Complex Details
Signature Strength 5.0%
Type Unknown
DED rating Unrated
Security Lowsec
Known Regions Aridia, Placid, Genesis, Sinq Laison, The Bleak Lands, Derelik, Molden Heath, Essence
Pirate type Drones

Ruins is a combat exploration site that is found in low security space. It is a destroyed station infested with rogue drones ranging in size from frigates to battleship.

Room 1

Note: It might need you some moving around, probably towards station, to spawn rats.

Defenders (no agro on warp-in)

There are two groups of rats on warp in. The closer group consists of 6 frigates, 5 cruisers, and 3 battleships. Once this entire group is dead, 4 more frigates spawn.

The farther group is over 50 km away, and consists of 8 Silverfish and Strain Render Alvi. After you killed this group several further spawns appear: 1BS + 3 Frig, later on 3 BS and 4 frigs with some cruisers. One of the Cruiser is named. When you shoot at this named cruiser a new wave of about 4 frigs will appear. After killed the named cruiser the mission may escalate (it did in my case 4 jumps away).

1 x Drone Post - No loot
1 x Drone Infestation Station Ruins - No loot

This site has a chance of giving the Menacing Mechanics expedition once all drones are destroyed.

If you receive the escalation the following message will appear:

"This drone operation was so small that it could hardly be called a "hive", there were no substantial assembly plants or other major factories here. It looked more like a maintenance station, something that does not rhyme with what you have heard about drones and how they operate, as they usually are confined to self sufficient hives and perhaps operating small resource gathering satellite ops. But a drone maintenance station, servicing several other hives or passersby is almost unheard of. After scanning through the remaining debris, your instruments gather some service logs, further supporting the idea this was an open maintenance station. Most of the serviced ships seem to have been standard drone vessels, but you can also see some entries naming ships used by humans, even though it does not say anything about who was flying them. Some of the log entries contain extra notes on these customers and among them you find something that looks like coordinates in a system not too far away."

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