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Complex Details
Signature Strength  ?
Type Unknown
DED rating Unrated
Security 0.0
Known Regions All
Pirate type Rogue Drones

A rogue drone complex. You will need a reasonably good tank to be able to complete this complex.

Room 1

~70km flight to the acceleration gate

Another spawn when you get within 37km of the gate

Upon killing these there is another spawn

Another spawn when you get within 8km of the gate or destroy previous Spawn

  • 7 cruisers, 3 Elite (Strain)

The Infested Station Ruin drops nothing .

Room 2

This is the final room.

  • 5 cruisers
  • 6 frigates (2 Tackler = Webber / Scram)
  • 3 cruise missile batteries
  • 4 heavy missile batteries

After you kill everything, look for two groups of (collidable object) leaking containers. The first group on the left doesn't trigger anything, but going near the second group spawns of mixed cruisers will appear ontop of the destroyed bunker.

Upon destruction of spawned cruisers more cruisers will spawn with addition of 5(?) drone battleships and 1 commander drone battleship.

Commander battleship drops drone components. Escalation is "Moulting Season"

Total Salvaging: < 3 Million ISK

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