Prime Arkonor

Prime Arkonor

Prime Arkonor Prime Arkonor is the rarest of the rare; the king of ores. Giving a 10% greater mineral yield than regular ark, this is the stuff that makes billionaires out of people lucky enough to stumble upon a vein.

The rarest and most sought-after ore in the known universe. A sizable nugget of this can sweep anyone from rags to riches in no time. Arkonor has the largest amount of megacyte of any ore, and also contains some zydrine and tritanium. The portion size for refining is 200 ore units.


Reprocessing SkillReprocessing Skill
Arkonor Processing


16 m3

Required skills

Primary Skill required
Mining Mining

Batch size 200. Per batch this can potentially be refined into

Isogen Megacyte 366
Mexallon Morphite
Nocxium Pyerite
Tritanium 11000 Zydrine 183