Serpentis Hideaway

Anomaly Details
Serpentis Hideaway
Type Cosmic Anomaly
Security Highsec
Known Regions Essence, Sinq Laison, Placid
Pirate type Serpentis
Pirate Detection Array
Lvl 1  ??
Lvl 2  ??
Lvl 3  ??
Lvl 4  ??
Lvl 5  ??

Serpentis Hideaway is a Class 1 Level 1 Cosmic anomaly commonly found in high security space occupied by the Serpentis Pirate Faction. The anomaly site itself is a small open location (no Acceleration gate) which may contain various structures and Asteroids. It has multiple spawns, each new spawn triggered with the destruction of the previous spawn.

The names and amount of ships listed may vary. All NPC ship spawns will be Frigate class only. There are currently 2 different versions of this anomaly.


Version #1

"Patrol leader to HQ. Our position has been compromised, send immediate reinforcements!"
Initial Defenders
2 x (Frigate) Coreli Initiate/Scout
"You will regret that!"
Wave 2
2 x (Frigate) Coreli Spy
"Squad Leader to base, we have arrived at the observation post and are engaging hostiles now!"
Wave 3
2 x (Frigate) Coreli Initiate/Scout
"Damn it! We're to late, kill the interloper or the Commander will have our heads!"
Wave 4
3 x (Frigate) Coreli Spy
"The reconnaissance Commander warps in, looking to set things straight himself."
Bonus Wave
1 x (Frigate) Shadow Serpentis Agent

1 x Forward Observation Post

Version #2

Warp in
Initial Spawn
1 x Coreli Scout (Frigate)

Message in Local Chat Channel after destroying NPC

"More hostiles arrive at the site!"
Second Spawn
2 x Coreli Initiate (Frigate)

Message in Local Chat Channel

"Squadron Commander: Recon Squad returning to base as per orders."
Third Spawn
3 x Coreli Spy (Frigate)

Message in Local Chat Channel

"Another group of ships answers the site's distress call."
Fourth Spawn
1-2 x Coreli Safeguard (Frigate)

Message in Local Chat Channel (Bonus)

"Site Commander: What the hell is going on here!"
Bonus Spawn
1 x Shadow Serpentis Agent (Commander Frigate)

Area Structures and Asteroids

Version #1

1x Forward Observation Post

Version #2

1x Serpentis Lookout
1x Serpentis Wall
1x Serpentis Bunker

11 x Veldspar Asteroids


The Shadow Serpentis Commander NPC may spawn at the last stage. This anomaly may escalate to Serpentis Narcotic Warehouses located in low security with this pop up message.

"Your scanner has picked up a transmission originating from a nearby system. It would be wise to investigate this mysterious signal further."

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