on a personal webpage accessible to everyone? Basic facts, some self-glorification, perhaps a CV or something. You would not tell your darkest secrets or all those terrible events in your childhood that you are actually trying to repress from couscious thought... (Wink)

Shintoko Akahoshi - 2005.11.25 19:46:00

Be able to lose.

That sounds trite and basic, but think about it. When you read threads in the Summit, so many of them turn into "I R teh uber!" "N0! I R!". Nobody likes those, probably not even the people who write them. An extension of this are all the stories that cast the protagonist as some larger than life figure surrounded by worms in human form - but Tatsue covered that nicely.

My own theory is that if you've got to be victorious in your RP, then you're probably not playing your character, if you know what I mean (Wink)

A couple of good examples to read would be Yuki Lis account of the beginnings of Omerta Syndicate, and the Hamish Saga.

The former is more immediate - the protagonist (Yuki) is involved in a firefight. Unlike most RP of this nature, she doesn't win effortlessly. It's a close shave, she's desperately hurt, and only pulls through by luck and her friends.

The latter is pretty much the pinnacle of RP. Consider Hamish in the story. Does he succeed? Does he fail? What price does he pay to get what he wants, and is it worth it to him?

Basically, I suppose, it all comes down to this: If someone else wrote your RP, would you want to read it? If so, it's probably good. If not, consider rewriting it...

Discorporation - 2005.11.25 20:29:00

Practice; loads. Don't cyber. Don't marry ingame.

You'll be fine.

Jenny Spitfire - 2005.11.25 20:49:00

Re: post #18

(Shocked) Do ppl marry in-game?

Kyoko Sakoda - 2005.11.25 21:16:00

I'm just going to add one little suggestion because I won't be repeating and summarizing all the good advice that's already been given (unless I skipped over it and I'm actually repeating it here >_<;). If you want to keep your character interesting, don't slap something together in five minutes. "Keep it simple stupid" doesn't necessarily apply to RP. There are plenty of people out there already roleplaying the stereotypical freedom fighter, or the stereotypical nationalist. Read the prime fiction background on the usual traits of your character's race or bloodline, then brainstorm some ways you can change it up a bit.

What about a Caldari ship captain who appears big and tough on the outside but is actually quite the coward? Maybe an Amarrian who is an abolitionist and flys small ships because it pains him to see human life wasted when a battleship blows up?

It helps to just brainstorm these ideas for a half hour and write them down. Pick out the one you like most and start branching off with new ideas that supplement the previous one. When you've figured out the foundation for your character through your brainstorming, write a one page (or so) background and/or personality profile of your character. Run with this for a while and see how people respond.

Do remember that people change due to events that occur over their lifetime. This happens slowly or very suddenly, though a sudden personality or lifestyle change can be overdramatic. If you find someone (or a corp) which likes roleplaying with you, communicate with them and figure out ways to collaborate. This makes it eaiser for you to introduce a new change into your character, and perhaps tie it in with an ingame event.

And I'll echo what I know has been said maybe too many times: everyone makes mistakes or creates something they'll eventually come to dislike. The only way to further your creative writing skills is to practice. Don't worry if you've done something that you eventually come to dislike. Figure out a way to work around it, or to add a twist to it down the road so you can fix it up to your liking.

Here's an example: someone in this thread said "Don't go with the 'tragic past' and 'pirates killed my family and I must get revenge' etc." I did this when I first started, and a couple months in I started to realize I didn't like it. Now, my character is a relatively moral person compared to some *cough* other characters people roleplay in my old corp (Omerta Syndicate). She initially joined the corp to get revenge for her mother's death (though this is dynamic). Now, what happens five years later when she's killed thousands of people in battle and suddenly her mother resurfaces from hiding? She will have realized she has killed all those people for nothing. She might even come to the conclusion that she has been nothing but a pawn to the corporation's benefactor, even though she herself resides in a high ranking position.

Now I've been ranting like a blithering idiot, so enjoy your time roleplaying in EVE, gl and hf and such.

Orion Rose - 2005.11.25 21:51:00

As someone new to the game, and who wants to become engaged in the RP aspects, I've a question: The bio. I was under the impression that the bio function was a file you would see on a character if you searched the character out in a database. That it was not something they themselves create for whatever purpose like a personal webpage as someone mentioned, but a datafile created by an outside source on the capsuleer based on thier actions, psyche evaluations, history, criminal activities, and so on. Is this belief faulty?

Shemar - 2005.11.25 22:19:00

Re: post #21

Yes, the bio is a personal web page entirely under the control of the player/character.

Laocoon - 2005.11.25 22:50:00

Re: post #22

Well I was always under the impression Bio = some sort of biography. Whether it is a Biography or an Autobiography is up to you. Mine (...modelled on others) is from a governmental point of view, but i see nothing wrong with turning it into a mini-autobiography of your character...

Strikeclone - 2005.11.25 23:11:00

I find it 'politic' to send an OOC (out of character) evemail to relevent pilots if the RP is getting a little heated or contrversial. Just to let them know it is RP and not personal, im sure most know this but i think its a good thuing to keep it sweet between the real players of this cool game

Pulgor - 2005.11.25 23:30:00

Re: post #24

Always a good idea imho.

Cadela Fria - 2005.11.25 23:58:00

Well first of all it's important to remember 1 fundamental thing. Anything said or done in an RP fashion (IC - In Character) is not a personal action against, nor for's all a game, none of it is real.

So think twice before you let anything on this forum offend you, because in all honesty, nobody means what they say, and if they do..they're in the wrong forum and need to be kicked in the head anyway. Seriously. It is important that you detach yourself personally from your character, he/she is not you..they are however your creation, it's up to you to decide on how THEY react in certain situations...and let me underline this THEY react, not you.

Secondly, when all overwhelmed with the vastness of information and events happening here daily, just try and take a step back for a moment, take a deep breath and try one of two things.

1. Simply create your own approach to this new forum, introduce yourself, tell something about yourself (in an IC fashion of course), where you're from, why you're here, what you're goal is, possibly who you're loyal to in terms of races and factions. Can be anything from the notorious pirate Faction: Guristas, to the peaceful miners of ORE, or maybe your own thing.

2. Pick a topic at random that seems interesting, read through it and try to join harm can come to sticking your nose in, unless it says something about "Amarr Scum! Die!" or "Minmatar Dogs!"..then unless you're prepared for the inevitable negative attention you'll get from picking sides in such a discussion, I advice you pick a different topic Razz

Also, heres a few things thats good to memorize:

GalNet - the roleplaying term for the intergalactic summit, ie this part of the forum we're on right now. It is largely taken IC as a standard type of forum, except roleplayed to be more advanced (like roleplayed live newsfeeds etc), but also sometimes used to express fictional creativity. I'm not sure what GalNet stands for..something like Galactic Net or something.

FTL Communication - Short for Faster Then Light Communication. It's the communication technology used to communicate with text live ingame (theres a scientific article in the "Backstory" part of the website, explaining it all, which I warmly recommend reading to everyone)

NOTE: It is also very much adviced that when posting or making up your character that you stick to EVE fiction and it's universe. Anything outside will 9 out of 10 times be looked at as completely redicoulas, unless you come up with something genuinely unique and non-stereo-typical (ie." I am cat person, normal human with cat ears and a tail, and I have come from another universe through a trans-dimensional warp field to warn you all of a great danger" <- This sort of thing will not only redicoule yourself beyond reason, but it'll also make a lot of RP'ers, like myself, bang their heads in a wall in agony of seeing such a horrible post, so..friendly advice, dont do it :P )´ I myself have roleplayed for approximately 12 years now and have my own RP community. That doesn't make me better then anyone else, but I'd like to think I have just a little experience, and if anyone wants, feel free to ask me any questions :)

Beyond that, all I can say is, that I'm rooting for more actual InGame roleplaying in the style of what we do here on the forum. It's such a potentially big RP playground with spiffy graphics and all which we just aren't using enough IMHO.

- More to come, but sleep first

Jasmine Constantine - 2005.11.26 00:19:00

Remember there is a MMORG game going on behind the roleplay and whatever you claim in character you might be called upon to back up in game space.

For example, if you are a relatively new character claiming to be the baddest space pirate in all the galaxy is a one way trip to get laughed at and not taken seriously. Claiming things that are impossible/unlikely/ridiculous and laughable is not really good roleplay (unless you are intending to play a lunatic)

Though it may seem depressing to have to lower the sights of your claims for a while until your in-game character can afford to make grander boasts, don't forget that as a capsule pilot your character is one of the elite and much much more powerful and influence than non capsule pilots (ie the rest of baseline humanity).

Point of all this is that any roleplay that has absolutely no presence or related achievement in-game can be a lonely and isolating thing. If you are talking about things that have no bearing or effect (or opportunity for interaction on the part of other players) its a bit like dancing solo and talking to the wind.

When roleplay really comes alive is when people see a character representing themselves through a mix of discription, imagination and in-game achievement and thats when you can really go to town with your game.

Take Eve's most notorious pirates and master criminals, those guys actually do the crimes and heists in-game and then write about it and live the life so to speak. Though I'm not nearly as famous as that I try to do my part in the portrayal of a near-psychopathic freespace combat pilot in arranging in-game duels and fights at the drop of a hat and getting involved in many ship destructions (some of which cost me a lot of isk )

Anyway, hope people find that advice useful and consider a decent rule of thumb when portraying a character on the IG summit is to ask oneself "can I really live up to my portrayal with in-game actions if I am called on it?" "Can I walk the walk my character is talking?" "Can I afford to get my ship and clone blown up to make a point?" "Am I really a master trader/spy/explorer/slaver/guerilla fighter etc" and "Will this stuff make me sound impressive and interesting or merely pointless and irrelevent?"

Apologies if this sounds a bit harsh but I think its much for the game as a whole if we have no more alts and two day characters claiming to be combat veterans and political masterminds. It takes time to settle into a role and world experience to gain a repution. Forcing these things in a couple of days and claiming things you logically cannot do is always a recipe for bad tempered threads and poor roleplay in my opinion.

Nikolai Nuvolari - 2005.11.26 04:57:00

Re: post #19

Yes. It's rather wierd. I believe Ms. Doyle is married (it used to say so in her bio, if I weren't on vacation I could check...), and one of the higher-ups in the Blood Inquisition (was it Mebrithiel?) married one of her former CVA compatriots.

Re: post #21

It's my personal belief that the nature of the bio is entirely up to you. Some people use it as a biography, some people use it as an autobiography, some people leave it blank, honestly there are a lot of things you can do. Mine includes a very short (and old, I really should update it) description of my character from a 3rd person perspective, then has some OOC stuff, like quotes from some of my friends.

Re: post #27 "(unless you are intending to play a lunatic)"

And that is MY territory, thank you very much.

Nikolai Nuvolari - 2005.11.26 05:11:00

Brilliant advice posted here so far. I want to reiterate the point that you should READ THE PRIME FICTION. Other things (sorry if they're here already and I've missed them):

Try to type without abbreviations. It's annoying and it makes no sense, as we're supposedly talking in live audio (or audio + video, whatever the situation is).

Go to the channel "The Summit".

When you're ready, try to write something for the Library section of the forums. It's really rewarding and can help you learn more about your character. ALSO: Don't be afraid to write about EVE itself. The Prime Fiction is only a bare skeleton to describe this world, and any contribution helps. For example, the Cosmopolite and I have written about the historical origins of two ships in EVE (the Vigil and the Merlin, respectively). This has absolutely nothing to do with our characters, but the EVE universe is just that much richer for it. Herko Kerghans does this a LOT.

Get creative, do something unexpected. I don't mean "Play a Minmatar characted that supports slavery." I mean don't always sit around doing whatever you planned to do today, keep your eyes out and involve yourself in whatever is going on, or even better, make something happen.

If you're bored, baby jesus is crying. Enjoy yourself (Very Happy)

Try not to ramble as much as me. Please.

Dak Hakin - 2005.11.26 13:52:00

Re: post #27

Good point. In my Story of Dak Hakin thing in the library I regularly post a story when I lose a ship. I know I am not a badass, and I dont try to come across that way. I think if anything, Dak Hakin is kind of obsessive and possibly a little ignorant. But we all know people that pretend to know stuff and they really dont... For example, Dak Hakin refers to Pulgor as "the traitor", yet Dak does not know his story. All he knows is that he is Ammatar, and to him that is wrong.

Perhaps someday he will be enlightened...

Mebrithiel Ju'wien - 2005.11.26 22:30:00

Re: post #27 "...and one of the higher-ups in the Blood Inquisition (was it Mebrithiel?) married one of her former CVA compatriots."

That's slander! I'm still single! Myadra is who you're thinking of and you'd need to check with her about that Wink

Oh and Kaleigh is married to Kerrolyn Prio.

Hrm, advice I can offer? Yeah, if you're at all unsure, don't be afraid to question and as I tend to find, it helps to speak little at first before making large and what could be flawed posts stating things that don't exist here.

Also, in terms of rp, always know the boundaries and don't cross rp with ooc. A game's a game remember. Saying that, it's fun sometimes in certain established channels to talk freely ic and ooc blended. Time with SF and GLS will help there as they're very fun orientated people. Just make sure it's all in good humour generally else it stops being a fun game. One example of good humoured bluring is when I have to bid my dues in channel due to my unfortunate need to keep regular hours in wor(k)...ship

Nikolai Nuvolari- 2005.11.27 04:09:00

>That's slander! I'm still single!

Eep! Sorry! Ah well, if you're mad, I suppose could come suck my blood or something. Please? :P

>Myadra is who you're thinking of and you'd need to check with her about that (Wink)

>Oh and Kaleigh is married to Kerrolyn Prio.

Thanks for filling me in :)

Sarkos - 2005.11.27

Write up a character concept on paper, then flesh him/her out by giving quirks or twists to that character. It will give them depth. Next Like any actor, study your character. Even write up some feelings your character has on certain in game issues. This will give you more of a feel for how to RP them.

Be humble, never tout how great you are. Greatness is given, not taken. Never make claims your character could never do. For instance a single 2 month old character telling a 20 person corp that he/she will destroy it will be laughed at. Last, always be faithful to the personna you have developed. Regardless of how a certain situation may affect your character, stay the course and RP that situation through.

Oh, and one more thing. Never steal the Goddess Eris Discordia's Golden Apples unless you are a Minmatar terrorist. :)


Burga Galti - 2005.11.27 22:05:00

Giving advice huh? Well, as stated many times before reading the prime fiction is a must. But be aware that there are several contradictions and many blank areas (i.e. which planet is Intaki Prime?).

The other bit of advice I'd give is that whilst it is important to draw the distinction between OOC & IC, I'd advise that you draw on areas of your own personality to add flavour to your character (bit of a flirt? restless? stubborn?). It can be used successfully to flesh out your character and make them more realistic. It is a dangerous path though, especially if someone starts to offend that RL aspect.

Finally, have aspects of your character you don't tell people about. As Nooey said, spilling everything can be wrecking. Keep things back and use them to fuel other aspects of your roleplay. Branch out and don't be afraid to change your mind on something, so long as you have good (IC) reasons.

Tyrrax Thorrk - 2005.11.28 00:08:00

ots of good advice here, I'll just say this, try to keep OOC and IC seperate, try to make posts your character would make, using information your character has and not just pretend to be roleplaying as you try to attack people with OOC info and motives.

Like f.i. HEY LOOK EVERYONE MYADRA IS TREVEDIAN'S ALT, I KNOW THIS BECAUSE, UM.. WAIT IS THIS AN IC FORUM, OH WAIT I DON'T KNOW OR EVEN SUSPECT ANYTHING OF THE SORT. Is not really cool for a roleplayer to say, and frankly it's absurd that mods don't delete posts like that, (they don't btw).

Staying in character for your flaming/trolling/ranting/warring is vital if you want to maintain any dignity or respect of other people.

Some of us are always roleplaying, both on forums and ingame except when we indicate otherwise, or join OOC channels.

Some people don't roleplay at all, however simply acting as if they are roleplaying is how one should handle those people, asking them if they feel allright, if they took their pills today, what this gibberish about keyboards and computer games they're spouting is...

It's always fun when one goes to an aurora event and five different people ask why their text is green, doing so is not in character or roleplaying, explaining it to them without going OOC can be tricky too, hence why the actors usually ignore such questions.

Anyways enough rambling out of me..

Stay away from marriages please.

Cvoboda - 2005.11.28 01:09:00

>Stay away from marriages please.

Maybe I'm too much of a newb to realize this, but what's wrong w/ rp marriages.

Also, please, please, please don't metagame. It's kinda creepy when your character does something you had no clue happened. If I'm writing a story that includes a character, I tend to email them a copy of what I wrote before I post it. It's a nice little curtosey.

theRaptor - 2005.11.28 04:22:00

Don't RP sterotypes unless you know what you are doing. ex-Slave freedom fighting matari, and evil manical slaving Amarr, are a dime for 2 billion. If that is all your character is then you will get ignored and fade into the background with all the other clones.

And will someone for once RP a freedom fighter that has religion? Yeah the Amarr enslave your people because of their religion, but that doesn't mean all minmatar should be aetheists. Being able to say "My God is bigger then your God" is much more satisfying then "slavery is like, not nice and stuff so don't do it".

Nikolai Nuvolari - 2005.11.28 04:36:00

>"My God is bigger then your God"

As soon as I get back to my own PC, I'm logging onto EVE and adding that to my list of favorite quotes on my bio.

Discorporation - 2005.11.28 07:38:00

>Maybe I'm too much of a newb to realize this, but what's wrong w/ rp marriages.

Becaus marriage ingame is the Eve-equivalent of internet relationships/dating and therefor needs to be stamped out by any means possible.

Khaldorn Murino - 2005.11.28 10:59:00

Ignore all other rp'ers advice on how to play your character would be a good start :)

The only and most important rule in my mind is to stay in character, that is, the character of your player: a pilot in the EVE universe.

Also, a very important rule is thus: Dont take anything that is in character personally. My character hates slavers with a passion, but OOC I think there good blokes - and i know that if i go on a rant against them here, there not going to take it personally. taking IC personally is the start of a dark path my friend, this is a game, its best to remember that :)

Oh, and I forgot the most important rule of all is this:

Death to Amarr!

Archbishop - 2005.11.28 22:54:00

Alot of good advice here from everyone.

1. Make a script of your character. Write down on paper who you are, what your major "positions" are, where you live (planet), what your views on major issues are. Keep this list handy so you can refer back to it from time to time. I myself often refer to my home on Chaven or my factories in Tash Murkon Prime. Writing down these historial facts about my character allow me to stay on the same page from story to story over the months and years. If I said I was from Chaven then next month said I was from Pator it wouldn't look right. Be consistent.

2. Don't overblow yourself. Don't say your a princess or duke or anything else. Be yourself. Respect is earned. If your starting a new corp with a focus on serving an empire keep in mind you need to be careful you act to serve the empire and are not acting for the empire. You can be a servant of Amarr for example or a Minmatar freedom fighter without being a government agent.

3. Research. There is alot of information online about (some) RP in Eve. RP corps have been around quite awhile and most have public channels. Pop in and say hello and ask questions. Visit forums and post introductions and inquiries. Be inquisitive it'll pay off in the long run.

4. Pictures. Host pictures somewhere that you can add to your posts. Use sigs, press release letterheads, stuff like that. It isn't hard to make stuff and the extra effort goes a long way toward creating an atmosphere around your postings.

5. The Summit. The SUMMIT channel ingame is an RP channel that was started quite awhile back. There are usually quite a few people in there from many different RP backgrounds. Stop in and grab a drink and relax. Remember its strictly RP only.

6. Behavior. Remember as an RPer everything you do reflects on your corp and community even moreso then it does for non-RPers. Actions you take as an RPer can have very non-RP consequences. Before you do things make sure thats where you want to go. You could end up in a very non-RP conflict with some gankercorp.

7. Practice. Practice makes perfect. If you make an RP post that doesn't get alot of responses doing become disheartend rather make another. Some posts just don't take off, some are bad ideas, and some are great successes. It's kind of feast or fammine where RP is concerned. I've put massive effort into ideas and had them just slammed by people on Galnet and given them up because of it. It's easy to lose faith but don't give up. Keep coming back for more. RP is a way of life and a lifelong pursuit not a one night stand.


Herko Kerghans - 2005.11.29 07:01:00

My 0.02 Caldari isks:

Taking a look at EVE's "Prime Fiction" (all fiction published by CCP) is really helpful. PF is the "canon", the official knowledge about the EVE universe.

Being familiar with your race's background will inmerse you in this wonderful universe. Serves as the base of all RP, and tells you a lot for why Darius hate slavers, for example.

Sources: -The Backstory section of this webpage (almost all the PF is there) -The Eve news Archive

If you have a knack for creating fiction yourself, The Library is the place you want. That's where other players post fanfiction, and there is a sticky explaining how to send your piece to CCP if you wish to give it a shot to make your story part of Prime Fiction.

If you are online, join the 'IG Summit' channel; live RP ftw.

Other than that... jump into the water and swim, that's the best way!

Marie Trudeau - 2005.11.29 13:40:00

>>Stay away from marriages please.

>Maybe I'm too much of a newb to realize this, but what's wrong w/ rp marriages.

Eh, there isn't really anything wrong with it at all, IMO, if it all stays IC. Problems can arise, however, if the RP relationship begins to chip away at the barrier and distinction between IC and OOC, and that can happen fairly easily in these types of situations, so caution is advisable.

Khaldorn Murino - 2005.11.29 13:46:00

RP marriages are the equivalent of twinky twinky fairy land.

But, everyone, specailly RP'ers have different views on most things.

Nikolai Nuvolari - 2005.11.29 14:35:00

>RP marriages are the equivalent of twinky twinky fairy land.

WTF is twinky twinky fairy land???

j0sephine - 2005.11.29 16:29:00

>"WTF is twinky twinky fairy land???"

It's a fairly known social club in Pator, for young minmatar men who aren't quite sure the macho image promoted by their culture suits them... :s

Leon 026 - 2005.11.29 16:57:00

Piece of advice from me regarding RP : keep your character flexible and be willing to change your character's attitude as events unfold. Some events will scar him/her or push his/her ideal to the extremes and maybe snap under pressure. Like a real person in real life, have your character adapt and mould with time and events. Be willing to accept "losses" in roleplay if someone severely hammers you down with the roleplay hammer, and adapt to it and persist. :)

One thing to avoid at all cost at all times, is to mix OOC and IC together. Call it "metagaming" by using OOC knowledge into RP -> it ruins the entire roleplay completely. Obvious OOC hatred mixed into roleplay becomes a waste of everyone's time.

Selene Shaataz - 2005.11.30 03:01:00

This type of behaviour (discovered recently on a digitally remastered holoreel) is plainly not acceptable, unless to those who subscribe to some extreme political position such as all Caldari and Ammmarrrii (or whatever they call themselves these days, since they became leaderless and scattered and ran scared of Jovian intervention) ;

But you get the idea *tosses hair out of eyes with a flick of the head and awaits a response*

Sarmaul - 2005.11.30 22:44:00


((Heavily Edited Post - Heartstone))

Ethidium Bromide - 2005.12.02 11:01:00

>RP marriages are the equivalent of twinky twinky fairy land.

>But, everyone, specailly RP'ers have different views on most things.

once we get the first online divorce it will start to be cool:) "i get the apoc you can keep the ishtar! i never liked it anyway!"

Elsebeth Rhiannon - 2005.12.02 11:36:00

My top 5 advice to a beginning RPer would be:

1) Know the backstory. Make a character. As has been adviced, don't overblow it (no Jovian princes in disguise, etc). Try to make your character a real person, with weaknesses and quirks and conflicting feelings/motives/opinions, not a standard hero/villain - in the best case, you will be playing this character for a long time, and variance is good. Before playing, try experimenting with the character on couple of issues, thinking about how he/she would feel and respond (not necessarily the same thing!) if asked about current political issues or difficult moral questions or whatever.

2) Find people to RP and make stories with in the game. Easiest probably is to join a RP corporation. Just playing the game as a game and leaving your RP to forums and/or few and far between RP events does not really do the trick.

3) IC, "in character", is what your character does, says, and thinks. He/she does not know he/she has a player, and the only world he/she knows is the world of EVE. OOC, "out of character", is what you, as a player, do, say, and think. Try to stay IC as much as possible. OOC will always be easier than IC for almost all of us (those of us who do it more ;)), so put your effort into maintaining IC. I personally recommend doing this even on channels that are not strictly IC, like the local chat; others disagree, so probably the right advice is to try different approaches and to find your own way and balance with this.

4) Play emotions freely, everything from love to hate and everything between, but never assume the person you play with realizes those emotions are not yours really, just your character's. Interrupt play with OOC comments and questions like "not OOCly, of course" and "you still ok with playing this?" whenever you feel like it, and sometimes even if you don't.

5) If you start to be OOCly angry, in love, or whatever inappropriate, yourself, back off, break the situation, talk to the other party about it OOC, and go back only once you feel secure.

Points 4 and 5 are more important and more difficult in MMORPGs than they are in traditional tabletop. Most of the time you don't know the people you play with and you cannot count on them holding to a similar "roleplaying contract" than you do, so you need more checks and guarantees. Be smarter than me, don't learn this the hard way. ;)

Dak Hakin - 2005.12.02 12:56:00

OOC: I am still learning about Dak, as he learns about himself.

Ethidium Bromide - 2005.12.02 13:05:00

nothing wrong with roleplaying a madman! been on it for more than 2 years now (Very Happy)

Elsebeth Rhiannon - 2005.12.02 14:21:00

Dak, or rather, the player behind that name: yes, I am more into "develop-in-play" (or more like "discover-in-play") as opposed to "design-at-start" when it comes to creating character. But that's 1) an old, old discussion of RP styles, and 2) not something I'd start going through with someone new to RP.

For someone beginning it, I think if suffices to say that he should have a character fleshed out enough that he can respond as the character.

Though, now that I think of it, maybe stressing the fact that a character developing during play is not bad roleplaying, since real life people change too would be in order.

And of course, this whole thread is or should be completely OOC. ;)

RP marriages? I wish. (Well, that was semi- or if-character, there...;))

Discorporation - 2005.12.02 14:26:00

regarding the joves;





Ethidium Bromide - 2005.12.02 14:36:00

>regarding the joves;





signed (Very Happy)

Mr Floppyknickers - 2005.12.03 01:50:00

Question: what is everyone stance on eve-radio?

Anarae - 2005.12.05 10:09:00

>Question: what is everyone stance on eve-radio?

good music, too much chat (Smile)

Some good hints and tips here. Just take it slowly, make a basic back-gorund for your char, then with each post or bit of interactive RP, your char (and background) will grow.

Lygos - 2005.12.05 12:32:00

If you're working with a background that has little official input beyond two or three sentences, such as NiKunni, Intaki or say the Kador House or Sukuuvestaa Corporation, there's no need to go into detailed elaboration or especially justifications. Just allude with passive certainty or authority to whatever verbal scenery you wish to add.

Tone conveys more than effusive explanation. For example, status as an Amarr allows one to distill any particular message to, "Why yes, we are the paragon of humanity. You may worship us. From afar." without ever using any such words. It's allowed automatically. It would be rude not to do so.

Also, the basic tools of poiesis: Tactile, sound, and visual inputs. For character development: the weight of their impact upon other characters is most important. Kinetic fiction is difficult to execute satisfactorily.

Kaeleron - 2005.12.05 22:52:00

This helps a good bit, Not an eve website, but a decent read. Though somewhat angry.

Creation Made Needlessly Complicated

((Link is Broken btw - Heartstone))

Herko Kerghans - 2005.12.06 06:56:00

> This helps a good bit, Not an eve website, but a decent read. Though somewhat angry.

> Character Creation Made Needlessly Complicated

^^^Fully endorse the above product or service.^^^

Tough but true!

((Links broke btw - Dame))

Tyrrax Thorrk - 2005.12.06 17:18:00

Heh speaking of angry, that's a good word to describe most of eve's roleplayers

( most of whom rightly feel neglected by CCP )

But I'm pretty sure things will improve soon, so don't give up if you haven't already :)

j0sephine - 2005.12.07 05:52:00

> Character Creation Made Needlessly Complicated

awesome :s

and it looks like they have more:

worst roleplayer types ever

((Both links broke - Dame))

Ethidium Bromide - 2005.12.07 10:47:00

> This helps a good bit, Not an eve website, but a decent read. Though somewhat angry.

> Character Creation Made Needlessly Complicated


Blind Nuri - 2005.12.07 11:46:00

> "Character Creation Made Needlessly Complicated"

>awesome :s

>and it looks like they have more:

>worst roleplayer types ever

While we're on the subject of bad roleplayers, here's a classic: Michelle Chronicles

Mebrithiel Ju'wien - 2005.12.13 23:31:00

> State what's there, not what I would or should be looking at. For all you know, maybe my character's secret identity [is] 'Tit Staring Man', and all I'm going to pay attention to is your female character's hooters. Don't tell me I'm looking at your flawless face, because I'm definitely gaping at your bosom.

I think Kaleigh is the one person who truly understands this.

Jawsome reads btw. I'm soooo glad my excursions in rp aren't flawed... yet.

Jowen Datloran - 2005.12.15 14:47:00

NEVER referate to Earth or any historical episode happing on Earth as any more than a myth. (Unless you're a real loonie.) Also some background info given from CCP has to neglected as information your character would know/understand. (Like the Gallente might decend from the french, but who the hell are the french?)

EDIT: Just keep all Earth related references out when roleplaying in EVE is another way to say it

tinae - 2005.12.18 11:55:00

don't take kindly from players of the empire that's an enemy to you're empire

Discorporation - 2005.12.18 21:10:00

> don't take kindly from players of the empire that's an enemy to you're empire

This person is wrong.

Do not think in Empires/races, rather, think in Factions. State Practicals couldn't care less about war with the Federation. Likewise, there are Republic Minmatar who want nothing else then just to be left alone and live their life without all this RARGH KRUSH AMARR nonsense.

Think like a person.

Kaeleron - 2005.12.19 04:57:00

Glad to see it helped :P

Khaldorn Murino - 2005.12.20 09:18:00

> Likewise, there are Republic Minmatar who want nothing else then just to be left alone and live their life without all this RARGH KRUSH AMARR nonsense.

This person is wrong :)

If you read the race description of the Minmtars when you choose them it says they all want freedom for all their people, its an inherent trait. You can of course, choose to ignore that, and theres nothing wrong with that in the slightest. Just beware when people start saying 'this is how it is in so and so' because thats just their own viewpoint, and your viewpoint > anyone elses. ;)

Discorporation - 2005.12.20 09:52:00

> This person is wrong :)

>If you read the race description of the Minmtars when you choose them it says they all want freedom for all their people, its an inherent trait. You can of course, choose to ignore that, and theres nothing wrong with that in the slightest. Just beware when people start saying 'this is how it is in so and so' because thats just their own viewpoint, and your viewpoint > anyone elses. ;)

They'l all want freedom, but I can imagine a recently liberated slave wanting nothing to do with all that freedom fighter stuff, hmm?

Khaldorn Murino - 2005.12.20 10:51:00

>They'l all want freedom, but I can imagine a recently liberated slave wanting nothing to do with all that freedom fighter stuff, hmm?

Of course, but thats not what you said Discy. Your missing the OOC forums aint ya? :)

I can imagine that a slave who was newly freed would just want to enjoy his freedom and get on with his life, which after all is what the freedom fighters want and what makes their struggle worthwhile.

Of couse, some of them might be so angry that they would just want to blow Amarrians into small bits. But I like to think the first bit.

Discorporation - 2005.12.20 11:58:00

> Of course, but thats not what you said Discy. Your missing the OOC forums aint ya? :)

And likewise, I can imagine that there's fairly well-off minnies that want to be left alone by the constant RAGH KILLZ AMARR as well .

What the race overview says means nothing

Khaldorn Murino - 2005.12.20 12:03:00

> Of course, but thats not what you said Discy. Your missing the OOC forums aint ya? :)

> And likewise, I can imagine that there's fairly well-off minnies that want to be left alone by the constant RAGH KILLZ AMARR as well .

> What the race overview says means nothing

On the contrary, it just gives the description of your average chap. The majority of minmatars, id imagine, are roughly like the race description, same with Amarr etc. Of course, in this universe that leaves billions of people who are completely different.

Dont draw too many parallels to real life, this is a space opera after all :)

And the Ragh Kill is an oversimplification of many peoples complicated roleplay and backgrounds, its just what you see when you fail to dig.

Discorporation - 2005.12.20 12:16:00

>And the Ragh Kill is an oversimplification of many peoples complicated roleplay and backgrounds, its just what you see when you fail to dig.


It all boils down to that. Whavtever excuse your character has, it comes down to KILL AMARR WHEEE. Same with Amarr, gallente, intaki, etc

Lillith Blackheart - 2005.12.20 15:20:00

I can't believe that debate just happened.

Anyway, I've been looking for your ingame chatroom so I can lurk for a while, reading while playing the game, and then eventually join in. I can't seem to find it, where, exactly, would one look for it?


Khaldorn Murino - 2005.12.20 16:41:00

Well, there was a list of the RP chatrooms around somewhere but

OOC = Out of character channel that has had many forms and now is a place for RP'ers to chat out of character (which is a bit wierd when u think about it)

The Summit = In character channel.

And there are a few others kicking about but you'll have to ask others about them, cos khal dont know :)

Lillith Blackheart - 2005.12.20 18:35:00

So it's just "The Summit"? Can I find it under the categories at all or do I just have to "Create/Join" "The Summit"? I was trying to find it through the list but couldn't. :|

And as for RP chatrooms, I saw other people recommend the race's chat channel? Does it go on there as well? :|


Khaldorn Murino - 2005.12.20 18:49:00

Yes it goes on their (race channels) sometimes, but dont rely on it, if you start it people will follow your lead usually though (wellin the minmatar channel at least, havent been on the rest)

And yes, 'The Summit' is a player created chat channel, just hit join and type that in.

Lillith Blackheart - 2005.12.20 18:51:00

My thanks. :) Now I need to get back to reading before my last hour of work today is done. . . ;)


Marie Trudeau - 2005.12.20 19:48:00

>So it's just "The Summit"? Can I find it under the categories at all or do I just have to "Create/Join" "The Summit"? I was trying to find it through the list but couldn't. :|

>And as for RP chatrooms, I saw other people recommend the race's chat channel? Does it go on there as well? :|


The race chat channels are often not RP. They are sometimes RP. They are also a good place to learn of race-specific in-game events, which are often 'announced' in these channels.

Another in-game RP channel is "La Maison de Tous Les Plaisirs", which is a bar-type concept and is strictly RP.

More RP channels are planned ... stay tuned.

Nikolai Nuvolari - 2005.12.20 21:05:00

> Another in-game RP channel is "La Maison de Tous Les Plaisirs", which is a bar-type concept and is strictly RP.

If you're looking for a bar, "Bar VETO" is personally my favorite place to get Electronically Drunk. Much fun, much fun

Ardipithecus Ramidus - 2005.12.21 02:44:00

My advice on rp in general is, remember that your character was socialized in a certain environment. Often it is far different than the environment that capsuleers encounter.

For example, Caldari corps are all subsidiaries of the megacorps...EXCEPT for PC corps. Oh my God, there is such a thing as independence! And setting your own agenda!

And Amarr, well, can you imagine the personal conflict that results first time they dock at a Pleasure Hub?

Gallante finding their way into Amarr space for the first time looking for entertainment? A free Minmatar with ex-slave parents discovering Caldari society, where people are willing slaves to the megacorp CEOs?

The point is, if you find your background is messed up or you find that your character is simply not fitting in, there is always room for cultural shock to adjust it to where you feel more comfortable. Write it up. Talk about how it impacts your character. If you have to, burn it afterwords, but at least you will have thought it out.

Just remember, often your newly graduated pilot will be going through as much of a shock as you are or more so--to you it's just a game and you expect different perspectives, but I see people in the Intro to Cultural Anthropology courses at my university who are SHOCKED that others think differently than themselves. So it is alright for your character to feel the same way.

RPing isn't about holding onto one viewpoint. When you get down to it, there really are few fanatics in the world, and they wouldn't make good pod pilots. Feel free to have your attitude change, just make sure it makes sense. If you are tired of mining, well, maybe your character is as well and finds a cause to fight for.

There is always room for development in rp. You are allowed to change. To be static on all issues, to dedicate your life to one aspect forever, that simply is not very realistic. Pirates can become "good guys" (in rl some have become admirals), loyalists can become criminals and pirates, a manufacturing corp can become militaristic, and a paramilitary can introduce a manufacturing facility.

And when you want a change, write it up. Define it. Don't just think of a reason to make a particular change. Explore the moment that your character decided enough was enough, and try to figure out where he or she would go from there. It might surprise you. And if you don't want to let anyone else see it, don't. But use that to determine your new direction.

Anyway, that's what I have to add to what everyone else is saying here

Khaldorn Murino - 2005.12.21 12:00:00

I think thats the most sensible and best advice yet

Nikolai Nuvolari - 2005.12.21 21:07:00

> Caldari corps are all subsidiaries of the megacorps...EXCEPT for PC corps. Oh my God...there is such a thing as personal property! You can own your own ship!!!!

I realize it's just an example, but that particular one is completely inaccurate...The State is hypercapitalistic, which leads to a huge emphasis on personal property. The corporations are all subsidiaries of the megacorps, yes, but that does not in any way preclude personal property. Your employer pays you money, and you buy whatever you want with it.

However, nitpicking aside, you make a damn good point.

Ardipithecus Ramidus - 2005.12.22 03:14:00

LOL yeah you caught me on that one, been too long since I looked at the Caldari backstory. Just caught up in my own propaganda I guess. Thanks for pointing it out, I'll fix it right quick.

Oh, and that's another tip for newbies. Don't be afraid to get little details wrong, how many people know all the ins and outs of the world around them? Hell, there probably are subsidiaries where everything is corporate property, just not the megacorps we're familiar with.

Eve is a huge place, and I'm sure that every possible variation on all the various forms of government and social organization have been represented at one time or another. Don't be afraid to introduce your own spin on one of the major groups and assign it to some backwater. Just make sure it fits with the rest. And the more backwater, the more leeway you might have. It's amazing how flexible people are in how they organize themselves...

Nikolai Nuvolari - 2005.12.22 06:33:00

> Don't be afraid to get little details wrong, how many people know all the ins and outs of the world around them? Hell, there probably are subsidiaries where everything is corporate property, just not the megacorps we're familiar with.

Very good point. Hell, if this were in-character, you could legitimately be under the impression that there is no private property in the state and everything is corporately owned.

> Eve is a huge place, and I'm sure that every possible variation on all the various forms of government and social organization have been represented at one time or another. Don't be afraid to introduce your own spin on one of the major groups and assign it to some backwater. Just make sure it fits with the rest. And the more backwater, the more leeway you might have. It's amazing how flexible people are in how they organize themselves...

Loads of fun there :) Leaving your own little mark on the EVE universe is great, just look at what Herko Kerghans does. He took a slight mention of something in the backstory (the Caldari executives drinking poisoned tea at the beginning of the war) and created the story of "kresh" and "hak'len" from it. I use it in RP now.

Takitoo - 2005.12.23 00:44:00

got a little peace of advice. And I'll even try to not rant.

Please, please, please do NOT make your character unbelieveable. If I wanted to talk to a man without fear or emotions or weaknesses or morals I'd talk to superman gone bad.

Here's some examples.

If your character is flying at an Armageddon Class battleship in a Rifter without feeling the slightest twinge of fear he'd better be high or insane. Otherwise I don't buy it. And most peopole don't hang out with either high people or insane people.

If your character gives a lady in a bar a drink and lets her almost croak on it he's a damn bastard and I'm going to hate him. And most people don't hang out with people they don't like.

If your character is a megalomaniac who doesn't leave the pod because he'd lose his power, he's just that a godamn MEGALOMANIAC ! That's a bad thing. Again, insane people = no hanging out.

This has nothing to do with them being two-dimensional or even badly thought out. This has to do with you not wanting your personal creation to change and/pr get hurt. Understandable, but if people RP they don't wanna play with a more responsive NPC. Call this a plead to all the new and current Rpers ... Please, I'm sure we're all tired of superman butting heads with superman. That's what makes characters like Pulgor and Marie so good.

Now, my other point.

I have been mulling about this a bit. Personally, I think the whole "Holoprojection" is a cop-out and pretending any smart starship captain will send his thought halfway across the galaxy to chat, while fighting hostiles is idiocy. Instead, I propose this: Regard the RP taking place in Clubs Bars or whatever your venue of choice is as removed from the realtime flow. Getting together after a long day blowing up Angels. The EVE galaxy can be crossed rather quickly and safely in a shuttle and I doubt that your character can't afford something that is the equivalent to a bus ride. If you're a pirate I'm sure you've found ways to get together with your buddies. Should something crop up during your time chatting it can easilly be added with: "Hey, Bob, have I told you about this Gurista Officer I found earlier today ?"

There. I'm done giving advice.

Nikolai Nuvolari - 2005.12.23 10:48:00

>And most peopole don't hang out with either high people or insane people.

( :( :(

>"I have been mulling about this a bit. Personally, I think the whole "Holoprojection" is a cop-out and pretending any smart starship captain will send his thought halfway across the galaxy to chat, while fighting hostiles is idiocy. Instead, I propose this: Regard the RP taking place in Clubs Bars or whatever your venue of choice is as removed from the realtime flow. Getting together after a long day blowing up Angels. The EVE galaxy can be crossed rather quickly and safely in a shuttle and I doubt that your character can't afford something that is the equivalent to a bus ride. If you're a pirate I'm sure you've found ways to get together with your buddies. Should something crop up during your time chatting it can easilly be added with: "Hey, Bob, have I told you about this Gurista Officer I found earlier today ?""

I don't really like the idea of removing conversations from the time flow, I feel like it kinda ruins any attempt at immersion/realism... And I rather like the guidline that if you want to directly physically interact, you have to be in the same physical space ingame. For the above reason.

Lillith Blackheart - 2005.12.23 16:46:00

> If your character is flying at an Armageddon Class battleship in a Rifter without feeling the slightest twinge of fear he'd better be high or insane. Otherwise I don't buy it. And most peopole don't hang out with either high people or insane people.

Not necessarily. A lot of people are "thrill seekers". You wouldn't know by talking to them, watching them, or seeing them in action that they have any fears whatsoever while the action is ongoing, because for some people Adrenaline is a drug and will completely take over. Others are capable of such massive levels of self-control that in a pivotal moment such as the above, they will seem to be the most calm, cool, collected people in the world.

Now, to bear in mind what that is, after the fact it will hit them, at some point, like a ton of bricks, or eventually their resolve will break and it will show.

That doesn't mean they were "high" or "insane", just disciplined, for instance.

Is that going to be everyone? No, not likely, but it's also not likely that any starship captain is not going to have that trait to some level or another.

Now, as to the "holo projection" versus "in the same space" thing. Is there any particular RP channel that is really just considered a "comm channel" that people can tune into to have random chatter while piloting? :)


Edit: Since, apparently, the horrible "c" word (five letter" that means to "create a split in" is a bad word, I guess, substituted another word that is a more extreme version of the same.

((Glad someone brought this up tbh as i solo bs in frigs for lols a bit- Dame))

Elsebeth Rhiannon - 2005.12.23 17:53:00

> Now, as to the "holo projection" versus "in the same space" thing. Is there any particular RP channel that is really just considered a "comm channel" that people can tune into to have random chatter while piloting? :)

Um, yeah.

Most - practically all - of the channels I RP on are exactly that: comm channels pilots use when in pods. In which form that communication is in the game depends on the pilot in question: I assume most of the time it is something between a voice comm and a typed chat, something that feeds to your pod control implants in a way that is not completely either and is alien for us in 2005.

I am personally a bit uncomfortable with RP channels that require me to "be somewhere" physically. It tends to screw my internal timelines: how can I be at this club somewhere completely different if I am at the same time in the pod killing Amarr civil... *cough*... I mean fighting organized crime? I chat when I haul and am bored, say "oops, getting shot at, will get back to you" as necessary, and so forth.

I do the holovid projection / dockside bar / removed from timeline RP too, but I strongly prefer the comms simulation.

But on that point, I'd say to each his own. Both work.

Lillith Blackheart - 2005.12.23 18:11:00

That's why I was asking, because I would prefer, from the aspect of in-game, live RP, to stick with those sorts of channels for pretty much the exact same reason.

On the boards? Whole different story altogether.


Any recommendation for other RPChats would be great. Is there a thread around here that is recent that might have an archive of chats and what they're about/geared towards?


Elsebeth Rhiannon - 2005.12.23 18:24:00

The channels I am on are unfortunately mostly invite-only or otherwise semi-closed IC. The main one for me is the Gradient corporation channel - we enforce corp chat to IC at all times, and have a separate OOC channel.

No public channels I can think of... the Minmatar racial channel has RP occasionally, but for that you have to tolerate the inane amounts of nonsense. I don't know of a list, either.

Maybe there should be one. Maybe you should invent one and post an invitation IC? :)

Nikolai Nuvolari - 2005.12.23 20:17:00

> I do the holovid projection / dockside bar / removed from timeline RP too, but I strongly prefer the comms simulation

I think there's a split between "holovid projection" and "dockside bar", specifically that you should be able to use the FTL comms to access any "holovid projection" place no matter where you are, whereas a "dockside bar" should be a physical place, as in you actually have to fly to the station and, in RP terms, get OUT of the capsule.

Elsebeth Rhiannon - 2005.12.24 23:04:00

Yes, I agree, there is a difference, and I did not really mean to imply those are the same thing. It is as you describe. Sorry for the confusion.

Nikolai Nuvolari - 2006.01.02 00:23:00

In light of recent events on the forums, this needs to be stated.

With the exception of most frigates, OUR SHIPS HAVE CREWS.

If you find this disagreeable, or just want to discuss it, please refer to the full discussion HERE and feel free to comment/contribute.

Strikeclone - 2006.01.05 03:39:00

Query for the forums mods and the Eve RP community, whats the word of personal backgrounds that have been created over a long period of Eve subscription? Specifically plausable but slightly altered versions of ship crew/piloting? (to name one sticking point)

I have tried to raise this subject before (several times) but it got trolled and moderated without resolution. So appologies

BTW this is not a dig at anyone but an honest attempt to get the debate going in which people can express an opinion and not be trolled. (some chanse I know )

Halunoto - 2006.01.05 04:29:00

Don't you mean to rephrase that as "What about people who blatantly ignore PF but demand respect for it?"

Strikeclone - 2006.01.05 05:04:00

> Don't you mean to rephrase that as "What about people who blatantly ignore PF but demand respect for it?"

Look I am asking a perfectly serious question I really don't get why you insist on trolling the point. Whatever RP annimosity exsists between Dev/CAIN and myself is irrelevant to this topic. So if you cant offer constructive input please don't bother. People do not have to abide by your definition of how they should utilize the PF (if you mean prime fiction) in their RPing. For one thing much of the material offers semi conflicting points of views as alot of it is in RP format itself and so is subjective rather than objective.

Alot of the RP i have seen on IG summit could be construed/twisted to be portrayed as in conflict with the prime fiction. What you fail to grasp is the fact that its FICTION as in not real, so when people add their own little touches to their own PF who are you to say "no that is wrong"?

But just to clarify the point I doubt I will bother much with RP in this game as I'm sick of the self proclaimed RP police laying it down on people as to what is and isnt on. And when I have tried to start rational debate on it and all that happens is the trolls and flame merchants get on the band wagon and then it gets moderated.

So congratulations for increasing peoples enjoyment of the game, top job.

Nikolai Nuvolari - 2006.01.05 07:18:00

Strikeclone, this is my completely serious, constructive, non-hateful, non-flaming response.

From what you have told me, your roleplaying is that Strikeclone is unable to use a capsule.

My response is that if Strikeclone has EVER once lost a single ship, he would be dead, and you would, for RP reasons, need to delete the character


>Strikeclone, this is my completely serious, constructive, non-hateful, non-flaming response.

>From what you have told me, your roleplaying is that Strikeclone is unable to use a capsule.

>My response is that if Strikeclone has EVER once lost a single ship, he would be dead, and you would, for RP reasons, need to delete the character.

I appreciate it

But I think somewhere wires have been crossed I have never said OOC or IC that Strikeclone can not use capsules. The back story to this is quite long if you wish I shall send you a synopsis via ingame evemail (my appologies I should have just ignored much of the trolling done by certain ppl who shall remain known but nameless :P and evemailed u direct)

But the general idea is that strike was implanted with some experimental cybernetics prior to his training as a pod pilot. Concord helped him adapt his implants to be compatable with the pod technology. He simply chooses to spend alot of his time out of the pod (which i believe is not against PF) when in combat however it is likely that he is either in the traditional pod or else very nearby an escape pod. (again the details go on but i think this should be enough to hopefully clear the issue up somewhat)

please feel free to mesg me ingame if you wish to discuss the pros and cons more

Halunoto Vankaalen - 2006.01.05 08:33:00

> Don't you mean to rephrase that as "What about people who blatantly ignore PF but demand respect for it?"

> Look I am asking a perfectly serious question I really don't get why you insist on trolling the point. Whatever RP annimosity exsists between Dev/CAIN and myself is irrelevant to this topic. So if you cant offer constructive input please don't bother.

>People do not have to abide by your definition of how they should utilize the PF (if you mean prime fiction) in their RPing. For one thing much of the material offers semi conflicting points of views as alot of it is in RP format itself and so is subjective rather than objective.

>Alot of the RP i have seen on IG summit could be construed/twisted to be portrayed as in conflict with the prime fiction. What you fail to grasp is the fact that its FICTION as in not real, so when people add their own little touches to their own PF who are you to say "no that is wrong"?

>But just to clarify the point I doubt I will bother much with RP in this game as I'm sick of the self proclaimed RP police laying it down on people as to what is and isnt on. And when I have tried to start rational debate on it and all that happens is the trolls and flame merchants get on the band wagon and then it gets moderated.

>So congratulations for increasing peoples enjoyment of the game, top job.

Okay, well maybe you'd like to stop running to the General Discussion forums, calling out our members for using OOC brackets which 98% of people on IGS use and accept and crying for the Sympathy vote?

Firstly, PF is the word of god so to speak in terms of RP. Although some of it conflicts, it's the stitches that hold the RP in EVE together, and most of it is plausible. It's very technical in some places as well.

Hypothetically, you could RP your ship is powered by magic, you're from a galaxy far, far away and your crew consist of finely tuned violins that sway in harmony with the galactic magic.

Imagination is endless etc, but if you come up with something like that, don't be offended when people say "well hey, wtf how does that work out in reality?"

Hypothetically, you could run to your escape pod everytime but there are so many variables with that. You might trip on the way there and break your leg, Most NPC pilots that you blow up and survive are deposited in cargo cans. Is that not to say that if I blow you up and survive, I can pick you up and lock you in a station container when I go home? What's to stop your enemies from locking down your pod? It happens, but in your case it's game over, you're finished.

Strikeclone - 2006.01.05 09:47:00

> Okay, well maybe you'd like to stop running to the General Discussion forums

I didn't "go running" I was attempting to open discussion on the matter as some people (you included) just wanted to troll and flame like your doing now. I was trying to find the mature players who are able and willing to try and see others points of view in reasoned discussion

> calling out our members for using OOC brackets which 98% of people on IGS use and accept

There is not supposed to be OOC on that forum board that was my point at that time, which you are determined to ignore.

> crying for the Sympathy vote?

I love the way you troll then encourage the flame band wagoneers with accusations about others (namely me) of trolling. The line of IC CAIN and OOC player hipocrisy is somewhat blurred for you I think.

> Firstly, PF is the word of god so to speak in terms of RP.

I do not debate that the PF is important when constructing RP angles for players, my argument is that its your interpretation of the PF and how everyone must conform to your views I find so disagreable.

> Although some of it conflicts, it's the stitches that hold the RP in EVE together, and most of it is plausible. It's very technical in some places as well.

Again I do not debate this point, however with this sentence you have helped to valid my point of view, yes it conflicts so there is no point trying to shout me down screaming "its black read the PF" when I can equally scream back "its white! read the PF" and we would both be right. To furher belabour the point my RP is not only 'plausable' its also justified by some of the PF source material, and the fact that for almost two years prior to your OOC rants it has been accepted by more mature players.

> Hypothetically, you could RP your ship is powered by magic, you're from a galaxy far, far away and your crew consist of finely tuned violins that sway in harmony with the galactic magic.

And this statement in any way relates to anything I have stated regarding my RP? Nothing.

> Imagination is endless etc, but if you come up with something like that, don't be offended when people say "well hey, wtf how does that work out in reality?"

Something like what? get of the troll wagon and put the flame thrower on the floor and take two steps back and actually point out where I have critically deviated uniquely from the PF?

> Hypothetically, you could run to your escape pod everytime but there are so many variables with that. You might trip on the way there and break your leg, Most NPC pilots that you blow up and survive are deposited in cargo cans. Is that not to say that if I blow you up and survive, I can pick you up and lock you in a station container when I go home? What's to stop your enemies from locking down your pod? It happens, but in your case it's game over, you're finished.

Are we really going to carry on with this? shall we decend into who can quote the most reason why the other is wrong and I am right? ok so be it, as a pod pilot you could suffer a critical hit to the pod and be killed instantly. Ok nps you say however the torpedo that penetrated your hull and detonated 3 inches from your face destroyed all the techy/gadgets that save your brain waves for cloning purposes. You are finally dead and have 10hours 47 minutes till you can recycle your character. Its not something that can happen in the game enviroment as this would pretty much end the game over night. However if I happen to be out of the pod in a hostile situation and the ship gets destroyed, in the same way you will always escape in your pod, so will I always escape in mine.

Strikeclone - 2006.01.05 09:48:00

further more as I have suggested to Nokalai I would be happy to continue this discussion of the forums (which are no doubt sick to teh teeth of the pointless bickering although maybe slightly entertained)

Feel free to contact me if you wish to find the answers you seek.

Nikolai Nuvolari - 2006.01.05 22:01:00

Now that we've finished this dicussion, can the moderators please delete entries 98 through 106? This is supposed to be a guide to EVE Roleplaying, not a place to settle disputes.

Thank you.

Denebola Rises - 2006.01.06 18:48:00

I have tried to read most of this, and I must admit - I find it quite confusing. And amusing.

The basic problem however is quite simple to resolve. And I believe the most simple approach is an adage I learned years ago from a wise professor.

Don't act. React.

With this in mind, simply accept that what we know to be reality here is felt to be by many fits of fantasy. Those who confuse the two, especially here, should have our pity, as they show they are on the verge of madness, or showing early signs of dementia (although some might argue demention is a more accurate term).

Be yourself. Leave the fantasy of other worlds out of this. Or, more simply, get a grip on yourself. If you have nothing to say - then be true to yourself - and be silent. When you heart/mind/soul, or whatever you custom calls your inner voice speaks to you with a message for us - communicate it to us as best you can.

Be true to yourself. Don't act. React.

Nashime - 2006.01.11 21:23:00


I have run RPG's and several large scale larps for ages. Playing a stereotype isn't bad. That being said, if you're going to play a stereotype, do it well. Details are important. Get to know the universe and the setting. Once you're familiar with them, bring it up. Use it while roleplaying. Remember that your character and your emotions are seperate, but have fun. If you're IC and you get angry, respond angrily. It's very catharic too :)

Good luck and I hope it helps.

Karl Mattar - 2006.01.25 20:29:00

A good tip for new people to RP - Use proper spelling and grammar.

Nothing ruins the scene faster than talking to an "educated person" of whatever sort that doesn't know the difference between 'their' and 'there', or 'of' and 'off'.

If you can't do that, RP a grunt, a pirate, or some other low-life that never had a proper education.

Nikolai Nuvolari - 2006.01.26 10:48:00

> If you can't do that, RP a grunt, a pirate, or some other low-life that never had a proper education

Or a Minmatar intellectual

Griefer Troll - 2006.01.26 13:09:00

Role Playing for me is not hard. I just spend a day in the real world or watch the news or something, and i focus on all the negativity i see, and then i log into eve and let it pour out over the nearest newb. And before enyone thinks they are exempt from this - you are all newbs.

Ottom Ephesianos - 2006.02.01 08:20:00

The Real Pirate.


"Put down that rookie pod pilot and get in character pirate."

Denny Crane - 2006.02.04 16:41:00


Just what is wrong with sounding like a madman?


Denny Crane Chancellor Black Storm Clan

Shemar - 2006.02.04 16:42:00

Nothing, if you are doing it on purpose

Nikolai Nuvolari - 2006.02.04 18:44:00

> Greetings,

> Just what is wrong with sounding like a madman?

> Regards,

> Denny Crane > Chancellor > Black Storm Clan

It's MY territory, that's what's wrong with it.


Nikolai Nuvolari Commanding Officer Gilead's Bullet

Tsual - 2006.02.04 23:17:00

> Greetings,

> Just what is wrong with sounding like a madman?

> Regards,

> Denny Crane > Chancellor > Black Storm Clan

> It's MY territory, that's what's wrong with it.

> Regards,

> Nikolai Nuvolari > Commanding Officer > Gilead's Bullet

Competitors keep the business vital.


Tsual (ab'Quanadhar) Lone miner Iikhelahii khulemah'lal

Alexis DeTocqueville - 2006.02.09 01:57:00

> If your character is flying at an Armageddon Class battleship in a Rifter without feeling the slightest twinge of fear he'd better be high or insane. Otherwise I don't buy it. And most peopole don't hang out with either high people or insane people

Why? After the first 5 or so times the feeling of dying and instantaneously emerging from a stasis tube with a fully functional body and your memories intact is about as poor a ward against dangerous behavior as a "SLIPPERY WHEN WET" sign.

Kell Atorr - 2006.02.20 12:19:00

I've spent a few years playing in various online roleplaying game environments, and I find there's one challenge to roleplaying that's unique to EVE: there's no push for PC interaction at the beginning of the game.

At least for the week I've played so far, I've had no in character interactions with another player, and I've had no reason to have one -- I can easily complete agent missions or mine ore in empire space without help. The chat channels that are automatically set up are entirely OOC chat, and the permanent channels I've tried listening to are almost entirely OOC. In the chatroom for my starter corporation, we had a discussion of why players would ever need to interact with each other, as it wasn't at all clear to some of the players that there was any gameplay reason to do so.

The upshot of this is that roleplaying doesn't develop organically.

At the moment, I'm working on an idea about starting a corporation and inviting people to join it, to achieve ends defined in roleplaying terms, but I'm faced with the difficulty of actually interacting with others in character to assess whether they're the sort of people to invite to the enterprise.

So, I'm wondering how best to address this problem

Elsebeth Rhiannon - 2006.02.23 15:18:00

Better than to set up your own corporation is to find a RP corporation that suits your playing style and IC goals. There's many of them around, and many of those recruit.

I *know* there is a list somewhere but I can't find it now (bad me, but maybe someone else links).

You can also post a note on this forum, IC, saying you are looking for a corporation that does this or that for employment, and it is likely you will get some IC answers.

Vendrin - 2006.02.23 21:45:00

Re: post #119

Roleplay Corporations Shortlist

Khaldorn Murino - 2006.03.16 11:17:00

Also, the rash of (( this is OCC )) quotes.

Stop it.

Stop it.

Stop it.

I mean, this whole forum is about immersion and roleplay yet I keep seeing things like this:

"We will rip your gizzard out and shove it up your ass for these actions against us scum"

(( btw, great fight! well played ))


I mean, cmon. There are hundreds of ways to talk to someone OCC without polluting this forum with it :(

Herko Kerghans - 2006.03.17 04:39:00

Re: post #121

Hey, OOC comments are not so bad.

((100% agree, and spot on. OOC comments gotta die.))

Nyphur - 2006.03.22 05:13:00

Roleplaying is easy. Far too many people overdo it and I'm sue they have fun playing like that but it really isn't that good. One key thing in roleplaying is that you should NEVER tell someone else what THEY are doing. You can't control someone else's character. That means you can't say that something flickers onto their display/tv/whatever because you are forcing someone else's character to be watching a video display. Like it or not, that's not kosher.

I role play, but you'd never know it unless I told you. I started two characters recently from the new bloodlines. The trick behind roleplaying is incredibly easy. Look at your screen. What would your character do confronted with it? We call the forums Galnet and from there it's just the same as the forums are to us. It's an intergalactic forum. Text and images only. A lot of people like to pretend that there's video or that they need to put in actions they are doing.

Here are two examples of needless action text in a roleplaying post:Here and here. In both cases, the poster saw fit to include extraneous detailed actions that I, as a reader, should not be able to know. How do I know he shakes his head and walks back to his pod? All he did was post text and suddenly I know what he's doing? How do I treat these posts? I think they're bad roleplaying. Natascha, on the other hand, thinks they're nutcases that have nothing better to do than type out their actions onto Galnet.

Here is an example of someone posting the video appearing on a screen thing I talked about earlier: here. It's something that came from Everquest, where people would make a post starting with "A town crier ringing a bell yelling:" or "A poster on the inn wall:" and such. It's annoying because I have no way of dealing with this IC other than ignoring it. If the forums don't have video, don't make like they do. Work with what you're given, there's absolutely no need to invent the idea that the forums in-game have video when they clearly don't. So Natascha would look at this and ignore those parts because otherwise everyone doing it is going to come across schitzophrenic. I personally think it's bad roleplaying when you have to make things up to have something work with. Work with what you're given.

That semi-rant aside, I have some basic rules that should probably be adhered to.

1. Roleplay a character you can relate to. If you're going to roleplay a scientist, you'd better be good at science or at least know the scientific articles well. If you're going to play a combat veteran, don't do it if you've no combat experience. Otherwise, you've nothing to work with on your character and you'll end up making stuff up.

2. Don't make up facts about the eve world etc. We all have to roleplay in the same world and if you make something up that someone else doesn't want to use, you have two people running around roleplaying the same thing differently and it looks bad. An example would be someone who posts as a distinguished scientist making up eve physics. What if I made up different physics? If you make something up, say it's a theory or an idea, please don't try to set it in stone because you can ruin other people's roleplaying.

3. NEVER contradict the prime fiction. Someone earlier posted about ships being lost in "Jump space" and upon reading the scientific articles I discovered that jump space doesn't even exist.

4. Work with what you've given. Act as if you're your character, don't act as if you're a guy roleplaying a character. The difference is that when you're your character, you will interpret things differently. A video of ship flight becomes a camera drone recording, for example, or how the forum is "Galnet".

Nyphur - 2006.03.22 05:39:00

5. Don't overdo it. You don't need to be a general. You don't need to be the son of a character in the prime fiction. Your family weren't all murdered by someone that you've sworn revenge on. You didn't invent the Deimos. You didn't invent the Scorpion. My advice is basically to play someone small, someone in a humble position in the grand scheme of things. You don't need to go completely overboard with character backgrounds. If you make up a detailed background, there is no reason to ever post the entire thing. Nobody else's character would care for your life story, as much as some of the roleplayers themselves like a good character background read. Let it out as and when it's required. When it's relevant, Natascha will talk about the details of her past, but she isn't going to start a thread and blurt it all out.

6. Less is more. Be subtle. Slip little things into your post that allude to your daily life and keep them mundane. It's the little things that make it so much more immersive. If you're psoting in a thread a lot and then have to go make dinner, why not post and say you have some in-game business to attend to and will be back soon? Give details flippantly. "I'll be back in a few hours, James is getting held up in customs again on a shipping run and I have to go straighten things out."

As for staying in character, that much is simple. Every time you see something, read something etc. think "how would my character react to that?". It should be second nature eventually and you simply become your character for a while. I don't know about you guys but I have two roleplaying characters that will never EVER do anything OOC. They are here specifically for roleplaying different aspects of characterisations in eve. They aren't me with a different suit on and they won't react the same way I do. Far too many people fall down on the roleplaying by playing their character while roleplaying the same way they play it when not roleplaying.

I see a lot of posting here in the summit which is basically OOC crap with an attempt to add an IC comment to make it kosher. That's not what roleplaying is about, it's about playing a character. If you are in character, you shouldn't even be THINKING of the content that ends up in those OOC tags. You won't find me using those tags and you won't catch my RP charachters doing OOC things in-game. Logging off will be tricky. I'll say I'm shutting down all my ships systems so I'll be undetectable to sensors after a few minutes. Should be easy enough.

I just saw another thread that backs up what I've been saying: here One character mentioned planets and NPC stations changing hands, then the replies degraded into an OOC slugfest over the semantics of using OOC knowledge (that NPC stations can't change hands). The whole thing would be easilly avoided if they worked with what they were given. If NPC stations can't change hands in-game, you might not want to talk about them as if they can. But the fact that the replies were so OOC shows that they were not reading the post in character either. Two small but important rules broken and the conversation declines into a storm with one side saying something and the other complaining that it's breaking their RP or that they're somehow "cheating" by using out-of-game stuff.

Good RPers can't be broken out of RP. Talking to them should be like you're talking to a personality within eve, not talking to a guy who likes to pretend to be someone wildly different than he really is, roleplays it abrasively and then slaps a big OOC tagged comment below.

Robis Doyal - 2006.03.31 23:53:00

not new i just suck at it bad but i try (Laughing)

Lillith Blackheart - 2006.04.01 16:48:00

For the most part I agree, Nyphur, however I feel that exceptions may be made if they are played well, but I wanted to point out something in relation to this:

Re: post #123

It does and doesn't at the same time. They are using a Prime Fiction reference, which you can find here:



Edit: Erm. Fixed the link so it was actually a link. Neutral

Nikolai Nuvolari - 2006.04.01 21:54:00

That could just be a case of misunderstanding or NOT understand the PF.

A better example would have been the notorious claim of one pilot never using a capsule because he's medically unable to do so.

Scorpyn - 2006.04.14 00:29:00

One thing that bothers me a bit is when people make up communications or relationships with NPC entities, or pretend to speak for NPC entities that they don't speak for.

In some rare cases it can be ok, but it's very difficult to do it in a good way so it's best to avoid it if possible imo.

Nikolai Nuvolari - 2006.04.14 01:22:00

I think that making up relationships with NPC entities is just fine, so long as you don't pretend to speak for them.

Scorpyn - 2006.04.14 08:30:00

It depends how it's done really.

Lillith Blackheart - 2006.04.15 17:04:00

As with all things RP, it depends on how it's done. If you're a jerk about it you are out of line. However if your character is a theoretical physicist, for instance, and has some startling new theories and is attempting to convince people to accept what his theorems prove, then yes, it's perfectly fine in my book.


Lillith Blackheart - 2006.04.15 18:39:00

My biggest question would be this:

What constitutes "contradicting the PF"? There's a lot of PF with a whole lot of really big, empty grey areas that they didn't really clear anything up with the PF they have for it (*coffcoffsansha'snationcoffcoff*) that they most obviously have no intention of going any further with. (Why do they need to? It serves no purpose save for to the segment of the player base that roleplays. Everyone else will just ignore it.)

What about those who seek to clear up and expand those segments of the PF? Is that "contradicting the PF" or any of the other bad you're talking about?

Again: Depends on how it's done. The joy of roleplaying, especially in a venue like Eve where the players do on occasion impact the PF, is that you have the ability to expand it on your own.

It's been done before, it will continue to be done for the rest of time.

My curious question is this:

How does the "player base" as a whole decide what they will and will not accept? I've caught some anger for some of my RP, and when I explain it out, the people who are annoyed by it aren't annoyed because of the content, they're annoyed because they refuse to accept that the players can expand the PF to fill empty areas that CCP has not only left, but is too busy to bother with filling on their own anyway. Yet when you point out other sections where the longer-term playerbase has done the same thing, they claim, for no logical reason, that that is different.

Why? If it is done with the same manner of respect for the PF, why just ignore it and move on? Isn't the point of vague backstories by CCP that won't be cleared up at any point whatsoever strictly for the ability for the playerbase to improve the storyline on their own?

It's been done before, it will be done in the future, and as it is CCP has accepted a decent chunk of it as part of the PF.


Nikolai Nuvolari - 2006.04.16 02:28:00

Filling in the grey areas (or completely empty areas) is just fine, so long as you work within the spirit of everything else that's been written. For example, writing about alien Darkers from another universe that are going to kill us all is not in the spirit of EVE or the fiction. However, if you were to write about some rogue paramilitary group from a planet deep within Matari lowsec space that had taken to calling themselves "Darkers", and had begin attacking settlements, much like the FARC paramilitaries in Colombia, that would be great. Of course, it would be nice to explain where the name "Darker" came from...

Where is the line between the two? That's questionable. Some stuff is obviously one way or the other, and some stuff isn't.

Nyphur - 2006.04.16 15:28:00

Re: post #131

That's exactly how I played it. I put it across as theory created by my character. In parts, I referred to "popular current theory" or someone else's theory but in reality I made it all up from what I believed extended from the Prime Fiction. Since it's all theory, none of it contradicts PF.

Teblin (ISD) - 2006.04.30 05:14:00

Thread cleaned of derailing argument posts. Whatever happened here, please end it now. This thread is for advice and discussion of now not to sound like a madman when role playing and right now you all sound a little mad to me Evil or Very Mad.

If you feel there are posts which are trolling or in some other way in violation of the forum rules, please contact with a link and your character name and someone will check it out when they have time. The same goes for reporting OOC comments. We can't be everywhere at once and a little direction from the playerbase helps us pinpoint problematic threads.

Teblin's advice for roleplayers is to please read the special forum rules stickied at the top of the forum. I've noticed a lot of people using out of character comments and they are not allowed. OOC comments are an immersion breaker for those who want to stay in character and might have trouble doing so with a thread full of people talking in brackets. We aren't all born actors but we should all have the right to role play.

My other advice would be to familiarise yourself vaguely with the backstory and always ask yourself "What would my character think?". The beauty of the forum is that you don't need to react straight away. You can sit down and think for a minute about how your character might react and what they might have to say on an issue. Happy roleplaying (nutcases (Laughing)).

Evelyn Lavi - 2006.06.01 04:55:00

My advice for roleplayer-aspirants is simple.

Don't try to be the "hero," just be a character and let the world make its own judgement.

Your parents were NOT murdered by pirates. Your parents are alive and well, or they don't matter to your story. This is about you, capsuleer.

Don't be a vampire. Please. There are too many in every MMO already, especially where they do not belong. (Evil or Very Mad)

You'd be amazed how much fun you can have roleplaying a capsule pilot of meager beginnings trying to make a name for him/herself. You know, they way we actually began. (Wink)

Lillith Blackheart - 2006.06.05 15:43:00


Normal people who aspire to do amazing things always make the best stories.


Lillith Blackheart - 2006.06.05 15:43:00


Shemar - 2006.06.05 17:13:00

/signed also

If you want to be somebody special, make yourself somebody special in game, with your words and actions, not by adding it to your background.

Verone - 2006.06.10 21:37:00

Have to say I agree there, It's better to see the most prolific things in people's lives in Eve happen dynamically, rather than through backstory.

Pezzle - 2006.06.26 22:53:00

I read through this thread and did not see this addressed, maybe it has been, if so sorry for the repeats.

Use of NPC inaction as justification for your stance/action/inaction or that of your rivals. Not to pick on anyone. but the Heresy business has made this very clear (feel free to read its 10 pages and growing)

CCP controls the major characters (rightfully). Expecting them to respond to player demands or threats is difficult if not impossible. Using the lack of response to these threats or demands etc can diminish the roleplaying experience.

We must also be wary not to officially speak for an NPC controlled faction. Again a difficult task, but as long as we are careful to point out that we are speaking on behalf of ourselves and our corperations, and not the official governments/organizations, we remain safe.

It is a fine line. Certainly we can use written information to back our agendas, but we must be wary of getting to close to that line, lest we step over it. The game system is simply not set up for such things. For example, if someone, or a corp or alliance was declared an official enemy of say, the Gallente Federation, surely every Fed navy ship would shoot you, any offices you held would be closed, and your cloning in those areas they controlled would be shut down. They could easily block your ability to purchase goods through your account, etc etc

This would make the game relativly unplayable in any area that faction held sway. I refer to this aside from the - standing feature. CCP wants you to be able to play this game, it must be functional and fun. So naturally you cannot expect them to declare you or yours that serious a threat, they wont do it, and if they do, you probably wont like what happens to you.

And by the same token they cannot declare someone else as 'correct' without legitimizing that person or entities power to make real game decisions, which must be done with utmost care, as it can be abused. Remember, CCP does not want to GIVE you power over another player, it is far to dangerous.

We must keep in mind that much of this game is static, and most big changes will take big events or extensive time. This of course ties in with some of the other fine points made on the thread.

And of course these are just my opinions, not those of anyone who actually matters ;)

Shemar - 2006.06.28 17:33:00

I mostly agree with the above. I would like to point out that there is a way to role play and enemy of the faction. You can stop using any of the stations belonging to that faction (role play that they deny access to you) and never enter high security space belonging to that faction (assume you will be attacked by any ships guarding the gate along with any reinforcements in system). Make your RP valid by willingly paying the price for your choices (and the above is just an example), rather than exploit static game mechanics to have your cake and eat it too.

Herko Kerghans - 2006.06.30 04:30:00

Re: post 141

Hum... I am not sure I agree with the above, for two reasons:

1) I, for one, would love to see the NPCs react to what you do, and I suspect I am not alone.

As a matter of fact, there is one case when the NPCs do react: piracy and low-security status. Kill enough people, you get shot by the NPCs in high-sec. I would love to see something similar but Faction-based (which is what you describe above: say I am pro-Caldari, the Fed denies access to me).

2) About "not liking what happens"... what would be the difference of me shooting [Insert Player Corp/Alliance] pilots and them setting me to -10 and shooting me on-sight, versus shooting [Insert NPC] and them doing likewise? After all, CCP clearly intends EVE to be a game with consequences... why if I call [Insert Alliance] a bunch of n00bs on the forums there may be certain consequences (ie them kicking my arse all over the cluster), but if I declare that my goal in life is to burn[Insert Faction] down then nothing happens?

In short: actions in EVE should have consequences, always, and roleplaying should not the exception. If "you don't like what happens to you" (if, you, say, declare yourself a Minmatar Freedom Fighter and the Amarr Empire sets you to -10 in return), perhaps you don't have what it takes to be said Minmatar Freedom Fighter?

What happens today (ie, nothing: you can be a confessed terrorist and the amarrians let you shop in Amarr Prime) kinda feels a bit odd, to be honest...

Vera Nosfyu - 2006.06.30 04:56:00

Herko, I for one, as a confessed terrorist, would love it if the Amarr Empire shot me on sight and I had to work out smuggle schemes to get myself in there... On one condition.

That it be worth it. As it stands I would just be sitting around saying "Uh... So... I'm in Amarr now... Uhm... Yeah... Does any war target want to like, fight me or something? Yeah, 'cause that would be just swell."

Pezzle - 2006.07.02 00:15:00

The point I was trying to make in the comment about not liking what happens to you is geared more towards the standard gamer, shoot stuff, blah blah, shoot more stuff. While the statement may not hold to the entire community, I can say you would likely see a fair amount of screaming and whining if people suddenly couldnt get into empire space that their characters supposedly didnt like, or if there were more proactive and less static reactions to make consequences for them. As it stands it is harder to get and maintain standings that impact you in a negative way than it is to gain positive reactions, which is kind of a shame.

Kehmor - 2006.08.08 13:35:00

I'm lazy so apologies if these things have been mentioned.

1) Have flaws in your character, or atleast habits. For example my character fought for the Blood Raiders, and led paramilitary fleets to victory against the enemies of the Blood Raiders. But more and more now he is becoming an addict to multiple narcotics. So sure he's awesome (just like the player :P) but hes also a junky screw up. Also unlike the majority of RPers my character did not come the top of his class, he spent most of the time bumming around, and sc****d a pass.

2) YOU DID *NOT* HAVE A HARD LIFE. Unless you have a terrific reason why you did. You are a pod pilot, the elite. You aprents must have been loaded to get you in that position.

3) Don't do stupid things which you can't back up. My most recent example is Sieesa's vindico cruor or whatever it's called which she claims to have stolen from the blood raiders and which is capable of destroying the population of an entire planet with ease. Now A: the event team will never act with this, there are currently much better and easier character run events which they could support. B: it makes no sense, if the blood raiders had this, they would use it. So before you try and be the saviour of Amarr, think for a second, can I really do this?

Shanaya Venn - 2006.08.23 11:45:00

Re: link post 146

In fact, there is at least 1 mission targeting Blood Raiders who are attempting to deliver a viral agent to a planet in order to kill the planet's population (or a goodly chunk of it). That's not such a far leap to the RP scenario you describe.

However, in terms of RP that makes sense, certainly a large part of the challenge is to frame one's hypothetical scenario in a way that is *believable*. That certainly includes doing one's homework with PF and other already-written material. But it also includes building a believable chain of events and motivations into what one writes, and backing claims with enough factoids and atmosphere to make it all feel very solid and real.

It is not just a question of being able to point to game 'facts' to back up an assertion. The telling of the tale itself must feel (sound; read) convincing, and that is something composed as much of the art and craft of writing as of the science of game-related research and marshalled facts. Maybe even more.

I think it's a goal worth keeping in mind.

Rakatan Ronala - 2006.08.24 21:10:00

Re: post 117

Wich brings me to an alarming point,if everyone is immortal in EvE why is anyone fighting each other if you cant kill them?

And to bring up the being on the spot RP channel and the Chatchannel RP channel..or whatever its called:Hey,we got those chat channels now,why shouldnt they have such channels in EvE where folks are like,100 times more advanced?

Mebrithiel Ju'wien - 2006.09.07 22:09:00

Re: post 148

I'll help you out there: Why not? I'm sure you've watched the Highlander film(s).

Being immortal practically gives you bella causa to go out and try and destroy other pod pilots. It's one of the reasons us pvp-ers find solo miners incomprehensible (maybe they just don't want to lose stuff).

Sure you die, you lose a ship, lose isk in recreating a clone, but you'll always return to life. Get in a ship. Get out into space again. Go find another immortal to blow up.

As to your second point: Humanity will always chat. We've got an inate want to converse with people, even goths, trust me (Wink) Humanity is advanced in space travel, genetics, entertainment, and to some degree; ability. It's not gonna stop humanity from wanting to chat on multiple chat channels with other pod pilots. Hell, we're the elite. Our every movement in life is watched and followed by millions and sometimes billions of people - celebrities gotta stick together.

Takitoo 2006.09.21 23:13:00

/me points to sig.

That was made up after a run-in with one player who claimed to be an Admiral of a pirate fleet she lead to victory. (After leading a gang of 6 ships during a mission. Once. In an Alliance.)

Please. If you don't have negative standings with anyone, no bounty, no indication of any illegal activity, don't claim you're the leader of a pirate fleet, caught by CONCORD and convicted. It doesn't add up.

The same goes for everything else. If it doesn't add up, chances are it's a big leap that doesn't make sense.

No, I'm not a big industrial mogul. But I did build this one shuttle once. No, I'm not a premier scientists. But I think I researched this BPO once. No, I'm not a great pirate and invincible. I think I ganked that one frig once, though. No, I'm not some great combat pilot. I don't think I did half bad in those gangs though.

Not everything you do has to be super, yo. Sometimes doing things well is just enough.

Shanaya Venn 2006.09.23 10:43:00

re post 146

The fight isn't always (or with immortality, even usually) about the killing. Killing is incidental fallout from the conflict.

The point of the *conflict* is, typically, the pursuit of power and control. Control of turf, control of resources, and the power that confers.

If the other guy won't just roll over and give me his rich asteroid field, well, maybe we'll just have to use some forceful persuasion to clear him out of there. Then if he returns with friends, let's see if me and my friends are powerful enough to keep him and his friends away from those resources.

Hence the "incidental" killing. It's really about control of resources.

Then there is also gratuitous killing, but that's exactly what it says it is. Cheap thrills for the killer.

Strikeclone 2006.09.24 23:47:00

find it laughable that some of the posters here want everyone to be humble and live on bread and water.

What they clearly fail to appreciate is that being a pod pilot is to be part of an elite or exclusive club. We are the 0.0001% of the population who can use pod technology with out suffering "mindlock". I would imagine that tests done in infancy or invetro would determine if a child was a pod pilot potential. After this we would be given the very best treatment and education possible in our respective empires.

The character generation process even states this is the case as we all attend a variety of colleges and universities prior to our graduation.

None of us began our lives as bin men, or road sweepers. So what is the problem with a player spending the tinme to reserch the fictions and generate a plausable history for himself, so what if he wants to be the lost son of the amarrian empire. If he does nothing ingame to justify his claim then he will soon be laughed out of the court.

RP games are ment to stimulate the imagination, its a shame that many in eve are "rules lawyers" and cant even do that coherently.

Also remember that that 99% of the RP that goes on in this forum cant be replicated ingame, certain corps/alliances announcing their newest product of power armour is a good example of good RP that has nothing to do ingame, it has no effect on the game and cant be replicated ingame. But it adds to the immersion, its not only possible in the game fiction its also plausable. The remaining 1% of "RP" is combat related and thus is directly related to actual fights that go on ingame.

Another example of the 99% portion of non-game mechanics RP is the whole ship crew issue. Its widely accepted that all ships can have crew, and that most do even with a pod pilot. How crews are treated, how they escape (or dont) and what they actually do on the ship is not represented ingame but is solely in the realm of RP.

Yet still there are those who argue against crew, against pods, against using pods, etc, etc, all because they are either flaming trolls (you know who you are) or else they can't grasp the concept that the game mechanics are limited and recreate all situations and events, but that this does not limit what our characters coul do in the real Eve cluster

Ottom Ephesianos 2006.10.10 06:31:00

Taki, can you make coffee without destroying my ship?

Strikeclone 2006.10.19 01:23:00

Re. post 150

Granted your encounter with super queen pirate is a valid extreme, I would council against judging roleplay by the ingame mechanics. For instance the black rabbits are a gurista based RP corp but they cant just change their standings over night and in some cases prehaps not at all. Similarly I have no personal greivence with the minmatar replublic but have a slightly negative stnading with them, I also have had absolutley nothing to do with the Amarr empire but have a slight positive standing to them. Remeber things like standings are automatically assigned by the game servers based upon factors we do control ( like agent running ) and factors we don't control (such as ingame empire alliances and relations)

Extreme claims and complete lunacy aside, every pod pilot is a member of a very small minority. Out of the teeming billions we are the fraction of a decimal of a percent that can use the pod technology without being put into comas, or mind lock etc. And I for one dont want to play bob the sheep herder who "somehow" found out he was mindlock free and apply to join "them thar" pod training classes. Who will once qualified will use his civilian gatling/laser/autocannon to annihilate anything that was "wurrying mah sheeps" /me chews straw.

Gaius Kador 2006.10.19 11:37:00

Err.. so now its wrong to be a madman?!??!??

Mebrithiel Ju'wien

Re post 155

Not if you're as sought after as you. Besides, we're all mad here

ISD Eshtir 2006.10.21 23:13:00

Re. post 156

And im your king

Mebrithiel Ju'wien 2006.10.24 17:44:00

Re. post 157

One of these days, I'll teach you how Sani Sabik makes me your Empress, but continue to delude yourself for now, ISD...

Nikolai Nuvolari 2006.10.25 06:07:00


Sorry, I couldn't resist.

Ottom Ephesianos 2006.10.27 21:36:00

Where are my popcycles?

Agent Li 2006.11.13 20:22:00

You know, I don't quite understand this topic. Aren't some of us *trying* to sound like madmen?

Shintoko Akahoshi 2006.11.18 20:55:00

Madmen are interesting.

I want to chime in on a couple of points.

One is the whole "hero/humble" thing. I think the main point here is to not godmod. You know what I mean: "Charlie McUber is an invincible cyborg warrior with chainsaws grafted where his hands should be - which doesn't hinder him due to his telekinetic powers...". If you're acting like a hero in game, then be a hero in your RP. If you're acting humble in game, do likewise. It's annoying to see someone who's just popped out of the character creation screen claiming to be an admiral or lord or what have you. On the other hand, if you're a big shot in a big alliance, then you should by all means RP that way. Common sense, really.

The other thing is what Leon said about a year ago, and I think it needs to be reinforced: Don't play a static character. Have things change you. I'll use an example from my own character. I've RPed Shin as sort of a cross between Joan Jett in a pod and Gaspar Anoun from Catch of the Day. Various events too tedious to go into here have led her into a directorate role in a fairly conservative (though not loyal) Caldari corp, whose CEO encourages her (forcefully) to adopt traditional Caldari culture. This is an interesting RP opportunity, and I've been able to have fun RPing this in various channels. Pulgor has done the same sort of thing, where his changes of loyalty are RPed in interesting ways, as well as other characters.

Mik Nostrebor 2006.11.22 04:02:00

Hi all,

I am relatively new to RP in the Eve setting but have been playing RP games (face to face) since the late 70's...egads I am getting old...

Something that I though I would add/reiterate is that this game actually gives you history as you go. Go read the backstory for general setting but even as a raw recruit things have happened to you.

The questions of how you got to be a pod pilot may be interesting but ultimately it is what you will do now that you are in your own ship and free of all bonds that makes the your story rich with potential.

It is easy to ingore the events that a game gives you (eg missions and mission running) and let them become hum-drum bnut remember these are "real life" things that happen to your character.

The thing is that the Eve universe has very little law. Pirates (NPC and player) infest the belts of even 0.8 sec status systems often only a jump or so from a capital system. Illegal brothels abound as do enemy incursions into sovereign systems. Largely CONCORD and the various navies care little about what happens to us freebooter POD pilots, they only intervene under very specific conditions.

When you start out, you are dumped into a huge Universe and everything is somewhat miraculous and mysterious. Older players often forget what it is like and can enjoy seeing newer rper's focussing on the particulars. With 1 day of play you may do cargo missions for a corp, jumping through several systems, meeting people (NPCs) or you may be sent on a mission to save a man's career or investigate some rogue drones.

Don't be afraid to do sight seeing either. Journey to the Eve Gate, visit the hot-spot currently in the news, go for a trip to a 0.0 system and see who you run into, get shot by etc. Al these things give your character history. Give you something to talk about and more depth of life.

As you grow as a player you will learn new skills, fly bigger ships, mine, trade, fight and find your feet. This journey is different for everyone and the play creates your attitudes.

I flew into Amarr space as a young Minmatar. I did not know if I would be allowed in. I cringed when jumping into the Ammatar space wondering if I would be shot at by the sentries just because I was flying a Minmatar registered ship. I got through without incident....then approached the first gate into actual Amarr space.

Then there was the time I flew a cargo run from Rens into Ammamake. I knew it was low sec but had flown in there a few times before and made a killing on the garbage market. People seemed scared to sell to the Quafe buyer there so the prices were high and the profits good. I was watchful as I warped in and to my horror there was a flashing red Megathron sitting on the gate at 100km or so. Panicing I chose the Quafe station and gave the command to warp, causing the jump cloak to break. Next thing I hear the awfull sound of being target locked followed by the shrieking of tearing metal as my slowly accelerating took the first salvo. In seconds the shields and armour were gone and before I could warp my Hoarder flew apart jettisonning my capsule into space. etc etc etc...

To this day such names as Superbus Maximus and Grant Smith ring loud in my mind as those who have preyed on me and some day shall be the mouse to my cat!

History. Story.

It's there in game, let it shape the character you play.


Mik Nostrebor 2006.11.22 04:17:00

Another thing is props.

In this game we get given props all the time..especially from mssions. For example, in my corp we have a hagar called "The Breeding Pit". It started out as a place to put those peoples that we get in missions but have no immediate use for. Tourists, Exotic Dancers, Marines, Homeless etc etc. As the population grew it became an in-joke for the corp as being a corp run bar in station. A dangerous one. Soon there were over 100 marines and someone kept dropping spirits and quafe into the hangar. Soon there were illegal drugs and exotic dancers (not enough to go around mind you). Next small arms showed up and one corp member complained about being threatened when they went in there. Things got weird. The marines starting guarding the doors and making demands of us to supply more and more illicit gear. Slaves, slaver hounds (we never asked what they wanted them for), cigarettes, ground cars (!?!) and finally the were a few corspes...and a Gallente reporter showed up...

Along this line we have one pilot who will not fly a combat ship without his exotic dancer girlfriend along. He says that he dies everytime she does not come along. Once he was popped in a group mission in very dire circumstances. He would not go back into the fight until someone rescued his girlfriend and brought her back safe and well. Luckily we found her alive in the wreckage and managed to get her out alive in nothing but a shuttle.

Every hangar I have has a janitor or three...all my ships need crew... more than one gallente reporter has been jettisoned into space when he has been less than co-operative.... We are nice guys but all of us kill people every trip, even the most carebear of the miners kills Angels.



Steel Actual 2006.12.03 06:50:00

I think the most important thing to remember is that RP should drive the game mechanics, the game mechanics should not drive the RP

I have see people critize someones roleplay on the basis that they can not reproduce their RP actions ingame.

For example there are several posts about corps producing suits of armour or high tech weaponry and similarly entertaining and immersive peices of RP. Although in game it is not possible to "produce" "reserch" or "develope" these items, it does not invalidate the RP.

Its a shame that some of the critics I mention above have the double standard of calling someone out because their RP can not be reproduces "ingame" who then go on to post about how they are making this great gun or suit of armour for infantry soldiers.

Clearly case of double standards.

Nikolai Nuvolari 2006.12.03 07:42:00

I know most of the people who write those articles (myself, Davlos, the Wassenars, CVA, etc), and so far as I know, none of us have a problem with people RPing things that can't be reproduced ingame. Where did you get the idea that there is a "double standard"?

Steel Actual 2006.12.03 10:24:00

Re post 166

You yourself may have never, ever once called anyone out for RPing something that can not be reproduced in game, but I have seen it done and it always ends in a big flame fest. Its one of the reasons I have stayed away from the IGS as far as posting goes.

To many quote the back story as the rule rather than a guide, they object to anything that is not explicitly "exemplified" by the prime fiction, even if the RP is well within the spirit of the prime fiction and is in fact quite plausible.

And when this mode of attack on someone’s RP fails they fall back to the "you can't do it in game so you can't RP it" position.

I am quite sure that as a regular poster on the IGS you have seen this, no?

EDIT: I have just finished reading this particular thread end to end, there are several posts here, that seem to justify my observations.

Nachshon 2006.12.03 20:40:00

Edited by: Nachshon on 12/12/2006 04:38:37 Here is how I think of these boards. They are real message boards used by capsuleers in discussing affairs. You are roleplaying as a capsuleer who is accessing the GalNet forums. I have seen people post regarding EVE politics with the same fierceness as seen on RL political forums.

So don't just create a background. Create opinions. What are your character's politics? For instance, my character is a Caldari who calls himself an 'enlightened capitalist' - he seeks to do what is right and make money at the same time. He is aligned with the Caldari liberals, supports reconciliation with the Federation, and has recently declared allegience to the Minmatar freedom fighters. The last bit reflects an in-game decision as well - I am planning to leave my corp and join a Minmatar corp that does this kind of stuff.

Think about this. If you are a Gallente, who did you vote for last election? If you are Minmatar, how far do you think you should go to free Minmatar slaves (if at all - I have met one Matari who has allied with the Ammatars)? These will help you flesh out your character on the forums more than any background.

Also, while making real-life references is not allowed, using 'forum' words like troll, flaming, etc, is OK (though on second thought, half the threads on IGS are Amarr-Matari flame wars).

Nikolai Nuvolari 2006.12.09 04:55:00

Re. post 167

You're absolutely right in that people certainly complain about RP that "can't be reproduced ingame", but people with that mindset tend to HATE the firearm/vehicle/whatever "advertisements", not write them.

As far as backstory goes, if you say something that flat-out contradicts CCP's fiction, people are going to yell at you, and while there is nothing in the fiction one way or the other on elves, every player who tries to RP an elf gets yelled at, and I hope you can understand why. Most RP, on the other hand, is not laid out precisely in the backstory, but still meshes with it to form a consistent "EVE" universe. It's all a question of what is in "good faith" as far as backstory goes. Usually it's obvious, but once in a while it's not

Roy Gordon 2006.12.12 15:51:00

There is another interesting dimension to the RP debate which perhaps needs to be aired. How would people welcome, or not as the case may be, players who use EvE as a basis for their own space-based RP game, without using its background? EvE would appear to be an ideal vehicle for players wanting to RP in a ‘live’ RP universe based around say Babylon 5 or Firefly. This already happens in a number of other on-line Fantasy based RP games I’ve been playing for a few years now. Players have ignored the games background in favour of one which they prefer i.e. in Ultima Online there are many players who use the ‘Forgotten Realms’ background rather than the ‘offical’ one. No one frowns on this, in fact everyone welcomes the diversity it brings to the game. How would people react to players having a RP conversation which does not have its basis in the EvE universe, but do involve players playing EvE but in their own way?

Prescience 2006.12.14 09:05:00

Although this is highly intolerant, in fact, Im regretting even starting writing this, but can we have less emo posting on these forums, in the strictest sense, this is a multiplayer game, this is a roleplaying forum for a multiplayer game QED fiction should go elsewhere. The thread 'I Vowed' isnt really roleplaying and is quite depressing to boot. Can we limit these posts to a forum for those who want to read that sort of thing.

With the best intentions.

Roy Gordon 2006.12.15 09:03:00

P, the problem here is what you expect to see on this forum, and what others expect to see. You have to remember that there are quite a few older on-line games out there which do not have ‘official’ forums, much less a RP one. They have instead fan driven ones and they, as a consequence, are generally quite tolerant of many things which might not fit a more rigid RP mindset. Players who come from other games may be used to making posts which appear story-like in appearance. This is generally a way of giving their fellow gamers some idea of their character background. Is this RP? Well, as long as it’s entertaining, informative or interesting, and relates to a character, I would say so. But then, I too have been used to posting on fan driven RP game sites for a number of years now. I am therefore both more tolerant and used to such things

Nachshon 2006.12.29 19:52:00

I have a solution for all those players who claim to come from a lower-class background or are escaped slaves. How did they become capsuleers?

They got a scholarship.

So, you can play as a escaped slave who hid out in a cargo ship, then jumped ship once you were in the Republic. However, before taking vengeance, include getting a Freeman Scholarship to the Republic Military Academy. Problem solved!

Dau Imperius 2007.01.06 16:03:00

There's a thin line between Genious and Madness. And it's is only in the eyes of those who could not possibly fathom such ideas in the first place.

I am Dau Imperius. A philospher who could put some of the best ancients on thier knees begging for true enlightenment. But this is not my goal. I do not rave, I tell you what could be. I understand the what if's. I theorise on subjects would boggle the poor warrior or priest. Your titles mean nothign to me, your kills just the same. None of you are ready yet for what awaits our kind. The animal in you holds us back.

No I am not mad. I am one of the ancient philosophers from the place before the eye, reborn. Yes I beleive that the eye held something once. There was a past there. I wonder if the eye were to open again what might happen to ourselves? You see these are things I can think about. Things you do not want to hear. Genious, not madness.

Agustus Caesar 2007.01.10 18:48:00

NEVER EVER make a claim you cant back up, even in a RP thread. For example if you respond to someone by saying "I'll deal with you soon enough" or "I'll bury your corp/alliance/coalition" you probably won't have to worry about people tracking you down and poding you over such comments, but you will get ruthlessly flamed for making a military threat when your not fighting in a RP alliance. Us part-time RPers have to tread carefuly to avoid having the "if you think that way then prove it with your ship instead of words" card(which is a pretty lame unbeatable way of dodging responding to the content of a post) played on us. If your a part time RPer (meaning your not in an RP corp or alliance) then your best bet is making your argument as non-abrasive as possible, thats not to say you can't come out negatively against someone, just choose your words carefully so you don't wind up having 3 pages of flames on your post (found that out the hard way ).

Oh and alts. NEVER post with alts on purpose, and if you accidently do immediately post again with your main and identify your alt. Alt posting on purpose is lame, its a cheap way of dodging various RP arguments and just cheapens the experience for everyone.

Stick to prime fiction as much as possible and when prime fiction doesn't cover something that is consistent to the general atmosphere that the prime fiction creates, Ie: don't say anything TOO loopy (like saying your an undercover Amarrian agent when your avatar is Gallante) while it isn't necessarily snip or flame worthy, it does leave people scratching their heads asking "WTF is he smoking?".


Adunh Slavy 2007.01.19 19:52:00


This seemd to be the best thread to ask this question. Is there an RP channel and/or how do I know who wants RP in space? I don't see much of it, could just be my region too.


Ugleb 2007.01.20 10:14:00

Re. post 176

RP shouldn't be restricted to interaction between RP'ers, if you are going to RP you should act consistently at all times as you are 'on show' at all times. I'm a Matari Freedom Fighter, if I found a player transporting slaves I should demand he surrender them and shoot him down if necessary. He might be an Amarr RP'er, he might be some random Gallente player running a mission, his motive for slave trading isn't important to my character, the fact that he is a slave trader (to my point of view) is.

Alot of players don't consider RP implications to their actions simply because no-one has challenged them to think about it, you will find that some players will begin to RP after a run in with an RP group as a result of the challenge. The point is to be true to what your character would do.

I try to make all of my local/public comms in character but I do post OOC when/where needed, I'll sometimes chat about OOC stuff in my ratting system as I see those guys most days, or if a situation just requires that I speak OOC, otherwise I keep it IC with everyone I come across.

Scagga Laebetrovo 2007.03.07 21:01:00

Don't be too timid to draw plausible extensions of the 'interpretation' of prime fiction, if you want to try something different.

Have a good read of all factions available and what players have done with each one.

Edit: I thought I might advise, for how, with the limited resources that eve has for the Ammatar, how one can explain their backstory.

Case 1: Member of Nobility, original Nefantar tribe. According to the house of marek, a corporation working along these lines, you need to create a sebiestor character, bereft of any tribal tattoos.

Case 2: Minmatar Slave who 'saw the light', and was accepted into Amarr/Ammatar society as a 3rd class citizen.

Case 3: The ideological sympathiser - this suits the gallente/caldari who wish to play ammatar

Case 4: Holder taking care of slaves/ammatar, acting as an adviser - this works for Amarr

Case 5: Ammatar, but with a political agenda: Unionists with the 'republic' (I don't ever recognise it ) , who see the 'republic' as lost land of the mandate.

Another political viewpoint is the liberals, who want an independent mandate and don't really care about religion.

Another political viewpoint is reconciliation with the heathens, and wish to return to the tribal point of view.

Then there are the orthodox, the fanatics, (such as delictum 23216), who strongly support the empire and cannot accept any outcome other than the reclaiming of the republic. They hate the heathens with a passion and have a similar attitude to the amarr.

Pulgor has told me of the politically apathetic but culturally rich ammatar, who value the good things in life but wish to make do and live on...

Case 5: Slave. A pod pilot IC subservient to another.

Kakuya Kuma 2007.03.08 07:10:00

testing post capibilities here....... 1....2....3....complete

Wren 2007.03.12 15:02:00

All about motivations.

Find some beyond mere isk hording or power mongering.

Darth Sage 2007.03.28 18:39:00

so it is easy to rp like a mad man when not meaning to, yet when you try to rp as one its hard work....that's just hurts my brain.

Ottom Ephesianos 2007.03.29 06:26:00

ts not hard to not rp as long as you dont drag the real world into the thread. Now as far as the *snips* that the mods have a ball doing making their own judgements.... I hope they have a vault they save those *snips* in otherwise it'll be a real pain to have lost information on here. Of course saving a file before posting would be the best thing to do. However thats not always the case when posting in bulk.

So yeah, best to get the child safe ones.

Gorin N'Osho 2007.04.08 11:02:00

Don't overdo it; being subtle has much more impact than blurting out buzz words and Matari war cries every other sentence.

You see some RP'ers who are so cheesy you could melt them over toast. When you post in the forums or talk in game, there's no need to spew your character's life history out at every opportunity. You want people to know your backstory? Type it in your bio and just leave it there. Subtle roleplaying will peak peoples' interest and they'll go looking for your history, let them find it themselves and fill in any blanks when the need arises.

Ottom Ephesianos 2007.04.10 16:11:00

Re. Post 183

ok now, see I like cheese. I figure the more cheese the better. EVE is an unwritten universe and anywhere more 'meat' can be added to the skeleton I say the better she will be. I dont think its a matter of wanting people to know backstory or making a name for your character here. I think its a matter of needing those useless facts and ideas. Some to be shot at and some to be put into play. There are few places where RPers can just throw themselves out there. Mistakes are to be made and I don't think they should be frowned upon. EVE to me is a lot more than just lining up the next fleet battle or honing your dog fighting skills. Its a rare platform for space role play and that shouldn't be overshadowed by PvP and war mongers. We shouldn't let it. Its our job to fill in the blanks. CCP made it very clear they would not, as players its our job.

Gorin N'Osho 2007.04.16 11:41:00

Re. post 184

Absolutely, but that goes back to what a previous poster said about knowing the game's legend. With roleplaying there is no right or wrong way to do it as long as you stay in context. If you're not aware of the backstory and start running around contradicting it, you won't be long in ****ing people off.

EVE is a slow burning, beautifuly crafted open ended story with every player a main character. It's our game, and it's our story but we have to be mindful of others and not spoil their enjoyment whilst having our own. If you're in company that enjoys RP Cheddar then lay it on thick, by all means.

Sidrat Flush 2007.05.15 13:50:00

Great advice over the last two years. I am new to this, however I love storylines, and while I don't have the looks or the voice for acting, in Eve, I do have the imagination. Probably.

Thankfully I am a good listener.

During reading these posts I've had a conversation with a long time rp'r who finally allowed my penny to drop.

A story has a beginning middle and end. But where does a story actually begin?

The story of red riding hood I was told I am positive had the lines "What big ears you have granny" wondered Little Red Riding Hood aloud.

What it didn't go into what why her mother let her only daughter walk through a forest alone when there was a danger of a "man-eating" wolf around the area. If granny was so beloved, why was she still living in a dangerous area of the forest and well. I'm sure in my version the granny gets gobbled (it was an acceptible word at the time!) up and a wondering lumberjack saves LRRH in time and kills the wolf.

So where does a story REALLY begin? Sidrat Flush is a couple of years old and has a pretty decent corp/alliance history. Not that I'll allow it to disable my rp experience. This is far more interesting than north vs south war ever would be.

Suffice to say I despise slave traders, and hope my beloved State will see sense and use their diplomatic channels to wheen the State off their dependancy of forced labour.

Nachshon 2007.06.11 03:32:00

Re. post 186

Hmm. Interesting - you sound like Nachshon a while ago. I should mention that Nachshon ultimately joined the Republic.

Anyway, a good first start is to create a basic childhood storyline. It need not be complex - we have enough stories of escaped slaves or such as it is.

Min Herrick 2007.07.04 04:17:00

Hey everyone, I've been thinking about joining the RP ranks as well with my Minmatar character (don't run away just yet he's not another of Amarr = space **** mentality).

However I'm not sure where to start is there a specific way to start RPing in the threads and in game or some sort of recommended thread I should make? There seems to be many threads here and a lot of them seem to be complete warzones something I love but a little out of my depth for the time being.

Thanks in advance.

Ugleb 2007.07.07 13:35:00

Re. post 188

There isn't really a formal route to getting involved as every player is a potential RP'er. You might join an established group or start your own. If you join a group then you inherit alot from their established identity which gives people some idea of where you are coming from. If you start your own group or stay with your existing corp you might want to put together some sort of address thread on IGS explaining your goals.

Alternatively just dive in and start expressing your characters views on whichever threads relate to you. Good luck.

Mah Kraah 2007.07.14 12:37:00

what ever u do , do not claim to do things u cant back up with game action. if u are a mimatar terrorist dont claim u to nuclear bomb amarr homeworld from orbit if they dont release 1.5 billion slaves. u cant do the actual bombing and and there is no in game char able to hand over 1.5 billion slaves. those stuff is reserved for ccp storryline actors. u can destroy a npc slave convoy and scoop the remaining slaves from the loot and bring them to a minmatar station and anounce u have "freed" them, even after they will just sit there in ur hangar as ccp has no function included into the game to actualy convert them to freed slaves(shame on u ccp after that many years...). important part is that u have actualy done it in game. dont claim to send ground troops to a planet to assasinate o local politic. u cant. when ushra khan claimed to have the vitoc cure prototype we actualy looted the doctors wreck and found it in his wrecks loot. we would have never claimed to have it else. create ur char, play him in game as if he and his opineons were real, as far as the gamemechanics allow.if u play a tru conservative amarr u wont fly in a gang under the command of a minmatar, ever.if u are a caldari industrialist u suport everyone for cash, if u are the same , as galente, u wont do the same for a terrorist or a slave trader.... what ever u are , back it up with in game action, else its only words and just words. if u dont talk a single word on local or forums but u start to shoot a player or npc just for the reson he is a foe to your char(amarr-minmatar galente caldari), if u set up ur hq in a caldari station instead of a galente one coz ur char cant stand the galente lifestyle and sins, u already started the RP. role play is not the words , roleplay is to act as ur char would if he where real.

Strikeclone 2007.07.16 17:33:00

The whole point about roleplay is to give a context to the things you do do in game, and to fill in the blanks that the game mechanics dont cover.

For example The game mechanics dont allow you to leave your pod, but the game background says we can, it is the very ability to leave the pod without becoming a mindlocked lump of flesh thats makes a person eligable to be a pod pilot in the first place.

So for example we shouldn't be afraid to RP social and military situations where you are not in a pod, even though the game mechanics dont actually allow us out of the pod,....yet.

What is possible is not always probable, and visa versa. And the self style RP police (players who think themselves better than the rest as opposed to mods) are always looking for someone they can pick on if they believe (or want to believe) that this princiuple has been violated.

Is possible for a pilot to nuke a planet? not in game mechanics, but it is possible to nuke a planet. Any extreme claims like this would have to have some pretty commpelling game action to justify this claim. And realistically may not be possible outside of a mutual RP war (like the amarr/minny one) where OOC pre battle conditions can be set to generate a player made storyline battle. (internal storyline not back storyline)

Bottom line in all things is that its supposed to be fun, so write a history for your pilot, and don't be brow beaten into making it boring and dull, pod pilots are the top 0.0001% of all humanity in Eve. We ARE special and rare, we are not road sweepers that got lucky on the lottory and bought a Caldari Navy Raven and hired 5000 crew to fly it. We are elite in the cluster and our lives are extreme. But maybe start slow and feel your way into it. Claiming to be the long lost emperors love child by his gallente body slave and that your returning to claim the throne will not get you well received.

Aceformat 2007.08.23 04:08:00

Doing the IC and RP thing is something I would like to try, but I'm unsure, I don't want to sit in corp chat and 100% RP, more flirt if you will, my corp which I just created basically gives my angle away a little, but with me inviting new players into the corp I don't want to hit them 100% with RP (Do the mining, run missions, pvp, usual stuff ect)

It will be 100% Caldari of that I have no doubt, but will the RP community accept a corp such as this?

Also the events seem a little bare, how do these get done by CCP or are these things I create myself?

Revan Neferis 2007.08.27 12:08:00

Many of the most important advices here were already given. I would highlight the importance of a few and add:

1- Know the Prime Fiction. Know the characters backgrounds and personalities before adressing them publicy here. Understand the Universe you are interacting with.

2- Let your life and actions in game build your character, not the contrary.

3- Don't use name of personalities to build your story or involve them into your world without their approval. This is very delicate. You may. or may not get their attention but definately it's not the way to go.

4- Be creative. Be creative. Be creative. Don't fear to explore possibilities.

5- Have fun role playing.

Chishan 2007.09.18 10:07:00

Re. post 192

In U'K we RP in Local and in specially created RP channels. In corp and alliance chat we tend to be OOC except for friendly IC teasing and the like.

As far as a Caldari only corp, I say go for it. Masuat'aa Matari is Minnie only and we have a blast with it.

Events are totally up to the players these days as the Events team has been shuffled off. =/

Ramus Clay 2007.09.24 22:04:00

Wonderful thread! Being of great help, thank you

Stitcher 2007.11.30 23:16:00

Re post 194

If I wasn't quite happy where I am, I'd already have gone off to join, or found, a Caldari RP corp myself. It'd be really nice to see a parallel to the U'k for each of the major factions.

Mericot Finweth 2007.12.15 12:16:00

In my opinion, role-playing is a form of acting. As in acting there are genres and different styles of acting. Unlike acting, there is less presence of scripts and directors.

Now, one way to emulate acting is by taking your cue from film or theatre productions like Rome, Battlestar Galactica or Napoleon. I'll call this epic style role-playing. You basically have a storyline where the actions that the characters take are important. f. ex. "Julius Caesar has to conquer Gaul. Oidipus has to kill his father and marry his mother.". Careful planning and pre-scripting (by talking to other role-players before or after the event)helps this approach a lot. Monologues and long speeches are common, and it seems a form very appropriate for Galnet. One problem with this approach is that epic often is a tragic genre, meaning if not everyone dies at the end, it might feel like it went wrong. Still it seems viable for role-playing and fits well with the unwritten rule that your actions in-game should agree with your forum presence. It is also fairly easy to keep OOC and IC comments apart. You don't think you're Julius Caesar, do you?

Another way to emulate acting is by focusing on the internal processes of your character's psychological profile. Here the inspiration could be the drama genre of film or theatre. Here your actions are less important since it is what your character makes out of being left out at a dinner session or what he makes out of losing 10000 crew members on his battleship that is important. The focus is on the psychological reaction. Think of a Cassavetes movie for example. Tools for this approach is more dialogue than monologue and corp chat windows or specially created chat windows are probably easier to get this going in than on Galnet. Improvisation is much more important than pre-scripting and it seems to work best when you don't pre-script or talk to other characters beforehand. The surprise factor is part of the deal. To do this, you have to, as an actor does, draw from your personal psychological experience, in order to become your character for a short moment in order to be able to improvise in character. This is very hard and there are acting schools dedicated to this process (I think some guy named Stanislavskij started this type of thinking). It is also very hard to keep IC and OOC comments apart and it probably helps if the people you are interacting with knows this and gives themselves and you some lee-way. Think of theatre improvisation back in school, if you ever did such. Sometimes it goes awry. This tends to put a focus on your character's actions being IC to a very high degree and puts a severe psychological pressure on anyone trying to keep immersion qualities.

A third way to see it, which would be specific for role-playing in a game universe like EVE, would be the genre of the absurd. Think of Beckett plays, Mel Brooks "Spaceballs" or "Star Wreck". This enables you to see the various comments in the LOCAL chat window as part of some absurd play that is being played out and it also enables epic characters to be seen in a comic and hopefully funny way. The style is full of OOC comments and references while at the same time maintaining (in absurdum) IC representation. Paraphrasing and ironic commentary are useful tools for this. The Super Bowl game or Harry Potter book being discussed in a chat window is really a code for Mind Clash games and the new bestseller by a famous writer from The Scope. This style of role-playing however can make people a bit uneasy unless they understand what you are doing or trying to do. It is probably best to at least let people know that you are attempting this style with people OOC. However, that's no guarantee that it will work. People have very different senses of humor.

In all of the above, it helps if you are interacting with people that understand what you are trying to do, explicitly or implicitly.

It is even better if you understand it yourself.

Kremlin KOA 2008.01.09 11:07:00

> Maybe I'm too much of a newb to realize this, but what's wrong w/ rp marriages

Becaus marriage ingame is the Eve-equivalent of internet relationships/dating and therefor needs to be stamped out by any means possible.

considering that a friend of mine had been married for about 7 years to a woman he met online, and is happily married.

You may want to consider how your comments could be considered offensive

Sepherim 2008.01.11 00:09:00

I would resume it in three terms, related to each other:

a) Think as the character would: like a pilot with those ideas would if EVE ever existed and he was in that situation.

b) Feel like the character would.

c) Act like the character would.

It sounds complicated but, actually, it is pretty simple. Of course, all ideas here are helpful towards "how to do this", but in the end, what matters is simply to, for some time, become the pilot.

And don't take this outside the game. ;)

Grizzly Joe 2008.02.04 06:59:00

Did anyone find that list of RP channels? I've been hanging out in The Summit recently but there doesn't seem to be much going on there whenever I'm about. Sure, I should just go ahead and introduce myself but I was hoping to lurk for a while to get used to the whole rp thing. Also I get the impression that it's a channel for discussing politics and important issues of the day - having just graduated from school Joe was hoping to avoid that for a while (yes, the Amarr are all evil slavers and we must fight for our rights and my duty as a pod pilot is blah, blah, blah...)

Davis Valdran 2008.03.22 03:42:00

Thanks for this post, comming back to Eve I MAY try to get into RP. I'm currently going through the whole topic. To be honest I never thought much RP happened in Eve and its not the first time I've seen someone in game who says they RP get a fair bit of OOC abuse from people who have never RPed. I'm very new to RP, completely new to it on Eve but I have actually been checking out some RP muds. Outwith RP circles I have noticed the incorrect assumption that Rpers are all kids etc but the fact is all the ones I've got to know on the muds are adults and usually pretty/very intelligent as well. (Really strict about spelling and punctuation as well! My English is reasonable but I just can't compete with people that have been speaking flawlessly on muds for 10 years! Practice makes perfect I guess)

Back to solely RP though! I think I'm going to find it hard to put together a decent background if I did try to get involved since I dont really know a decent source where I can find extensive Eve lineage historys. I'm looking through the thread for this but if its not included maybe someone could add a resource that they used to help them to get their background in line with the eve story.

Apologies for talking OC here , here endeth this at the end of this thread!

As for the whole marriage comments I will stay out of that one but just say I also know some friends who have met people online who they are bessotted with and happily married to as well. (You hear scare stories but more often than not its kids, I'm not saying its all good but I have many friends who have met people online not just for marriages but just become good friends and nothing bad has happened to them, quite the opposite actually)

Ashar KorAzor 2008.04.28 11:54:00

So, whichever CCP staff member is watching this thread (preferably Eris, though for more than just her signature style of awesome this time), what are the chances of getting a written guide put at the beginning of it, a guide that compresses the various bits of often conflicting advice in this thread (the gist of which has changed over time, as this thread is OLD) and manages to be up to snuff in terms of covering the prime fiction, what's useful to newer roleplayers, and all the rest of that good stuff?

I mean, this thread's a pretty okay idea, but it's been up for a while and as perspectives have shifted and players have matured, it became a bit hard to keep it all together. Some of the veterans would be game to have a try at compiling this in a more readable format and adding in information repositories and resources on the various bloodlines, factions, and in-character perspectives. We'd just like to know ahead of time that it won't be a wasted effort.

Kitoba 2008.05.07 00:16:00

Actually, it's quite simple: Let your character be someone whom you know really, really well, maybe better than yourself, and then let the character express itself through you. Do not identify yourself with your alter ego, or your character becomes yourself. Roleplaying isn't about becoming someone else, but about being someone else.

(Which is the only reasonable excuse for people to play Amarr, Kit tells me)

Marcel Rhodes 2008.05.09 01:30:00

To repeat: be different. Make contradictions. Not every Gallente lacks religious belief - there's a few in CVA. Conversely, not every Amarrian is a fervent believer. Your character is an individual person, and people very rarely conform to stereotypes. In many cases, they don't even make sense until you know the background.

If you can, come at RP from both a new and plausible angle. Maybe you're a refugee from a border skirmish (but, for heaven's sake, don't have both your parents die). Maybe you have children. There's tonnes of things you can do that can both help define you as a character and not sound hackneyed.

chadwill 2008.05.21 11:31:00

Maybe the wrong place to ask,

Is thre any ingame channels that are made for RP? I havent seen any RP in eve yet at all.. Im not so comfy with beeing in char yet, but it would be nice to see how RP is done in this game

Silver Night 2008.05.25 08:49:00

Re post 205

'The Summit' is probably the most populated general RP channel. Other than that, amny RP organizations have IC public channels you can join (such as Naqam's own 'Toxic Edge' or Ghost Festival's 'Skyhook' (or is it 'The Skyhook', can never rememebr)) Anyway, good place to start - The Summit. There is an associated channel for OOC stuff called, creatively 'OOC'

Stitcher 2008.06.17 23:13:00

Characters are at their best if they are easy for you to quickly and comfortably slip into the role - and the best way to do that is to play a character who is similar to yourself, playing on aspects of your personality that already exist.

Pretty much every character I have ever roeplayed, be it here, in other MMOs, or in pen-and-paper RPGs, has in some way been an extension of my own personality. I find the best way to build a good persona is to charicature yourself.

Stitcher is effectively me, but with the dial marked "philosophical" turned up to 11, and the dial marked "cuss like a sailor" turned down nice and low. A few tweaks here and there, and I have a role that I can comfortably slip into and allow the RP to flow.

If you aren't having to think too hard about what your character would say in a given situation, then the result is far more realistic, creating the impression of a far more rounded and three-dimensional personality.

BloodBird 2008.07.27 15:02:00

There is little for me to add here, exept a slightly annoying problem I've noticed recently: Get names right.

They are not called Ammar, Amar, amaar or anything like that, it's quite simply Amarr. A, m, a and two r's.

Same goes for Minmatar, the two words used on them are collectively Minmatar, and Matari. I've seen so many errors on this that it honestly degrades my experiance, by not to mention that it seem less likely when you hear a character speak of their enemy or, worse, own faction with a wrong name, like minmitar, manmitar etc.

Also, I believe I heard an argument over the plural of Caldari not to long ago.

It seems the argument ended on a few facts, Gallente is Gallenteans in plural, Amarr is Amarrians, Minmatar is just Minmatar, plural and singular, or one can use Matari, as a more polite refference to more than one or the people as a whole.

Caldari however seemed to land on "Caldari" being the singular and plural version, there is no "Caldarian" or some-such.

Some more correction might be needed by those who have delved deeper into this subject, but the point remains: Your character seems more real, and belivable, if you refrain from incorrectly naming the diffrent factions.

zak'thor 2008.07.29 10:59:00

Heres an idea if your in a RP corp or alliance you can try story-line events.As for character stereotyps well i tend to use the more random guy approach.My guy is basicly a soldier just trying to make his way in the univeres (stay alive survive tour of duty and keep his squad alive.). But i use heavy duty rp methods. Oh and if you want to do a story line EVE mail me.

Sherrick 2010.02.12

Guess the thread lives on in the Wiki now, and I feel like resurrecting it with one comment that might seem obvious to a more experienced player, but not so much to a newbie.

When first making a character, try assigning a major behaviour trait to him and sticking to it. It might be his deciding trait, even, but always keep in mind it's not the only one and the character is a living person capable of maintaining various attitudes for different situations. For example, you've decided that your character is a sarcastic rear end in a top hat, and indeed, that's the way he behaves around his friends and random acquaintances. Now, let's say he wants to discuss an important contract with someone he's not met before. Chances are, a lot of inexperienced players would still stick to this major trait during the discussion. But think about it from a real person's point of view: would you crack jokes on a job interview? Working out the thresholds when the character starts behaving differently and how much of his main main behaviour bleeds through is an important part of adding depth to him. I'd even say that when this behaviour part is complex and worked out enough, you can go on with very basic background and still make the character interesting to interact with.

Please add Voice Font in Guidelines for Effective Roleplay in Eve

Using Voice Font properly could add realism in the RPing, such that a female character should sounds like a female. Voice Font is supported since Dominion 1.1 patch. I don't see any article about it in the wiki, either.

might it be valuable to add links to player support pages like