Sansha Prison Camp

Complex Details
Sansha Prison Camp
Signature Strength 2.5%
Type Unknown
DED rating 8/10
Security 0.0
Known Regions Providence, Catch, Stain, Esoteria, Paragon Soul
Pirate type Sansha's Nation

Sansha Prison Camp is a DED 8/10 ranked complex found in 0.0 space. You may also receive it as an escalation from Sansha Hub.

Basic overview

4 rooms, the third containing a True Sansha spawn, and the last room has a sentry which has a chance to drop Centus B-type loot and a Nightmare BPC. The final boss sentry also drops a 21st Tier Overseer's Personal Effects. The complex is easy to tank with a battleship and a logistics ship. Approximately 1600 DPS is required to break the final sentry tank.

Overall this complex is good money for smaller groups.

Like all Sanshas, the ships in this complex do EM and thermal damage.

-Gate before you enter first room-

Spawn Details

On entering the first room you are faced with 3 groups, each of which contains 1-2 battleships and 3-4 frigates.

The gate to the next room is around 40k away. (25k away 10/2014)

Second room -

This room contains around 5 groups, consisting of frigates, cruisers and battleships. When I went through the numbers were 7 battleships, 6-7 cruisers and around 15-20 frigates. Again the gate is around 40k away.

Third room -

A little harder this time, containing around 7 groups which totals roughly 7-8 battleships, one of which will be a True Sansha, approximately 15 cruisers and 15-20 frigates. The gate is around 35k from warp in.

Fourth room -

The hardest of all the rooms. This room contains 4 stasis towers, 4 sentry's (which do a lot of damage), a sansha bastion that is actually a sentry symbol in the overview (this bastion also webs at 50km). As for the rats there is approximately 10 Battleships, 15 cruisers and around 20 frigates, around 7 of them which are elite frigate with a good chance to web and scram.

As the original op has indicated the Sansha Bastion repairs itself at around 1600 DPS so you will need a friend or two with you. On killing the bastion, 21st overseers effects will be dropped with the possibility of True Sansha and/or Centus B-Type modules or a Nightmare BPC.

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