Safe logoff

Safe Logoff

If you are not doing anything dangerous, you can opt to "Log Off Safely". This will give you a big on-screen timer showing you how long until you log out. When the timer runs out, your ship is immediately removed from space and you are informed that you successfully logged out.

The safe log off is accessed through the options menu:

Log off safely button.jpg

If there is nothing that is stopping you from initiation the safe log off, you then go back to the game and see a screen similar to this:

Log off safe timer.png

The Safe Log Off timer lasts for 30 seconds.

You will also notice here that there is a button marked "Abort Logoff". If, while you're in the process of logging off, you see someone flying over to end your ship's meager existence, you can abort the process and defend yourself. This should ensure that you will never die because you logged out a minute too soon and got podded while the client was closed.

You cannot be safely logging off while:

  • You have active modules
  • You are ejecting from a ship
  • You have aggression from players or NPCs
  • Your ship is exploding or self-destructing
  • You are issuing movement commands
  • You are launching or jettisoning objects
  • You are joining a fleet
  • You are deploying or reconnecting with drones
  • You have a target lock or are targeted
  • You are warping
  • You are decloaking

You cannot initiate a safe logoff while any of these things are happening, and if they happen once the countdown is running, it will be aborted.

An alert tells you just what it is that is stopping the safe log off:

Log off safely error.jpg

But if you successfully log off, the message you will receive is:

Log off safely done.jpg