Project Trinity

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Division Details
Ticker MD
Leads Akasha Prime, Julianus Soter, Akihoshi
Archivists Unknown
Status Active
Channel AJ: MD
Research Wyke Mossari, Telecom Tina, Akihoshi, Gehen Sealbreaker, Rhavas, Razz Skyshatter, Mark726
Contributors Hilen Tukoss
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Study the affinity between the Sleeper Trinary Hub structure and the Jovian Trinary Data acquired from the wreckage of Admiral Ouria's in Stain region during August YC105.

The motivation for this is the recent reports of an example Trinary Data being present within the hull of Lianda Burreau's Helios. There may be a correlation, and this project wishes to investigate any possible relationship between the Jovians and Sleepers. It is considered that Lianda Burreau had a very good reason to be carrying this very rare and valuable item when entering Anoikis.

Another instance of Trinary Data and Jovian engineering is evident in the Neurowave Pattern Scanner, a device in the possession of the Servant Sisters of Eve. This device may be able to provide answers in the Geztic Shuttle Mystery, as well. One final bit of information suggests the relationship between Hilen Tukoss and Lianda Burreau may have involved Trinary Data Research.

This is supported by the fact that Caldari Navy has shown circumstantial evidence of Trinary Data knowledge, Ms. Burreau's possession, and the device owned by the Sisterhood, implicates direct knowledge of the Data by the Gallente. Making this secondhand knowledge, at best, for Arek'Jaalan. This makes the goal imperative.


Combat Reconnaissance: An armed task force will be dispatched to investigate and acquire data from a Trinary Hub facility, a Radar-class signature in class four wormhole space. Upon securing the Trinary Hub facility, the fleet will execute a deep data dump of all accessible datastreams from the facility, and compile detailed sensor analysis.

Alternating asymmetric trilinear decomposition for three-way data arrays analysis (AATLD): will be employed to generate comparative analysis between the Trinary Hub data signature and the Ouria Trinary Data. The algorithm combines the merit of Three-way Alternating Least Squares (Tri-ALS) and Alternating Trilinear Decomposition (ATLD). It retains the second-order advantage of quantification for analyte(s) of interest even in the presence of potentially unknown interferents. As an asymmetric trilinear decomposition, AATLD can perform well when three-way data arrays possess serious collinearity problem. Simulated and real high-performance liquid chromatography data arrays were used to demonstrate these advantages of the algorithm. In contrast with traditional PARAFAC, ATLD and Tri-ALS, the new proposed algorithm performs better when the data is highly collinear, e.g., the large condition number of the loading matrices A, B and C. Even with a heavily collinear simulated data set, it was found that the AATLD algorithm is faster than others in obtaining solutions with chemical meaning.

This unique methodology is required to penetrate the level of complexity present within both Sleeper and Jovian data architectures, to generate a meaningful comparison. The possibility of bio-chemical coding within both data sets further encourages adoption of the AATLD analysis.


Preliminary Report: Moira. Corporation researchers compiled a report ([[1]]) containing their studies of Trinary data in wormhole space, along with their initial conclusions. This report was submitted to Arek'jaalan leadership and has been recorded at Site One, the main Arek'Jaalan facility in Eram (System).

Associated Projects

The Wyr Alternative: Trinary Data Usage is the Sleeper Technology manifestation of this project. Project Trinity specifically uses advanced data analysis techniques to investigate a unique hypothesis. Namely, whether the Jovians are related to the Sleepers, or not. Because both projects have different hypotheses, and the AJ: MD project has its own unique methodology, the two projects remain separate at this time.

Data acquired during the combat reconnaissance phase of the project, however, will be transmitted to AJ: ST to further their own analysis.