Serpentis Watch

Complex Details
Serpentis Watch
Signature Strength 5.0% (high)
Type Unknown
DED rating Unrated
Security Highsec
Known Regions Essence, Sinq Laison, Placid, Everyshore
Pirate type Serpentis

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The Serpentis Watch is a Cosmic Signature of the Unrated Complex type, occupied by the Serpentis pirate faction. It can be found via exploration by probing in Highsec systems. For location details see Pirate Faction Occupancy Chart.

The site consists of a volume of space with an acceleration gate and contains various structures and their defending pirates. Using the gate allows access to other areas within the site. When attacked, the defenders may send multiple waves of reinforcements. Each group's appearance is triggered by the destruction of members of the previous group. The names and amount of ships listed may vary slightly, but will always be of Battlecruiser class or smaller.

This site's acceleration gate allows only Battlecruiser class ships or lower and their Tech 2 equivalents to enter the site.

Warp in message:

"Previous explorers have commented that one of the gates requires a passkey. Alternatively, it can be bypassed by convincing the commander to unlock it. The overseer guards the Starbase Control Tower vigorously."

Pocket 1

All waves in first room
Initial Defenders
5-7 x (Destroyer) Corelior Artillery/Infantry/Soldier/Trooper
6-8 x (Cruiser) Corelum Chief Patroller/Chief Watchman (Tracking Disruption)
1 x (Cruiser) Corelum Scout (Corelum Chief Sentinel) (Trigger Wave 2)
Wave 2 (Triggered by attacking Corelum Scout)
"As it's attacked, the Corelum Scout immediately calls for backup." - in Local
1-2 x (Elite Frigate) Coreli Guardian Patroller/Watchman (Tracking Disruption)
? x (Cruiser) Corelum Chief Infantry/Chief Sentinel
? x (Cruiser) Corelum Chief Safeguard (Tracking Disruption)
6-8 total cruisers
1 x (Cruiser) Corelum Scout (Corelum Chief Sentinel) (Trigger Wave 3)
Wave 3 (Triggered by attacking Corelum Scout)
"As it's attacked, the Corelum Scout immediately calls for backup." - in Local
5-6 x (Destroyer) Corelior Artillery/Infantry/Sentinel/Trooper
4-6 x (Cruiser) Corelum Chief Defender/Chief Protector
1 x (Cruiser) Corelum Scout (Corelum Chief Sentinel) (Trigger Wave 4)
Wave 4 (Triggered by attacking Corelum Scout)
(Going close to the acceleration gate triggers an alarm and after about 5 seconds this wave spawns allowing you to skip wave 2 and 3)
"Militant Commander: What goes on here? I leave for a few minutes, and all hell breaks loose! Have you no pride, you worthless louts? I supposed I'll have to take care of this little 'problem' myself ... AGAIN!" - in Local
4-5 x (Cruiser) Militant Commander's Escorter (Corelum Chief Defender/Chief Protector)
1 x (Battlecruiser Commander) Corelum Militant Commander (Corelatis Squad Leader)
"Something clicks in the gate once the Militant Commander has been destroyed." - in Local
1 x Acceleration Gate (Leads to Room 2) (Unlocked by destroying Corelum Militant Commander or consuming a Serpentis Silver Tag)

Pocket 2

The first wave

"Someone triggered an alarm near the acceleration gate." - in Local

Initial Defenders
2-3 x (Frigate) Coreli Guard/Protector
2-3 x (Destroyer) Corelior Soldier/Trooper
Tower Wave (Triggered by attacking Starbase Control Tower) (Will not spawn if Gate Wave is already destroyed)
"Smuggler Gate Operator: Intruders! Defend the gate!" - in Local
"A distress signal is sent when the Starbase Control Tower is attacked! Hostile reinforcements are incoming!" - in Local
"A group of Core activists have jumped through the stargate to defend the Starbase Control Tower!" - in Local
4 x (Destroyer) Corelior Artillery/Sentinel/Soldier/Trooper
3-4 x (Cruiser) Corelum Chief Scout/Chief Spy
4 x (Cruiser) Core Gate Guardian (Corelum Chief Scout/Chief Spy)
Please note: References to the "Overseer" in this complex may have been changed to "Supervisor" to eliminate some confusion about whether the ship carries Overseer's Personal Effects. -It does not.-
Gate Wave (Triggered by attacking Smuggler's Gate)
"Core Militant Overseer: Imbeciles. I'm surrounded by imbeciles. I spent a fortune on this place and you can't even defend it from some rag-tag outsiders. Pfft! I deal with you all after I mob the floor with these pests." - in Local
"The overseer has come to defend the stargate. Prepare for a fight." - in Local
Group 1 (near stargate)
7 x (Destroyer) Corelior Sentinel/Trooper
7 x (Cruiser) Corelum Chief Sentinel
3-5 x (Elite Frigate) Overseer's Henchman (Coreli Guardian Guard/Safeguard)
2-4 x (Cruiser) Overseer's Guardian (Corelum Chief Defender/Chief Protector) (Trigger Commander Wave)
1 x (Battlecruiser Commander) Core Militant Overseer (Corelatis Squad Leader/Wing Leader) (Trigger for possible Escalation) also removes the site from list of signatures
Both the Tower Wave, Commander Wave and Gate Wave
Group 2 (30-50km)
3 x (Destroyer) Corelior Sentinel/Soldier/Trooper
3 x (Cruiser) Corelum Chief Infantry
Group 3 (30-50km)
3 x (Destroyer) Corelior Sentinel/Soldier/Trooper
3 x (Cruiser) Corelum Chief Infantry
Group 4 (30-50km)
3 x (Destroyer) Corelior Sentinel/Soldier/Trooper
3 x (Cruiser) Corelum Chief Infantry
Commander Wave (Triggered by destroying Overseer's Guardians)
2 x (Cruiser) Corelum Chief Protector
0-1 x (Frigate Commander) Shadow Serpentis Guard (may drop Faction Modules)
1 x Starbase Control Tower (Attacking triggers Tower Wave)
1 x Smuggler Gate (Attacking triggers Gate Wave) (contains 50 x Metal Scraps)


The bounties on the heads of the pirates in this anomaly add up to a total of approximately 4,300,000 ISK, payable by CONCORD.


Destroying the Core Militant Overseer may cause an escalation to the expedition known as "Jet-Set Hooligans", with the following message:

"As the dust disperses, you receive a transmission from someone claiming to have had some rather intimite relations with your sister and that he is waiting for you a few jumps away, to see what you are going to do about it. Despite the fact that you have no sister that you know of and the guy sounds like he has been drinking more than just Quafe, you feel a certain temptation to go and see what this is all about."

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