Spacemonkey's alliance (Player alliance)


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Name SpaceMonkey's Alliance
Ticker SMA
Type 0.0
Founded February 14th, 2009
Status Active
Contact details
Alliance CEO EX River
Diplomat(s) EX Mclovin
Xiao rui
Public Channel Monkey_public
Website The Monkey Portal
Executor SpaceMonkey Holding
Members Aggressive Narcissists
All Inclusive
Bath Salts Made Me Do It
Contra Operative Knights
Create the Bubble
Crimson Phalanx
Dropbears with Kebabs
DucKtape Unlimited
Eternal Darkness.
Eye Of Insight
Fearless Bandits
Fyght Club
Intergalactic Research Federation
Jsr1 Space Research
Love the Bubble
MOnkey Hugs
Next Chapter For New Adventures
Odyssey Inc
Red Galaxy
River's Titan Alt Corp
Shadow State
Shattered Star Exiles
Sons of The Forge
Soul Snatchers
SpaceMonkey's Mafia
SpaceMonkey's Operations
Stoitschev Industries
Sundown Industries
Sundown Logistics
Terra Rosa Militia
The Eminence Front
The Studmuffin's

About our Alliance

The Space Monkey Alliance is a null sec alliance that that is part of the CFC. While our main focus is PvP, we do appreciate those pilots that consider themselves to be “Industrials with Teeth.” We monkeys are about enjoying the game and understand that it is just that. We work hard and we play hard as we move towards the goal of maintaining sovereignty and becoming a solid presence within the Eve Universe. We are currently considering both Indy and PvP corporations with a desire to expand their horizons in both Empire and Null Space.

We are not

SMA is not a place for greedy players to suck up all the resources and not put anything in to the Alliance in return. It is a group effort for us to stay in Null sec and only as a group unified with common goals can we flourish. Corps demonstrating selfish behavior will be subject to progressive discipline including expulsion & heavy trolling. Don't be -that- guy and if you are -that- guy... move along.

Join the in Game Channel “Monkey_Public” to talk to a Recruiter or Alliance Diplo.

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