Provisional Gurista Outpost

Complex Details
Provisional Gurista Outpost
Signature Strength 20.0%
Type Unknown
DED rating Unrated
Security Lowsec
Known Regions Black Rise,Lonetrek,The Citadel
Pirate type Guristas
Provisional Gurista Outpost (pocket 1)
Provisional Gurista Outpost (pocket 2)


General Info

The Provisional Guristas Outpost is a lowsec-specific combat site. It can be completed with ease in a moderately well fitted Battlcruiser. It is highly recommended to bring long range guns and a MWD due to the large distances involved in the site.

Pocket 1

Initial Spawn

1 Pithum Eraser 60km away.

2 Pithi Invader 110km away.

Second Spawn

Killing the cruiser spawns an additional 3 frigates which spawn about 150km away.

The gate to the next room is about 60km from your warp in point and all ships need to be destroyed to use it.

Pocket 2

Guristas Experimental Weapon Tower 150km away. This is your target and may trigger a faction spawn and/or escalation when destroyed. Note, it can be very hard to spot, but it will be in front of and slightly to the left of your warp in point and has a couple of bunkers and gun batteries next to it.

Initial Spawn

3 frigates 70km away

2nd Spawn

Shooting the frigates causing a spawn of: 1 Cruiser about 120km away. 1 Elite Cruiser also about 120m away.

3rd Spawn

Shooting the Tower causes a spawn of two more cruisers (or four frigates) near the tower itself.

4th Spawn

Shooting the tower activates the gun batteries which are heavy missile platforms.

5th Spawn

Destroying the tower spawns 4 more cruisers, along with a potential faction spawn, but quite far away again


Destroiyng the Tower can lead to the Gurista Surveillance Squad escalation

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