Recon (3 of 3) Level 4

Recon (3 of 3) - N/A

Mission Description

The next area you'll be scouting is known to be filled with hazardous gas clouds and radioactive materials. It used to be a waste dump for the {Faction Name}, but it also contains no mineral wealth at all so it's not a popular attraction for gold diggers fortunately.

I know there is still an acceleration gate inside the area and I want you to make sure it's still functioning and doesn't send you straight into a deadly cloud. It's a dangerous job, but I'm not paying you for garbage hauling now am I. Get to it and report back to me with your findings!

Mission Information

Type : Combat

Location : Deadspace

Mission Level : 4

Part of a Mission Chain : < Yes

Mission Goal

Fly to the acceleration gate and then report back to you agent.

Tips and Help

Warp directly into a cloud and approach the Acceleration Gate located approximately 60km away. Activate it to complete the mission objective.

Toxic cloud waves deal omni damage and are incurred every 20 seconds. Every wave has 4 separate damage types, but you will only see one of them in the log. Total unresisted damage starts at about 500 raw damage with no shield/armor resists applied. For each successive wave, this base damage is increased by around 50-100 damage. A final giant toxic cloud will hit after about 10 waves (or about 3.5 mins). It deals 2000 raw damage with no shield/armor resists applied.


Additional Information About this Mission

  • Mission Bounties: N/A
  • Mission Reward: 101,000 ISK + 487 LP
  • Time Bonus: 134,000 ISK (44 minutes)
  • Mission Items: N/A
  • Structures: N/A
  • Mining: Pocket 2 contain veldspar, plagioclase, and pyroxeres astroids for mining
Please note: LP points, Rewards & Bonus received are dependent on your standings and social skills. The values shown here are based on the amalgamation of the character contributions.

Enemy Ships:

Best Damage Type to Use During Stage: N/A

Best Resistances to Have During Stage: Omni

Single pocket

No spawns.