Planetary Conquest


Why own a district

The ownership of a district provides many possible bonuses to both the mercenaries and capsuleers of a corporation within New Eden. The benefits include but are not limited to wealth, training, and prestige.

The corporation battles that come as a result of attacking and defending a district will be a step above instant battles or factional warfare battles. Friendly fire will be enabled, anyone from the corporation or the corporations alliance will be able to provide orbital bombardments, the benefits provided will go to the corporation and it's alliance, this is a truly larger experience.

Getting your first district

The selection of your first district will be critical to your corporations first steps in planetary conquest. When selecting your first district consider the following things:

  • After conquering a district it will be locked, meaning you cannot make changes to it, for at a minimum 24 hours.
  • Changing the surface infrastructure will cost 100 million ISK.
  • The reinforcement timer is included in the things you cannot change after taking a district. So make sure to select one with a timer you like.
  • The more clones the district has the harder it will be to take. Try and target one with as few clones as possible.
  • You cannot attack a district that is already under attack.

Once you have selected a district you would like to take as a director or CEO of a DUST corporation if you select that district from the starmap you will be presented with the option to buy a clone starter pack. This clone starter pack will have 150 clones and cost 80 million ISK.

Depending on the state of the district you have selected one of several things will happen:

  • If the district is unowned by anyone you will take ownership of the district immediately. Remember however the district will be locked and so you cannot make changes to it.
  • If someone else owns the district a battle will be scheduled to take place during the reinforcement timer they have selected.

Owning a district

The modification and editing of districts is restricted to directors and CEOs. Make sure you trust those you promote to the role of director.

Generating clones

Clones are generated approximately every 24 hours on the reinforcement time of the district. The default clone generation rate is 80 clones but this can be affected by changing the surface infrastructure of the district. If a district is full, default maximum of 300 clones, any clones generated over the maximum will be sold to Genolution at a rate of 100,000 ISK per clone and the money deposited into the corporations wallet.

Change Reinforcement Time

The reinforcement timer allows defenders to schedule the battles for their districts to within a 1 hour period of time. When a corporation moves clones to another corporation's district, initiating an attack, the battle will happen at a random time within the selected 1 hour period of time. A minimum of 24 hours will pass between launching the attack and the battle happening. It is important to note that 10:00 - 11:00 and 11:00 - 12:00 are not selectable options.

The reinforcement timer for districts does more then just control when battles happen, however. It also controls how often and when changes to a district can be made.

Please note:
  • Changing the reinforcement timer will lock the district as described in Reinforcement Timer and other actions.
  • You can only change the reinforcement window if you own the district and it is neither locked nor under attack.

Reinforcement Timer and attacks

Before we look at how the reinforcement timer affects other actions, let's look at attacks and how it affects the time of the battle. When launching an attack the attacking user is told the one hour time period that the fight will take place in, along with how many days/hours/minutes away that is. Once the move to attack has been confirmed a new battle will show up in the corporation tab of the battle finder with the final exact time.

Here are a couple of examples demonstrating how this works: Scenerio 01:

  • Reinforcement timer set for 12:00 - 13:00
  • Attacker launches an attack at 11:00 on Monday
  • Defending district set as "under attack"
  • Battle happens in the 12:00 - 13:00 window on Tuesday

Scenerio 02:

  • Reinforcement timer set for 12:00 - 13:00
  • Attacker launches an attack at 14:00 on Monday
  • Defending district set as "under attack"
  • Battle happens in the 12:00 - 13:00 window on Wednesday

Reinforcement Timer and other actions

It is important to know that the reinforcement timer has other effects besides just controlling when battle happen:

  • It is at this time that clones are generated on the district.
  • Changes, such as selling clones, will lock the district. The district will remain locked until the next reinforcement window after a minimum of 24 hours. So the same rule as when attacks happen.

Sell Clones

The primary method for corporations to generate ISK through the ownership of districts is the sale of clones to Genolution. Clones are sold at a rate of 100,000 ISK per healthy clone. To sell clones find a district you own, either through the Starmap or through the corporation interface, and select the Sell Clones option.

Be advised that if you sell all of the clones at a district you will abandon the district.

Please note:
  • Selling clones will lock the district as described in Reinforcement Timer and other actions.
  • You can only sell clones if you own the district and it is neither locked nor under attack.

Automatic sale of clones

Any action that would cause a district to overfill will cause the extra clones to be sold to the Genolution corporation and the funds from the sale deposited into the corporation wallet. This includes things such as:

  • A district generating clones
  • Moving clones to a district
  • Clones returning from a battle
Please note:

The automatic sale of clones does not lock districts. So if a district is not locked or under attack, and is full, and generates clones those clones are sold due to the district being full but the district will not be locked.

Change Surface Infrastructure

Every district must have a Surface Infrastructure (SI). Each SI offers two bonuses, one for mercenaries and one for capsuleers. SI bonuses that apply to more than just the district apply to all members of the corporation and the corporations alliance.

Please note:
  • Changing the SI will lock the district as described in Reinforcement Timer and other actions.
  • The SI can only be changed if you own the district and it is neither locked nor under attack.

Cargo Hub

Description The Cargo Hub district can be hard to navigate, with its buildings tightly bound in a spiderweb of thick wires and tubes. Though most of wiring either lies underground or is stretched overhead, there is enough of it at body height to elicit very careful passage by pedestrians. Inside the buildings, rows upon rows of clone vats stand there in calm silence, hooked up to various types of monitoring and maintenance equipment.
Cost 100,000,000 ISK
DUST Bonus Increases the maximum number of clones by 150.
EVE Bonus 10% per district owned to a maximum of 4 districts, or 40%, decrease in manufacturing time at a POS.

Surface Research Lab

Description The Surface Research Lab district has a permanently humid and chilly atmosphere, irrespective of its planetary coordinates, and is staffed only by the hardiest of workers. They wear protective gear at all times, not only to stave off the cold, but to keep absolutely safe the delicate electronics and experimental chemical stored in the various buildings of the district. These materials don't last long when put into use, but for the inert clones they're employed on, it's long enough.
Cost 100,000,000 ISK
DUST Bonus Decreases the attrition of moving clones.
EVE Bonus 5% per district owned to a maximum of 4 districts, or 20%, reduction in POS fuel usage.

Production Facility

Description The Production Facility district is always hungry for materials, particularly biomass. The land around it tends to be empty of flora and fauna, though whether this is due to the faint smell in the air or something more sinister has never been established. Those visitors who've been given the full tour (including the usually-restricted sections), and who've later been capable of describing the experience, have said it's like going through a series of slaughterhouses in reverse.
Cost 100,000,000 ISK
DUST Bonus Increase clone generation rate by 20 clones.

Move Clones

Genolution offers a service to move clones for corporations in low security space. This service comes at both an ISK and clone cost. Moving clones allows corporations to take unowned districts, attack enemy districts, and just move clones between friendly districts.

Please note:
  • Moving clones will not lock the source district, but it will lock the district the clones are being moved to.
  • Clones can only be moved if the source district is neither locked nor under attack.
  • Clones cannot be moved to districts that are already under attack.
  • If the target district is friendly then the district must not be locked.

Minimum clones to move

Genolution does not consider it to be worth their time to move clones if there are not a minimum of at least 150 clones being moved and as they are the only provider of this service, a minimum of 150 clones must be moved at any time.

Move to friendly district

Corporations are able to move clones between their own districts. These moves are subject to the same ISK cost per jump and Clone cost per jump as all moves. When moving clones from one friendly district to another the target friendly district will be locked following the rules described in Reinforcement Timer and other actions. The district they are being moved from will not be locked. This does mean that you can move clones from one district to several other districts, keeping in mind the Minimum clones to move and that if all clones are moved the district will be abandoned.

When a move to a friendly district is initiated the clones will show immediately as being on the district they are being moved to. Since the district will be locked and no changes can be made to it, this is done so that corporations do not have to keep track of clones in transit. The arrival of the clones will also always happen before an attack.

Move to unowned district

In the rare instance of there being an unowned district, if a corporation moves clones to that district it is immediately claimed as belonging to the corporation. The new owning corporation will inherit the reinforcement timer and surface infrastructure and the new district will be locked.

Move to hostile district

This little bit of information is VERY important to know when attacking a hostile district: For 1 hour after a battle begins only the attacking corporation may attack the district. This means the attacking corporation can launch a followup attack as a battle begins, or wait until the end of the battle to decide if they want to attack again.

Minimum clone loss

The losing corporation of a battle losses a minimum of 150 clones. If during the fight they lose 75 clones to dying then at the end of the fight they lose 150 clones total from the district. If however during the fight they lost 125 clones to dying then at the end of the battle they lose 125 clones from the district total.

What this means is that even if a corporation believes that they have no chance in winning a battle they can show up for no cost, use free gear, fight, get the skill points and the possible loot drops from the fight. It also means that if during the battle their opinion on the outcome changes they may change their tactics and go for a win, a possibility that would not come up if they just didn't show up at all.

When does attack happen

See Reinforcement Timer and attacks for information on when the battle happens for an attack.

Win the attack

What happens when the attacking corporation wins the fight?

Win due to MCC destruction

If the attacking corporation wins by killing the defenders MCC there are two possible outcomes depending what happens after the minimum clone loss is applied.

  1. If after the minimum clone loss the defending corporation still has clones then the defenders keep the district and the spare clones from the attacker are sent back to the district they came from. There are several consiquences for losing however:
    1. The district will not generate clones on the next reinforcement window.
    2. The attackers get 50% of the clones that the district would have generated.
  2. If after the minimum clone loss the defending corporation has no clones, the attacker gains control of the district and all remaining clones from the attack are left at the district.
Please note:

In rare cases the district the clones were sent from may no longer belong to the attacker. If this is the case the remaining clones are sold on the market and the money deposited into the corporation wallet.

Win due to defenders running out of clones

If the attacker wins due to the defender running out of clones then the attacker has won the district. All remaining clones sent by the attacker (being those not lost in combat) stay at the newly conquered district. The district maintains it's surface infrastructure and reinforcement time.

After the success of an attack the district will be generating clones and will be locked. This means that the new owner can move clones here but not change the SI, change the reinforcement time, or move clones out of the district.

Lose the attack

If the attacker loses the battle several things happen:

  • The Minimum clone loss is taken into account.
  • If there are any remaining clones:
    • 50% of them are given to the defender.
    • 50% are destroyed.

If the attacker loses they get none of their clones back.

Loot drop

At the end of a corporation battle each side is given loot based on what the other side lost during the battle. Yes, this does also include Aurum equipment. There are two steps to this. The first step is figuring out what loot is lost and what loot is kept. The default drop chance of an item is 50%. The drop chance is also applied per item, not per stack of items. After figuring out what survives the fight it is distributed to the teams. Corporation A will receive loot based on what Corporation B lost, and Corporation B will receive loot based on what Corporation A lost. The loot is then divided among the team members who were in the match for more than 60 seconds and based on how long they have been in the fight. What items each person gets is randomized. Kills, deaths, and war points are all ignored and the distribution is based purely on how long the members were in the match. People that came and left the match will get loot so long as they were in the match for more than 60 seconds.

ISK reward

At the end of any corporation battle everyone who played more than 60 seconds for the winning corporation will receive ISK. How much ISK is based on how many clones were killed. For every clone killed Genolution will pay 80,000 ISK into a pool. That pool is divided based on how long each person was in the match. People that came and left the match will get their share of the ISK reward so long as they were in the match for more than 60 seconds.

How distance affects a move

There are two primary costs that effect how far you can, and how far you want to, move clones. These costs are always charged by Genolution no matter if the move is to a friendly or hostile district.

ISK cost per jump

Jumps Cost
Same Planet 3,000,000 ISK
Same Solar System 3,500,000 ISK
One Jump 4,000,000 ISK
Two Jumps 4,500,000 ISK
Three Jumps 5,000,000 ISK
Four Jumps 5,500,000 ISK
Five Jumps 6,000,000 ISK
Six Jumps 6,500,000 ISK

Clone cost per jump

On top of the ISK cost, a percentage of clones are lost based on the distance being traveled. This percentage can be adjusted with the Surface Research Laboratory surface infrastructure.

Cargo Hub

The cargo hub does not change the number of clones lost, but it does change the maximum number of clones that could be moved, so has been included here for reference as "Maximum Clones w/CH".

Jumps Default Survival Rate Survival Rate with Surface Lab
Same Planet 100% 100%
Same Solar System 95% 100%
One Jump 80% 95%
Two Jumps 65% 85%
Three Jumps 50% 75%
Four Jumps 35% 65%
Five Jumps 0% 55%
Six Jumps 0% 45%

Abandoning a district

As a rule, any time a district has 0 clones it is lost. If this was caused by a battle, then the winner of the battle gets the district. If it was caused by moving or selling all the clones then the district is abandoned and will have no owner.

District actions summary

Action District starting state District new state Target starting state Target new state Notes
Change reinforcement timer Owned Locked N/A N/A
Change surface infrastructure Owned Locked N/A N/A
Move Clones Owned Owned Un-owned/Owned/Locked Locked/Under attack If target district is un-owned/friendly it will be locked, otherwise it will be under attack.
Corporation closure Owned/Locked/Under attack Un-owned N/A N/A This action is unique in that it does not lock the district or revert back to owned after the reinforcement timer.

Where does it all take place

Player conquerable districts can be found on the 18 temperate planets in the Molden Heath region. Each planet is broken in into 5 to 24 districts, meaning some planets will have more districts than others.