Project Tesseract: Ore Samples Recovered

Please note: This page details current status of the Isogen-containing ore from fields with A0 and O1 Blue stars related to the Arek'Jaalan Initiative; Multidisciplinary Division's Project Tesseract.
System Security Star Type Priority Shattered? Constellation Region Agent Status
Pahineh 0.8 A0 Mayonhen Aridia Dry
Rohamaa 0.5 A0 Aokinen Black Rise No Isogen Ore
Teimo 0.3 A0 Okakuola Black Rise Guillome Renard Delivered
Yishinoon 0.4 A0 Hevaka Derelik
Futzchag 0.2 A0 Mamouna Derelik
Sosan 0.3 A0 Jayai Devoid
Ohide 0.6 A0 Kisana Devoid Kronthar Lionkur Delivered
Knophtikoo 0.7 A0 Mulata Domain Kronthar Lionkur Delivered
Niarja 0.5 A0 Yekti Domain Kronthar Lionkur Delivered
Atlulle 0.4 A0 Arand Essence James Senior Delivered
Hulmate 0.4 A0 Balrille Essence Rauliq Noikiniggle Delivered
Caslemon 0.6 A0 Patrie Essence Rauliq Noikiniggle Delivered
Seyllin 0.4 A0 High Yes Thoulde Essence Rauliq Noikiniggle Delivered
Aydoteaux 0.7 A0 Elalan Everyshore Ms Lynn Delivered
Jaschercis 0.6 A0 Ysiette Everyshore Ms Lynn Delivered
Endrulf 0.6 A0 Evannater Heimatar Shaera Taam Delivered
Vard 0.4 A0 Hed Heimatar
Jakri 0.5 A0 Araz Kador Eybium Delivered
Koona 0.5 A0 Araz Kador Eybium Delivered
Munory 0.5 A0 Araz Kador Eybium Delivered
Askonak 0.7 A0 Febihkin Kador Eybium Delivered
Miah 0.6 A0 Parrosa Kador Eybium Delivered
Geztic 0.7 A0 Med Finaka Khanid Gejaheline Delivered
Jinkah 0.8 A0 Nimedaz Kor-Azor Dry
Kino 0.7 A0 Haurala Lonetrek Kelon Darklight Delievered (Mercium/Lyavite)
Elonaya 0.7 A0 Minnen Lonetrek
Egmar 0.3 A0 Angils Metropolis
Barkrik 0.6 A0 Med Ani Metropolis Aethlyn Delivered
Turnur 0.4 A0 Eugidi Metropolis
Polstodur 0.8 A0 Frar Metropolis Aethlyn Dry
Aderkan 0.6 A0 Frar Metropolis Aethlyn Delivered
Krirald 0.2 A0 Fribrodi Metropolis Borascus Delivered
Varigne 0.6 A0 Besateoden Molden Heath Thoroaster Delivered
Weld 0.3 A0 Elfrard Molden Heath
Osvetur 0.2 A0 Eoldulf Molden Heath
Oddelulf 0.4 A0 Fittakan Molden Heath
Hrokkur 0.3 A0 Tartatven Molden Heath
Alsavoinon 0.3 A0 Amevync Placid
Rancer 0.4 A0 Aeman Sinq Laison James Senior Delivered
Stetille 0.9 A0 Agiesseson Sinq Laison Dry
Misneden 0.5 A0 Firille Sinq Laison James Senior Collected
Carrou 0.4 A0 Gallente Border Zone Sinq Laison Aechpee Collected
Ala 0.5 A0 Spaen Sinq Laison Eybium Delivered
Stegette 0.5 A0 Stion Sinq Laison Eybium Delivered
Archee 0.4 A0 Wyllequet Sinq Laison Aechpee Delivered
Mimime 0.8 A0 Damadil Tash-Murkon Dry
Jarzalad 0.6 A0 Somi Tash-Murkon Aechpee Delivered
Hentogaira 0.6 A0 Etsala The Forge Kelon Darklight Delivered (Lyavite)
Outuni 0.7 A0 Ihilakken The Forge Kelon Darklight Delivered (Mercium)
Vattuolen 0.7 A0 Otsabaira The Forge Jikane Ronuken No Isogen Ore
Ahtulaima 0.6 A0 Ruomo The Forge Jikane Ronuken No Isogen Ore
Vaere 0.8 A0 Anwyns Verge Vendor Dry
Gisleres 0.8 A0 Kiartanne Verge Vendor Dry
Eletta 0.9 A0 Obray Verge Vendor Dry
O94U-A 0.0 A0 XPBM-F Branch
4S0-NP 0.0 A0 Y-JSM8 Cache
I-2705 0.0 A0 Y-JSM8 Cache
MB-NKE 0.0 A0 JZV-O6 Catch
EX6-AO 0.0 A0 U-JTBT Catch
HY-RWO 0.0 A0 UX3-N2 Catch
OGL8-Q 0.0 A0 XR9-LP Catch
5E-EZC 0.0 A0 HNZF-Z Cobalt Edge
G-0Q86 0.0 A0 Hale Curse
CL-1JE 0.0 A0 Hale Curse
V7D-JD 0.0 A0 Paradise Curse
O-2RNZ 0.0 A0 A21H-Z Deklein
N2IS-B 0.0 A0 RFY-QB Deklein
GY5-26 0.0 A0 RFY-QB Deklein
T-IPZB 0.0 A0 High Yes D5-SOW Delve Aechpee Collected
7G-QIG 0.0 A0 SG-CTQ Delve
0-HDC8 0.0 A0 W-4U1E Delve
O5Q7-U 0.0 A0 4SRW-B Detorid
SY-UWN 0.0 A0 HOV-VI Detorid
G3D-ZT 0.0 A0 PR-ACX Detorid
Z-2Y2Y 0.0 A0 T875-C Detorid
IR-FDV 0.0 A0 7ZRW-G Esoteria
DIBH-Q 0.0 A0 AJG-MV Esoteria
R-ARKN 0.0 A0 E-ILCH Esoteria
QBZO-R 0.0 A0 J-78ZG Etherium Reach
JAWX-R 0.0 A0 RDD-E6 Etherium Reach
FIO1-8 0.0 A0 7X-X1Y Fade
K4YZ-Y 0.0 A0 UWRZ-2 Fade
D6SK-L 0.0 A0 42-WDG Feythabolis
TSG-NO 0.0 A0 I-3ODK Feythabolis
M-CMLV 0.0 A0 JQA8-6 Feythabolis
LBGI-2 0.0 A0 Basilisk Fountain
CHA2-Q 0.0 A0 Satyr Fountain
9D6O-M 0.0 A0 Taurus Fountain
L-1SW8 0.0 A0 Unicorn Fountain
C-C99Z 0.0 A0 Wyvern Fountain
Y8R-XZ 0.0 A0 NK-AOZ Geminate
HJO-84 0.0 A0 V1G-63 Geminate
7Q-8Z2 0.0 A0 Q-PVMK Great Wildlands
SL-YBS 0.0 A0 High Yes V-4QJC Great Wildlands Aechpee Collected
DW-N2S 0.0 A0 4MY-AB Immensea
Z8-81T 0.0 A0 High Yes MY-QQI Immensea Ms Lynn Delivered
DY-P7Q 0.0 A0 MY-QQI Immensea
AF0-V5 0.0 A0 Q-IPAA Immensea
FN-DSR 0.0 A0 Y46-EN Immensea
NUG-OF 0.0 A0 05M-I1 Impass
4OIV-X 0.0 A0 5J-SSP Impass
GZ1-A1 0.0 A0 O6W-QE Impass
YALR-F 0.0 A0 ZYR-NF Impass
VD-8QY 0.0 A0 R-CL2W Insmother
8EF-58 0.0 A0 U-EUG7 Insmother
G-EURJ 0.0 A0 UR-HG4 Insmother
SHBF-V 0.0 A0 UR-HG4 Insmother
5IH-GL 0.0 A0 V2S-RH Insmother
863P-X 0.0 A0 MW49-U Malpais
7-UVMT 0.0 A0 3RU-10 Oasa
H-MHWF 0.0 A0 4ZXC-8 Oasa
LA2-KV 0.0 A0 S-Q02B Oasa
7-8EOE 0.0 A0 RL36-K Omist
2WU-XT 0.0 A0 6GU-AT Outer Passage
YC-ANK 0.0 A0 6GU-AT Outer Passage
9Z-XJN 0.0 A0 AGI1-F Outer Passage
V-SEE6 0.0 A0 IM-8S5 Outer Passage
TQ-RR8 0.0 A0 Crown Outer Ring
CT7-5V 0.0 A0 Regalia Outer Ring
3HQC-6 0.0 A0 High Yes Sword Outer Ring Ms Lynn Delivered
5-CSE3 0.0 A0 High 17K-QM Paragon Soul
G1D0-G 0.0 A0 GEP-XF Paragon Soul
TPAR-G 0.0 A0 N-39FI Period Basis
XU7-CH 0.0 A0 O5PO-O Perrigen Falls
C3I-D5 0.0 A0 TPB-KG Perrigen Falls
H6-CX8 0.0 A0 I9B-8X Providence
SI-I89 0.0 A0 I9B-8X Providence
ROIR-Y 0.0 A0 38G6-L Pure Blind
KQK1-2 0.0 A0 MDM8-J Pure Blind
H74-B0 0.0 A0 XLL-Z7 Querious
F-5FDA 0.0 A0 4YFT-F Scalding Pass
KP-FQ1 0.0 A0 Q4IG-S Stain
EAWE-2 0.0 A0 High Yes SB3-IH Stain Ms Lynn Delivered
I-3FET 0.0 A0 SB3-IH Stain
ZG8Q-N 0.0 A0 U7L-MQ Stain
UF-KKH 0.0 A0 Y-2D6Q Stain
U0V6-T 0.0 A0 59H-0G Syndicate
DUV-5Y 0.0 A0 6-V49K Syndicate
VV-VCR 0.0 A0 MK7-AO Syndicate Aechpee No Isogen Ore
35-RK9 0.0 A0 High Yes MK7-AO Syndicate Aechpee No Isogen Ore
57-YRU 0.0 A0 QS-FVH Syndicate
UFXF-C 0.0 A0 QS-FVH Syndicate
2-3Q2G 0.0 A0 1D-65L Tenal
NV-3KA 0.0 A0 9P57-V Tenal
ZD1-Z2 0.0 A0 CL-QB2 Tenerifis
JK-Q77 0.0 A0 ZQ7-QS Tenerifis
D-6PKO 0.0 A0 2O-VY7 The Kalevala Expanse
RAI-0E 0.0 A0 3NA-Z1 The Kalevala Expanse
BM-VYZ 0.0 A0 3NA-Z1 The Kalevala Expanse
JLH-FN 0.0 A0 4-0VL9 The Spire
B9EA-G 0.0 A0 Z6T6-B The Spire
PNDN-V 0.0 A0 014U-A Tribute
GIH-ZG 0.0 A0 03C-SU Tribute
QFF-O6 0.0 A0 W-XBGF Tribute
F-749O 0.0 A0 X-VN63 Tribute
VI2K-J 0.0 A0 0-8MWQ Vale of the Silent
Y0-BVN 0.0 A0 High BUG6-X Vale of the Silent
U54-1L 0.0 A0 U29-0S Vale of the Silent
KRUN-N 0.0 A0 Z-DO53 Vale of the Silent
9-R6GU 0.0 A0 1G-8KY Venal
H-PA29 0.0 A0 ST-0EZ Venal
Z0-TJW 0.0 A0 W9MQ-1 Venal
EK2-ET 0.0 A0 XHYS-O Venal
6ZJ-SC 0.0 A0 Y8HB-U Venal
U104-3 0.0 A0 DJ-XCW Wicked Creek
J164104 C3 Wormhole A0 High Yes C119 R12 Faulx, Nathan Jameson... Delivered
J115422 C5 Wormhole A0 High Yes C271 R27

O1 Stars

System Star Type Security Rating Constellation Region Priority Agent Status
Hoseen O1 0.1 Ombil Aridia
Nennamaila O1 0.3 Ishaga Black Rise
Kedama O1 0.3 Okakuola Black Rise
Aranir O1 0.2 Aguh Derelik
Faspera O1 0.1 Ananah Derelik
Moh O1 0.5 Sazdih Derelik
Arveyil O1 0.5 Enka Devoid
Ussad O1 0.2 Kabo Devoid
Bourar O1 0.4 Armi Domain
Mamenkhanar O1 0.7 Mulata Domain
Arera O1 0.6 Mulata Domain
Warouh O1 0.5 Nakid Domain
Arshat O1 0.6 Nashar Domain
Afivad O1 0.5 Qeti Domain
Dakba O1 0.7 Sosarir Domain Esna Pitoojee Pickup
Deninard O1 0.7 Balrille Essence
Palmon O1 0.4 Balrille Essence
Mannar O1 0.3 Marele Everyshore
Assez O1 0.4 Mih Genesis
Iderion O1 0.5 Mih Genesis
Angur O1 0.2 Monalaz Genesis
Rayeret O1 0.5 Favo Kador
Kothe O1 0.6 Trigentia Kador Chiiwa Delivered
Gidali O1 0.7 Amdimmah Khanid Morwen Legann Delivered
Ervekam O1 0.7 Finaka Khanid Morwen Legann Delivered
Saloti O1 0.7 Finaka Khanid Morwen Legann Delivered
Zatamaka O1 0.4 Comadu Kor-Azor
Zorenyen O1 0.1 Ravin Kor-Azor
Enal O1 0.4 Tendrara Kor-Azor
Arvasaras O1 0.5 Kaala Lonetrek
Eygfe O1 0.7 Ankard Metropolis
Uisper O1 0.4 Eugidi Metropolis Ms Lynn Collected
Teonusude O1 0.6 Fittakan Molden Heath
Brapelille O1 0.7 Wyllequet Sinq Laison
Gemodi O1 0.4 Emsek Tash-Murkon
Anjedin O1 0.5 Sanair Tash-Murkon Esna Pitoojee Pickup
Haras O1 0.3 Tandoiras The Bleak Lands
Otanuomi O1 0.4 Etsala The Forge

Collection Protocol

To collect a valid sample:

  • Select your target system and travel to it with a ship capable of mining asteroid ore (equipped with miners, strip miners, or mining drones.)
  • Locate any asteroid belt (Ice fields will not do) and find an asteroid containing Omber, Kernite, Hedbergite, Hemorphite, or Gneiss.
  • Mine a quantity equal to the ore's Units to Refine attribute. This is 500 for Omber, 400 for Kernite, 500 for Hedbergite, 500 for Hemorphite, and 400 for Gneiss.
  • Place the sample into a container (careful not to mix it with ores from other systems) and label the container with the name of the system the ore was collected in.
  • Transport the sample back to Eram (ideally), or failing that, any station in contiguous HighSec.
  • At your own discretion, choose another system and collect another sample.

Status Clarifications

Dry: No Isogen Ore exists here because the Security Level is too high (0.8+)

No Isogen Ore: No Isogen Ore exists here because this region does not have Isogen Ores at this security level (Caldari space, mainly.)

Collected: Ore has been collected, but has not been contracted to Aechpee; it may be containerized.

Pickup: Ore has been containerized and contracted to Aechpee, but is awaiting pickup and transport to Eram.

Deliver: Ore has been contracted to Aechpee and picked up, but has not made it to Eram yet.

Delivered: Ore has been transport to Eram and is awaiting contracting over to Project Tesseract personnel.