Project Electric Sheep


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Create and manipulate stable infomorphic instances of animal brain function.


Non-Destructive Scan: Develop nanite-based mapping technology to duplicate brain function without damaging original mind.

Store, Transfer, And Duplicate Brain Function: Write scanned brain function to artificial media for transfer, replication, and long-term storage.

Measure Impact On Host Organisms: Establish test cohorts trained against various stimuli and ascertain deviation from expected response following successive infomorphic episodes.

Justification: Establish parameters for durability, portability, and efficacy of infomorphic entities to better prepare against potential weaponized applications of said technology.

Brief Summary As of 8/17: Planetary production of several components, including biotechnology reports, synthetic synapses, TCMCs, and nano-factories, proceeding apace. Recovery of Takmahl artifacts to assist with biotechnological and cybernetic components underway. Blood Raider materials also being assembled due to that faction's strength in breeding and cybernetics, as well as their relationship to the Takmahl. Three research agents in relevant disciplines (e.g. nanites, electronics, mechanical engineering) producing datacores; a fourth agent will be added soon.

Cohorts of Athran Karakul segregated. We are preparing to introduce nanite scanners for "jump clone style" map. Animals will be studied to ensure that scanning mechanism does not cause deviation from expected behaviors.

Detailed Summary:

Production Update 8/17: