Strix Armaments and Defence (Player corporation)

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Name Strix Armaments and Defence
Ticker [STRIX]
CEO Zagamesh (Mjalnar Gessanier)
Founded 2007.03.03
Status Active
Headquarters Undisclosed
Public Channel The Athena
Website Strix website and forums
Alliances The Cyrene Initiative
Acheron Federation
Former CEOs Marcel Bigeard
Gervais Zhang
Gerrard DuNord
Valda Valadas

OOC: Strix is an immersionist roleplaying corporation. Members remain wholly in character in their actions and in corporate and public communication channels.

Strix Armaments and Defence is a corporation whose members are staunchly dedicated to the defence of the Gallente Federation, its people and its democratic ideals. The corporation was founded by Marcel Bigeard, but run by Gervais Zhang, a close friend who had previously served under him in the Federation Marines. With its HQ in Auvergne, Sinq Laison, the corporation quickly became involved in anti-piracy activities.

The corporation eventually entered into a formal alliance (Acheron Federation) with Phoenix Wing, a similarly minded corporation, and one that Strix had close links with. Together, they moved to Solitude, intent on stimulating the economic development of the region, and combatting the widespread piracy there.

When Acheron Federation was dissolved, Strix moved back to Sinq Laison, setting up its HQ in Eglennaert. Since then, it has participated in a series of wars against proponents of slavery such as PIE Inc., Aegis Militia and Vigilia Valeria, alongside the Electus Matari alliance.

Following the outbreak of war between the Gallente Federation and the Caldari State, Strix signed up as a member of the Federation militia. The corporation is actively involved in operations against the State Protectorate and encroaching pirates in Essence, Placid and Black Rise.