T.R.I.A.D (Player corporation)

Name T.R.I.A.D
Ticker [..T..]
CEO DeT Resprox
Founded 108
Founded by Active
Status Active
Headquarters Undisclosed
Public Channel TRIAD AGENCY
Website triad-eve.net



“In mid-YC 105, a corporation known as SMaK Enterprises was born out of the tribal regions of Molden Heath.

They became renowned for their conflicts with Amarrian imperialists and those who enslaved the Minmatar race - a fire fed by the fuel of despite within the scarred memories of their CEO, DeT Resprox. Led into battle by their Fleet Commander, Skutter, they flew in a combined force with like-minded corporations within the Ushra'Khan alliance against their oppressors. Names became infamous in times of war - Annu and Alasse Cuthalion whose names will live on as champions into the future of the Matari young.

Time passed and many wars were fought with great losses to either side. As that time passed, the days of SMaK Enterprises ebbed and the time of the exodus saw the Matari tribes move onwards towards their own goals. The tribe of SMaK were disbanded and the former members sought out their own paths in the realm of the cruel-minded Reikoku. Here, DeT Resprox forged a pact with the narcotic barons of the Blood Raider Covenant, they too had been locked in a struggle with the Amarrian Empire. Profits increased as drugs were pumped into the foul veins of Amarr under the supply of Draclira Merlonne and slowly a new form began to mould itself from the hatred placed upon the Amarrian offspring.

The first shots had been buried into the Imperialist gut.

The T.R.I.A.D had come. “

Foundations and History

To truly understand the foundations and origins of the Teonusude Republic Independent Agency Division [T.R.I.A.D], we need to go way way way back to the very beginning. It is recommended that you view http://www.triad-eve.net/helpb.php#wx for all you need to know.

Information and Access

T.R.I.A.D currently run a mission agency open to pro-Minmatar paramilitaries. Those wishing to work for the agency should join the channel TRIAD AGENCY to gain access or their ingame web portal.

Registering as an agency member is done via the ingame web portal at http://triad-eve.net/ [ingame only] . Once registered, members are checked and granted access to missions and campaigns. Anyone can join the agency - it does not affect corporation status of the registering member.

Player-run Agency missions

T.R.I.A.D are currently the only player-run missioning Agency in EvE. As such, they offer missions of various types to the citizens (players) of EvE in a similar format to that of running missions for NPC corporations. Loyalty Points and Standing gain to T.R.I.A.D are built up as missions are completed.

Players from any corporation who meet registration requirements are able to run missions for T.R.I.A.D. Access to the Agents and registration is only possible via the web portal ingame.

Here is a brief overview of each Agent Division and the missions offered:


The Marketing division offers missions of varying types. Here are some of those types:

a. Courier - Requiring an Agency member to courier goods from A to B using the ingame contracting system. As Agency members rise in standing, they unlock higher value courier jobs. Loyalty Points and Standing gain are issued based upon the distance of the courier job. Isk is rewarded based upon the value of the goods.

b. Supply - Requiring an Agency member to supply x amount of goods at a set isk value to a specified location. Loyalty Points, Standing and isk is rewarded based upon amount x value.

c. Manufacture - Requiring an Agency Member to build an item where T.R.I.A.D part supply some of the required materials. The item is then given to T.R.I.A.D to sell (which may be couriered as a separate mission). Reward varies based upon sales profit and the original value of the item.


The Combat division offers combat missions against both NPC and PVP targets of varying types. Targets may be individuals, corporations or whole alliances which are currently negative to T.R.I.A.D in standing. Each Combat mission has specific objectives and offers bonus rewards to Loyalty Points based upon ship used to destroy your target and the targets' ship flown.

The image to the right is a Combat mission example >>



Campaigns allow Agency members to specify a starting time and location for a Fleet operation to take place. The first Agency member who accepts any Campaign is designated as the Campaign Fleet Commander. Other Agency members are notified on the website when a Campaign is taking place and are then able to add themselves to a Campaign as participants. Campaigns can last hours, days or even weeks.

Campaign rewards are given based upon the number of participants and the T.R.I.A.D standing level of the Fleet Commander.


Storyline missions are offered to Agency members every 15th mission run. Storyline missions come in 1-5 parts to complete objectives which offer greater Standing gains and an item reward based upon the members T.R.I.A.D standing.


T.R.I.A.D also create missions 'on the fly' as LIVE EVENTS are released by CCP. Each of these missions reward varying Loyalty Points and bonus rewards depending on their importance to T.R.I.A.D, the Minmatar Republic and their allies. The Sansha Incursion event saw T.R.I.A.D release campaign missions inside Gallente and Minmatar space in defence of the Sansha raids.

LP Item Store

As the corporation makes profits from trade and the ability to courier goods via the Agency system, a budget is used to purchase Tech 2, Faction and Officer items for distribution into an LP Item Store. This works in a similar way to LP Stores of NPC Corporations. As an Agency member gains Loyalty Points from running missions, they are able to accept items of higher value from the T.R.I.A.D LP Store which deducts the Loyalty Points value from their Agency profile. LP Items may require isk as part payment or other items in exchange.


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