Skill training

“Got anything in Starship Command?”
“As a matter of fact, we do,” the charming Kadoran woman said. “We have books on Amarr cruisers or frigates, and even a course on Gallentean frigates. Any of those interest you?”
Nogazan’s brow furrowed. “No, I was looking for something a little more exotic, a little more powerful. I have big plans, you see.”
The Kadoran nodded. “I see,” she said in a lowered voice. “Perhaps you’ll be wanting to step up to the Heavy Assault Cruiser class, then.” Nogazan’s smile broadened.
“Now you’re talking!”


Training skills

EVE has a unique approach to pilot advancement. Your account has the ability to train one or more pilots at a time no matter whether you're online or not. If you start a training a skill before you go to sleep, it will continue its advancement in real time while you are sleeping. Keep in mind that only one pilot can be training one skill at a time.

For info on how to train more than one character, please refer to Multiple Character Training.

To start training a skill, select the Character sheet from the Neocom, right click on the skill you want to train and choose to train now.

Skill Points and Skill Rank

The skill points associated with a given skill is the total amount that skill will take to train to that particular rank. Your attributes will determine how many skill points per minute your pilot trains. A skill's rank is simply an indicator of how difficult it is to train - that is, how many points it will require to reach each level. For instance, a rank 1 skill has the following skill points per level:

  • level 1 - 250
  • level 2 - 1415
  • level 3 - 8000
  • level 4 - 45255
  • level 5 - 256000

For a rank 2 skill, these numbers are multiplied by 2; for a rank 3 skill, they're multiplied by 3; and so on. A skill's rank never changes. When looking at the skills in your character sheet, the rank is indicated by a number in parentheses such as Combat Drone Operation (2x). The Rank of a skill can also be seen on a skillbook prior to training the skill. Right-click on the skillbook, choos Show Info, click on the Attributes tab, and look at the Training Time Multiplier. Skill ranks currently range from 1 to 16.

The level of a particular skill does change, and indicates how far you have trained it. All skills have a maximum of five levels. The bonus or ability of a skill is not applied until you have finished training a complete level; there are no partial bonuses for having trained partway towards the next level.

If you are podded, and your skillpoints have surpassed the amount that your clone covers, then skill points may be subtracted from your character sheet. You will get an evemail notifying you of this. It is very smart to keep an updated clone covering all your skill points to avoid this penalty. When you lose these skillpoints, you may lose valuable levels of skills that you will have to relearn. The rule to go by is to never fly without an updated clone.

Training Time

Your attributes govern the time needed to train a skill level. Each skill's Attributes tab under Show Info displays which attributes it utilizes.

The basic formula looks something like this:

Points per minute = (primary attribute + secondary attribute/2)

where "primary" and "secondary" attributes are the attribute values used by the skill being trained.

A skill's training time can be adjusted by modifying your attributes through Neural Remapping and by plugging in +attribute implants.

The "Time Remaining" Display

The time remaining to complete training a skill's level is calculated on the client - your computer - and is an indicator of how much time is left to complete training a skill. It is not a value that is guaranteed to be correct because this indicator is handled by the client. If there are any problems with lag, character sheet displays, etc., this display may show abnormal values. They are usually corrected when you do something to refresh the character sheet, such as switching to another skill. Seeing odd time values in this display does not indicate that any time has been or is being lost in your training. It simply means that the "time remaining" estimate had started using incorrect values, and has now refreshed itself.

Skill Training History

You can view your skill training history through the history tab on your character sheet under skills for skills learned up to a few weeks back in time.

Skill Training Queue

The skill training queue is a tool for players to manage either the training of shorter skills for a 24 hour period, or for managing the switch from one long skill that will end within the next 24 hours to the training of another longer skill, or a combination of the two.

Accessing the training queue

Access the skill training queue by clicking on the character sheet in the Neocom, then click on skills, and finally click on the Open Training Queue button in the upper right.

Training queue - 1.PNG

Adding Skills to the Training Queue

Skills are added to the skill training queue by dragging the skill from the left side of the window to the right side, or by clicking on the skill and clicking “Add”.

Training queue - 2.PNG

The skill will be added to the end of your queue.

Training queue - 3.PNG

Just repeat the process to add more skills to the queue. If you wish to add another level of the same skill, simply drag it to the right hand side again. This will allow you to train a skill in succession from level 1, level 2, and so on.

Training queue - 4.PNG

Once you are done setting up your skill training queue, click "Apply" and skill training will begin.

Adding skill books to the training queue

You can add a skill book directly to your training queue simply by dragging the skill book over the right side of the training queue window like any other skill. If your queue is full, the skill will be added to your skill list with zero skill points so you can start training it at a later point in time. You can also right click on a skill book and choose “Inject Skill”. Injecting the skill will simply add the skill at level 0 to your skill list for training at a later time. This is beneficial so that you do not lose the skill book and do not have to carry it around with you. Note that you can only inject skills that you meet the training prerequisites for.

Skill training information

On your character sheet, the skill categories which have skills in the queue are marked as such. The category which has the skill that is currently being trained is marked in yellow. Skill levels that are in the training queue waiting to be trained are marked with a blue box.

Trianing queue - 5.PNG

Training Queue Restrictions

  • You may at most have 50 skills queued up for training at any given time.