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A player in EVE, as opposed to their avatar or character portrait, is the 'real person' behind the keyboard. Ever player in EVE begisn by designing a visual representation of the person they intend to portray; while limited interaction with station environments is possible (via the Captain's Quarters), the player cannot currently explore planetary surfaces or space stations.

Each player is given three character slots, though only one character at a time may actively train skills on a given account. Multiple accounts are permitted per player, and individual characters can be 'submitted to the biomass processing queue' (deleted) after a ten-hour waiting period.

Players in EVE online are subject to the EULA and the TOS. While relatively few actions are outright forbidden (and scams/thefts are legal in the game itself), players are not allowed to trade any game item for real-world money, nor are they permitted to conduct scams involving player subscriptions.

Though they seems to share the same indexing system, in the People and Places tab, with Agent and NPC corp's CEOs ; they do not have the same attributes.