Serpentis Forlorn Rally Point

Anomaly Details
Serpentis Forlorn Rally Point
Type Cosmic Anomaly
Security Lowsec, Nullsec
Known Regions Essense
Pirate type Serpentis Corporation
Pirate Detection Array
Lvl 1  ??
Lvl 2  ??
Lvl 3  ??
Lvl 4  ??
Lvl 5  ??

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The Serpentis Forlorn Rally Point is a Class 6, Level 4 Cosmic Anomaly occupied by the Serpentis pirate faction. It can be found via exploration in Lowsec and Nullsec systems. For location details see Pirate Faction Occupancy Chart.

The site consists of a volume of space with no acceleration gate and contains various structures and their defending pirates. When attacked, the defenders may send multiple waves of reinforcements. Each group's appearance is triggered by the destruction of members of the previous group. The names and amount of ships listed may vary slightly, but will always be of Battleship class or smaller.

Warp-in Message:

"The Serpentis Corporation was founded a few decades ago by V. Salvador Sarpati. At first, it was engaged in hi-tech research, but with time its ties to the underworld grew, and Serpentis research stations scattered around in remote areas became notorious pirate havens. Sarpati made a deal with the Angel Cartel early on to provide protection for his stations, and this duty was eventually taken on by the Guardian Angels. Both sides have prospered enormously from this deal - Serpentis can operate in peace, and the Angel Cartel gets access to the illegal research efforts of the Serpentis conglomerate. It is strongly believed that Serpentis is the main developer and manufacturer of illegal neural boosters, especially since Sarpati's father was a renowned specialist in that field. The home of Serpentis is in the Phoenix constellation in the Fountain region."
Initial Defenders (Found near the Asteroid Mining Post)
6 x (Destroyer) Corelior Cannoneer/Sentinel
4 x (Cruiser) Corelum Chief Protector (Trigger Wave 2)
Wave 2
3 x (Cruiser) Corelum Chief Sentinel
6 x (Battlecruiser) Corelatis Platoon Leader (Trigger Wave 3)
4 x (Battleship) Core Port Admiral/Rear Admiral
Wave 3
4 x (Cruiser) Corelum Chief Sentinel
5 x (Battlecruiser) Corelatis Captain Sentry (Trigger Wave 4)
2 x (Battleship) Core Flotilla Admiral/Vice Admiral (Sensor Dampening)
Wave 4
4 x (Cruiser) Corelum Guardian Chief Defender (Trigger Wave 5)
6 x (Battlecruiser) Corelatis Captain Sentry
4 x (Battleship) Core Admiral
Wave 5
4 x (Cruiser) Corelum Guardian Chief Sentinel
4 x (Battleship) Core Admiral/High Admiral
Wave ? (Trigger ?)
0-1 x (Cruiser Commander) Shadow Serpentis Guardian Chief Defender (wreck may contain faction cruiser modules and mid-grade Snake implant)
1 x Asteroid Mining Post
1 x Asteroid Colony - Medium Size
1 x Asteroid Colony - Refinery
1 x Asteroid Colony - Wedge Shape
1 x Asteroid Station - Dark and Spiky
1 x Astro Farm
20 x Veldspar


Total bounty payout for the pirates in this site are approximately ? (probably 12,000,000-25,000,000) ISK.


It is not certain whether this anomaly will escalate to DED Complex or what the trigger for the escalation may be.

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