Sansha Military Operations Complex

Complex Details
Sansha Military Operations Complex
Signature Strength  ?
Type Unknown
DED rating 7/10
Security 0.0
Known Regions Catch, Esoteria, Feythabolis, Impass, Paragon Soul, Providence, Stain
Pirate type Sansha's Nation

"Despite the resource drain of their recent incursions throughout traveled space, Sansha’s Nation has maintained a military presence in deadspace pockets. One favored Sansha strategy is to hide outposts behind isolated or abandoned Amarr stations. All Sansha communications are then encrypted with an adaptive security key and hidden in pre-recorded Amarr chatter.
The complex security is dependent upon the True Sansha Archduke, a vessel containing a physical network of True Slaves that serve as a living security key for their network. Eliminating the Archduke will render all Nation assets inoperable."

1st room

8 (battleships)
9 (cruisers)/(battlecruisers)
13 (frigates)/(destroyers)

Next gate at 25km

2nd room

9 (battleships)
10 (cruisers)/(battlecruisers)
11 (frigates)/(destroyers)

Next gate at 25km

3rd room

"The next deadspace pocket contains a heavy concentration of outbound communication signals, making it easier to detect the Nation signal in the carrier wave. This Nation code, however, uses an adaptive 1024 kilobit lattice key: It will be quicker, and simpler, to eliminate the Archduke than to try decoding the signal."
1 True Sansha Slaughterer (cruiser)
9 (battleships)
11 (cruisers)/(battlecruisers)
12 (frigates)/(destroyers)

Next gate at 35km

4th room

1 True Sansha battleship
7 (battleships)
13 (cruisers)/(battlecruisers)
12 (frigates)/(destroyers)

Next gate at 30km

5th room

11 (battleships)
11 (cruisers)/(battlecruisers)
16 (frigates)/(destroyers)
1 (stasis tower)
1 True Sansha battleship (immune to EWAR, drops 20th Tier Overseer's Personal Effects, may drop True Sansha or Centii C-Type Modules.)
"The Archduke is eliminated. In approximately 18 seconds, the Nation security key will attempt to cycle and the Nation signal will be rendered into junk data.
Now let’s see if the Archduke dropped anything fun in its wreck."

Note: Value of the complex depends on the dropped faction items. No elite frigates have been spotted - it is possible to warp out any time if needed.

Note: Soloed in an ishtar, even the last room.

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