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Is there a place that describe the icons in greater detail -- the ones in the IC column of the overview? I'm trying to figure out the difference between a solid and empty triangle. I think it means "has loot" or not, but not sure.


Yes, filled triangle means the wreck has loot in it. Empty triangle means the wreck is empty.

Similarly, white or bright yellow means you haven't looked at it yet, grey or dull yellow means you have opened the wreck to see what is inside.

Where does one find wrecks in the filters? All kinds of not obvious. --Tiiquenya 08:23, 15 January 2010 (UTC)
Found it; listed under Celestial / Wreck. --Tiiquenya 08:39, 15 January 2010 (UTC)

Show moon brackets

The shortcut "alt+x" was mentioned in the Show moon brackets thread in the forums.

Thousands of years out-of-date?

I've been really disappointed, as a newcomer to the Evelopedia, by articles like this one - the most important part of the in-space UI, and yet so far out of date it's almost irrelevant.

This is especially frustrating, as if I had the knowledge, I would have no problem at all with bringing it up to date!

Perhaps this problem is worth a submission to CCP?

I have to say, even finding up-to-date support from fansites is becoming more difficult for new users. If the site is still around (17 of the first 23 sites I clicked on in various tables, link lists, and external fansites for various aspects of coming to grips with Eve are no longer functional, and some have been shut down since 2008 - 5 years ago!), the information is almost certainly outdated, and if it's not outdated, it requires extreme knowledge of the subject matter prior to reading. Catch-22.

I tried documenting my journey, but I got so frustrated that I gave up. Now that I'm becoming more comfortable with Eve, I may try again.

I hope this request and explanation helps to improve the situation for us newcomers. Right now, I see around 35-60% of this information being repeated in the new user help chat channel. So it would seem to be able to benefit everyone involved if the data could be brought up to date.

This is a HUGE project, I know, so I will offer whatever resources I can muster to help out. Please be aware, though, that I am desperately trying to get on top of the steep learning curve myself. That's not an axcuse, it's a reason.

Thanks. Cephas Borg