Pirate Invasion (Serpentis) level 3

Pirate Invasion - Serpentis

Mission Description

We received a report just a couple hours ago from our secret agents that revealed plans by our enemies to make a sneak attack against us in this very system! We believe this plan will take effect in a matter of minutes, as our surveillance teams have spotted a number of their ships mobilizing inside Pucherie. I personally received a message from our esteemed CEO, to send my most trusted contacts against these scoundrels, and so I ask you Controller Vrelk, are you up to it? All I need you to do is infiltrate an area swarming with the pirates and destroy all of the hostile ships you encounter, my other clients will take care of the rest. This will hopefully deter them from any further mobilization within Pucherie.

Mission Information

Type : Encounter

Location : Deadspace

Mission Level : 3

Part of a Mission Chain : No

Mission Goal

Neutralize the entire enemy force and halt their sneak attack.

Tips and Help


Additional Information About this Mission

2,070949 ISK Bounty Rewards! War Installation in Pocket 2 had 5,880,000 in cargo once destroyed.

Enemy Ships:

Best Damage Type to Use During Stage: Kin

Best Resistances to Have During Stage: Kin/Therm

Pocket 1

  • 2x Frigates (Coreli Guardian Initiate/Scout) web/scram
  • 5x Frigates (Coreli Patroller/Watchman)

Pocket 2

Group 1 (45km)

  • 6x Frigates (Coreli Guard/Safeguard)
  • 2x Destoyers (Corelior Soldier/Trooper)
  • 2x Cruisers (Corelum Chief Defender/Protector)

Group 2 (80km)

  • 5-7x Frigates (Coreli Defender/Guard/Protector/Safeguard/Soldier)
  • 1-3x Destroyers (Corelior Infantry/Soldier)
  • 5x Cruisers (Corelum Chief Defender/Patroller/Protector/Watchman)
  • 1x Battlecruiser (Corelatis Wing Leader)

Pocket 3

Group 1 (20-30km) (Aggro)

  • 2x Frigates (Coreli Guardian Initiate/Scout) web/scram
  • 4x Frigates (Coreli Guard/Safeguard)
  • 3x Destoyers (Corelior Infantry/Soldier/Trooper)

Group 2 (25-35km)

  • 9x Cruisers (Corelum Chief Defender/Guard/Protector/Safeguard/Scout/Spy)

Group 3 (50-60km)

  • 5x Cruisers (Corelum Chief Guard/Safeguard)
  • 3x Battlecruisers (Corelatis Platoon Leader/Squad Leader/Wing Leader)