Pristine Guristas Pod Cluster

Cosmic Signature Details
Pristine Guristas Pod Cluster
Signature Strength  ?
Type Magnetometric
Equipment needed Salvager
Security 0.0
Known Regions Tenal, Venal, Tribute, Pure Blind, Geminate
Pirate type Guristas Pirates

Pristine guristas pod cluster popup.png

This cosmic signature is an easy to moderate difficulty Guristas Salvage site.

Salvage Containers

The following 6 containers are spawned for your salvaging pleasure:

Upon attempting to salvage the containers, several Guristas NPC will spawn. These ships must be defeated in order to open the salvage container (whether or not your Salvager module has successfully salvaged the container).

NPC Spawns

The NPC spawns happen per container and may vary. Here are some example spawn groups:

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