Rogue Trial Yard

Complex Details
Rogue Trial Yard
Signature Strength 20.0%
Type Unknown
DED rating Unrated
Security Lowsec
Known Regions Aridia, Domain, Kador, The Bleak Lands, The Forge, Placid, Genesis
Pirate type Rogue Drones

The Rogue Trial Yard is a deadspace combat site infested by Rogue Drones. This particular site is found in low security space; although, drone sites may be found throughout New Eden. For location details see Pirate Faction Occupancy Chart.

Warp in message:

"Little is known about rogue drones except that they are aggresive and highly territorial."

Pocket 1

Initial Group

3x (Frigate) Digger Drone
2x (Frigate) Harvester Drone
3x (Cruiser) Devastator Alvum

Wave 2 (trigger: 5000m distance from Spatial Rift)

2x (Frigate) Hunter Alvi
2x (Elite Frigate) Strain Silverfish Alvi
6x (Cruiser) Assault Drone Alvi

Access the next pocket by jumping through the Spatial Rift, just as you would an acceleration gate. This gate isn't locked, so the first pocket can be bypassed quickly.

Pocket 2

4x (Frigate) Sunder Drone
5x (Frigate) Harvester Drone
3x (Cruiser) Marauder Drone (may be a Destroyer?)

Wave 2 (trigger ?)

2x (Elite Cruiser) Strain Annihilator Alvum
2x (Battlecruiser) Enforcer Alvatis

Wave 3 (Destroying the last of the Harvester and Sunder drones in the first wave triggers this wave.)

1x (Cruiser) Violator Alvum
1x (Commander Cruiser) Sentient Annihilator Alvum (may produce Tech 2 salvage)

Wave 4 (trigger ?)

3x (Cruiser) Crippler Alvum (may be a Destroyer?)

Accessible Containers

5x Container with blast marks (may contain nothing)


Killing the Sentient Drone may start the escalation chain Moving Day.

"Mid fight you noticed a transport ship coming in from warp accompanied by a few drone escorts and after some targeted scans your instruments get a suspicious reading along their incoming warp trajectory. "

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