Sansha Hideaway

Anomaly Details
Sansha Hideaway
Type Cosmic Anomaly
Security 1.0 - 0.5
Known Regions Devoid, Derelik, Domain, Tash-Murkon
Pirate type Sansha's Nation
Pirate Detection Array
Lvl 1  ??
Lvl 2  ??
Lvl 3  ??
Lvl 4  ??
Lvl 5  ??

The Sansha Hideaway is considered the least difficult cosmic anomaly associated with Sansha's Nation. It is commonly found in high security space in regions infested by members of the nation. The anomaly consists of one region of space with multiple spawns triggered by the destruction of the previous spawn.

Initial Spawn
1-2 x Centii Minion/Servant (frigate)
Second Spawn - "More hostiles arrive at the site."
1-2 x Centii Ravener/Scavenger (frigate)
Third Spawn - "Squadron Commander: Recon squad returning to base as per orders."
2-3 x Centii Minion/Servant (frigate)
Fourth Spawn - "Another group of ships answers the site's distress call."
Version 1: 1-2 x Centi Enslaver/Plague (frigate)
Version 2: 2-3 x Centi Ravener/Scavenger (frigate)
Version 1: 1 x Sansha Wall, Sansha Bunker, Sansha Lookout
Version 2: 1 x Forward Observation Post


Has a 7.5% chance to spawn True Sansha Commander. Possible escalation to Sansha's Command Relay Outpost:

"Your scanner has picked up a transmission originating from a nearby system. It would be wise to investigate this mysterious signal further."


The bounties on the heads of the pirates in this anomaly add up to a total of approximately 50,000 ISK, payable by CONCORD.

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