Ruined Guristas Temple Site

Cosmic Signature Details
Ruined Guristas Temple Site
Signature Strength 5.0%
Type Magnetometric
Equipment needed Salvager, Analyzer
Security 0.0
Known Regions Branch Tribute Vale of the Silent Geminate
Pirate type Guristas Pirates

Various containers are available in this site, in differing numbers and types depending on the particular encounter. The archaeology containers can be any of the following:

  • Guristas Derelict (requires salvager)
  • Guristas Remains (requires analyzer)
  • Guristas Ruins (requires analyzer)
  • Guristas Hulk (requires salvager)

6 Battleships, 2 BCs on warp-in. 2 extra BCs may spawn on successful access to a container.

The site usually drops somewhere between 10 and 60 million isk worth of salvage and datacores plus about 6 million in bounties.

Ruined Guristas Temple Site.jpg

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